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Rodney M. Cluff

About the Author...
RODNEY M. CLUFF, author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! was born and raised in the American Mormon colony of Colonia Juarez in northern Mexico. He became interested in the Hollow Earth Theory at the age of 16 while working on a New Mexico farm where the farm manager's son told the workers of the theory. He expressed his opinion to the workers that he thought the Hollow Earth would be an ideal place for the Lord to hide the Lost Tribes of Israel!  This comment really caught Rodney's interest, and he determined he would like to look further into this idea.
Many years later, while working for Armored Car in Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. Cluff noticed an advertisement of Raymond Bernard's book, The Hollow Earth in a tabloid newspaper. He sent for it and thereby began many years of study and writing which has led to the present work.
Rodney's research has firmly convinced him that our Earth is hollow as well as all the planets and even the Sun are hollow and very possibly inhabited by humans in their interior worlds. Backed with scientific evidence, including satellite photos of the polar openings, analysis of the observations of polar explorers, analysis of earthquake data that indicates Our Earth is Hollow! plus evidence that the auroral lights at both poles are caused by a solar wind emanating from an Inner Sun through the Polar Openings following the electromagnetic field lines of the Earth which then congregate over the equator in the Van Allen Radiation Belts.  This coupled with evidence from the scriptures and history that the Lost Tribes of Israel are now FOUND within the Hollow of Our Earth as the place where the Lord hid the Lost Tribes of Israel, as well as the place where the Lost Viking colonies of Greenland immigrated to, where German refugees from the 2nd World War escapted to, as well as other groups of people, such as the Eskimos that know about and have visited the Inner Continent through the North Polar Opening, he presents his argument in favor of the Hollow Earth Theory.
In 2003, Rodney was contacted by Steve Currey of the Expedition Company of Provo, Utah who asked him to help plan an expedition to Our Hollow Earth.  They put together the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition with plans to take an airliner into the Arctic to pin-point the location of the North Polar Opening, followed up by a sea expedition chartering a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker.
Unfortunately, in 2006, three months before the departure date of the over flight of the Arctic, Steve discovered he had 6 inoperable brain tumors, and died two months later.  His family cancelled their involvement in the expedition and returned all expedition members' monies.
Since that time, many people have expressed an interest in mounting an expedition to Our Hollow Earth.  In his book, Rodney has provided his best estimates of the location of the polar openings as well as other entrances around the world.  He has wished them well in their expeditions and encouraged them to let him know how their expeditions went.
After years of study and research, Rodney has discovered about 14 people or groups of people, as listed on the home page of his website at that have been to and returned to tell us about their trips to Our Hollow Earth, our hollow moon, our hollow Sun and other planets in our solar system.  His research indicates that all planets, moons, stars and even asteroids are hollow bodies.
In his book, Rodney has addressed how gravity works in a hollow planet.  Since visitors to the hollow earth have all returned to report that their feet while in the hollow earth were as firmly planted on the inner surface as ours are on the outer surface, this requires a revision in gravity theory.  The reason is, in all our college physics text books, the Hollow Earth Theorem requires that everywhere in a hollow planet, there would be zero gravity.  So any people or animals living in Our Hollow Earth would be floating around in zero gravity if the Hollow Earth Theorem, as taught in our college text books, were correct. 
After a thorough study of gravity theory, Rodney has come to the conclusion, as detailed in his gravity paper included in his book on the Hollow Earth, that gravity is not what they teach students in college.  Rodney's new gravity theory allows for a positive inner surface gravity that makes it possible for human, animal and plant life to flourish on the inner surface of our planet, as well as all the planets in our solar system, that give ideal conditions for plant and animal and human life to abound in their interior worlds.  NASA may not be able to detect plant and animal life on the exteriors of the other planets of our solar system, yet if they are all hollow, as the evidence strongly suggests, most of the planets and moons could harbor ideal conditions for life to exist in their interior worlds.
After years of interviews on Internet radio and blog shows, Rodney today is considered one of the world's top experts on Hollow Earth / Hollow Planets theory.
If you would like to purchase a copy of his book in paper or ebook format, World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow -- the result of 45 plus years of research in support of the hollow earth / hollow planets theory, you may do so by clicking on the Order Book or Order eBook buttons above on this page.
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