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World Top Secret:  Our Earth IS Hollow!

Admiral Richard E. ByrdWhat did Admiral Richard E. Byrd find on his several flights beyond the poles?

The suppression is now over...

He found that we are not alone.

He discovered that our earth is shaped not like a lump of rock, but actually has a toroidal shape, more like a donut, with polar openings that lead to an inner world with an Inner Sun, and an advanced peaceful civilization, unlike the warlike mongrels here on our surface world that have tried to blow up our planet with atomic bombs.

The people Admiral Byrd found in Our Hollow Earth know how to defend themselves from the barbarians that
live on the surface world. They have come on more than one occasion with their flying saucer craft to keep our
outer world's nations from blowing up the planet.

Beginning with the Hollow Earth/Hollow Planets theory, science can now begin to discover a whole new way of looking at the Universe.

NASA may not be able to see life on any of the planets of our Solar System, yet if they are hollow, a whole new frontier of space exploration will open up.

If the so-called gaseous planets are in reality hollow, they all could have solid surfaces, including the Sun! The signature of a star is its output of radio waves, electromagnetic radiation and atomic particles -- a solar wind. NASA has discovered auroras emitting from Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Since none of these planets, including even Earth, receive enough energy from the Sun to light up their auroras, the Hollow Earth theory provides an alternative answer: The solar wind causing the auroras of all the planets comes from their Inner Suns emanating through polar openings.

Earthquakes on Earth cause the earth to vibrate like a bell, which is hollow. Apollo missions to the Moon discovered that the Moon rings like a bell when hit by a large meteorite, and images of the surface of the Sun show quakes on the surface of the Sun that cause tsunamis to go out from the epicenter passing over mountain features on the surface.

Perhaps the stories of explorers going into the interior of the Earth, the Sun and other planets and finding human populations living there are based on a truth that God creates planets to be inhabited, not so much on their exteriors, but on their interiors.

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are rumored to have found an entrance into the hollow of the Earth in the North and explorers who have been there through the North Polar Opening report that the people there have built a fantastic civilization with flying saucer technology, long lives, perfect health and an economy of abundance.

Maybe our astronomers have been looking in the wrong place for life on other worlds. Perhaps worlds are not built by the Creator primarily to be inhabited on their exteriors, but on their interiors where the people can be shielded from meteor and asteroid hits, impossibly cold and hot climates, dust storms, tornados and hurricane winds.

The people of Tibet believe in an underworld they call Agartha. The Indians of America believe their ancestors emerged from within the Earth. Even the Lost Books of the Bible relate how our first parents Adam and Eve emerged from "Mother Earth" after being evicted by God from the Garden of Eden.

Those that have been to Our Hollow Earth have returned to report that the Inner Earth inhabitants don't float around in zero gravity as our physics professors have told us.  They have their feet as firmly planted on the inner surface of our planet as ours are on the outer surface, although certainly with less gravity, but NOT zero gravity.  This requires a revision in gravity theory.  Gravity is not what we have been told it is. 

Instead of a force of attraction, gravity is a push from space by an etheric gas that the Father of Gravity, Isaac Newton believed exists.  The existence of the Ether of space has been declared non-existent by orthodox science.  Yet, interferometer experiments performed over a period of many years have proven it does, indeed, EXIST.  We have been lied to. 

I have come to the conclusion that gravity is a pressure caused by the Ether of space rushing into the nucleus of all atoms where a mini black hole in the nucleus is converting the ether into the magnetic flux of the atom.  This pressure force of gravity gives us weight, and gives weight to the inner surface inhabitants of Our Hollow Earth.  It gives them a surface gravity that enables them to live normal lives just as we do on our outer surface world.

Do you want to know the truth?

God, our Creator exists, and He made this world to be inhabited both within and without.

Earthquakes cause the Earth to ring like a bell, which is NOT full of lava, but hollow.

The auroras are not caused by a solar wind from our outer Sun, but by an Inner Sun that gives life and light to an inner world where our ancestors Adam and Eve came from -- from the Garden of Eden.

The Tibetans call it Agartha.

Our Hollow Earth is where the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel went to live for 2,500 years, as their Creator had asked them to live: a life of peace, happiness and abundance.

Soon they will emerge to our outer world to help us -- with their knowledge, and with their technology to give us an economy of abundance and peace, not wars.

It will be the Political Kingdom of God with Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, as King.

Are you ready?

Come with us, and let's explore the next frontier -- the hollow earth and hollow planets where we can learn where we came from, why we are here on this planet and what is soon to come.

Now in Paperback, my book World Top Secret:  Our Earth IS Hollow! for $25.00 includes my paper on The Origin, Cause, and Control of Gravity -- Found!:

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World Top Secret:  Our Earth IS Hollow!

Ahora está disponible la edición de bolsillo de mi libro El Sumo Secreto del Mundo: ¡Nuestra Tierra ES Hueca! en Español, que incluye mi artículo sobre El origen, La Causa y El Control de la Gravedad: ¡Encontrado!:

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El Sumo Secreto del Mundo:  ¡Nuestra Tierra ES Hueca!


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Next Year in Eden!

Rodney M. Cluff

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