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Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English
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-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise

Check out this Voyage to the North Pole by Michael L. Charters aboard the Yamal in 1994

Brigham Young University Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition
Mars Is Hollow!
The North Polar Opening -- Seven Days North of Tibet

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Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English:
-- in Media Player format
-- in MPG format
-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Brigham Young University Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English:
-- in Media Player format
-- in MPG format
-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Brigham Young University Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English:
-- in Media Player format
-- in MPG format
-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English:
-- in Media Player format
-- in MPG format
-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

Download here an Argentine movie short advertising our Expedition in English:
-- in Media Player format
-- in MPG format
-- in Spanish (MPG) Announces Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

"Polar Opening Topographic Program"

-- My friend Scott Macklin has written a program that helps visualize the positioning and shape of the North Polar Opening. Download it now for free!  Then try your hand at placing the North Polar Opening in the Arctic Ocean. You can size it, shape it and place the Opening where YOU think it actually is located. 

After downloading the program, click on it in Explorer to start it. It runs in Windows. It works best with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.  To set the resolution, right click on the Windows desktop, select Properties, then Settings. After starting the program, maximize the window by clicking on the second icon at the top right. You can then read the Instructions for using the program to size your Polar Opening. To start the program, click on Utilities, and then click on Scan Arctic Map. Have fun! And let Scott Macklin know how you liked his program.  He is currently working on extensions to his program that will show earthquake seismic path patterns in a hollow planet, and one that calculates the gravity on the inner surface of Our Hollow Earth.

Do the Scriptures Indicate the Lost Tribes of Israel are INSIDE our Earth?

The Ten Lost Tribes, A People of Destiny

The Ten Lost Tribes book by Dr. Clay McConkie Dr. Clay McConkie, with B.A. in history and a Ph.D. in education, declares in his recently released book, The Ten Lost Tribes, A People of Destiny, that after a thorough analysis of all scriptural references to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel that the scriptures indicate that the lost tribes "...are presently living in a locality not on the earth, but somewhere in the earth..." in " area capable of accommodating a relatively large civilization of people and keeping them hidden from the world for more than twenty-five centuries."  He points out that scripture indicates that this large area inside the earth must be where most of the water came from that covered the earth's surface at the time of Noah's flood, and that the exit point in the Arctic must also be the entrance to inner earth that the Lost Tribes took when they disappeared into the north country 25 centuries ago and from which they will someday soon reappear with great fanfare to help spread the Kingdom of God throughout the earth in preparation for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Dr. McConkie's reasoning, anaylsis and conclusions of the scriptural references fit the Hollow Earth Theory amazingly well as the most logical present location of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. 

What is the source of X-rays, radio waves, infrared radiation & high energy electrons from Jupiter's Poles?

Jupiter's polar  "hot spots"

Hot spots at Jupiter's poles are a signature of its inner sun --The recent discovery of permanent emission of x-rays, radio signals, ultraviolet light, infrared radiation and high-energy electrons from Jupiter's poles has scientists wondering where this "torrent of particles originates."  Actually, this radiation is the signature of a star.  This is another evidence that planets are hollow bodies with polar openings through which radiation from their inner suns emanate radiation which causes their auroras to light up.

Was our National  Ballistic Missile Defense system intended to strike at UFO origination area?

UFO Origination area targeted by the international ballistic missile system

-- a former senior aerospace executive - a person who has been aware since the 1970s that the Ballistic Missile Defense Program would be used to target extraterrestrial objects in space - even though there is no evidence of any credible threat from these craft - has joined Project Disclosure of CSETI, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. 

In a twist of the game of war, as I discussed in Chapter 7, The Origin of Flying Saucers -- Found!, the hollow earth nation, who frequently send their flying saucers out to reconnoiter the world's military, could be targeted by world super powers through the polar openings with nuclear ballistic missiles, and in a last-ditch effort to save their New World Order, try to turn public opinion against extraterretrials, many if not most of whom are actually from inner earth.

The City of God Within Our Hollow Sun

The New Jerusalem -- Found, in the Sun!

-- Confirming my conclusion in Chapter 8, The Celestial Destiny of Our Hollow Earth, that our Sun is hollow and suspended in its center is a City of God, is my recent discovery of a book written by Phoebe Marie Holmes in 1933, of her visit to the Celestial City of God in the Sun! 

Phoebe describes how she was taken in the Spirit by angels to the "heart of the Sun" where the New Jerusalem is being built.  It will be brought to earth after the earth's resurrection when the earth becomes celestialized and becomes the abode of the righteous.  Since it is so big, 1,500 miles long, wide and high, it will probably take the place of the earth's inner sun.  Christ, on his Sermon on the Mount said the "meek" shall inherit the earth, and indeed they will!  A mansion is being built there right now for each of us, in the New Jerusalem, by our actions here on earth.  Phoebe was taken to visit her unfinished mansion by the angels of God, where she found her husband, who had already passed on.  She then was brought back to earth to finish her life's work. 

Interestingly enough, Phoebe reported the city in the Sun is the New Jerusalem, as described by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21, and as I had concluded, is a giant terraced "mountain" with a square bottom -- having a pyramid shape.  Perhaps the ancient Meso-Americans, Chinese and Egyptians knew the New Jerusalem would be like a pyramid, and so built their temples with that shape. 

Also, as I had concluded in Chapter 8 of my book, the angels told Phoebe that the Sun is a giant crystal.  Scientists, on the other hand, claim the Sun is entirely gaseous.  But if it is hollow and has a shell thickness 10% of its planetary diameter, that would give the Sun's shell a density of 2.9 gm/cc, and so would have a solid surface!  Glass has a density of 2.6 gm/cc.  And it's not hot inside as scientists claim either, but a nice warmth is provided for the celestial city suspended within the Sun's hollow interior.  You can get Phoebe Marie Holmes book, "My Visit To The Sun"  at

Ozone holes at the Poles are evidence for Polar Openings

Ozone Holes at the Poles are evidence of the existence of Polar Openings.  In a NASA article on the October 6, 1999 release of an Antarctic Ozone hole image shows that area of least ozone Ozone hole over Antarctic polar opening (darkest blue) happens to be located in the same area I have estimated the South Polar Opening to be located as seen in the RADARSat image of Antarctica.  The ozone layer that covers any sunlit area of the earth is a layer of oxygen isotope (O3) in the upper atmosphere caused when ultraviolet light from the sun creates ozone from oxygen, and is only a few pennies thick but serves as a protection to life on earth from too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Scientists originally considered that the ozone holes that appear in the Arctic and Antarctic each Spring could be caused by an "upwelling" of air that pushes the ozone layer apart creating the "hole," but they had no mechanism that would cause this upwelling of air.  The hollow earth solution to this mystery is that ozone free air from the earth's interior blows out the polar opening come spring pushing the ozone layer apart creating the ozone holes.  The ozone holes have nothing to do with chlorofluorocarbon pollution.  The scam to ban the chlorofluorocarbon "freon" was cooked up by the DuPont Corporation so they could maintain their monopoly on refrigerants as soon as their patent on freon ran out.

Scientist Finds Prehistoric "Zoo" in Siberian Ice

-- Remains of many supposed prehistoric animals have been discovered over the past couple of centuries in Arctic ice.  Curiously many are found near where I have estimated the north polar opening is located at 84.4 N latitude, 141 E Longitude.  Currently, several science groups are competing in the effort to retrieve still preserved mammoth remains.  Olaf Jansen who journeyed to the Hollow Earth in 1829 maintained these mammoth and other inner earth wild life remains were caught when they fell into ice crevasses in inner earth rivers that empty into the North Polar Opening and which freeze over in the Arctic winter.

Is the asteroid Eugenia hollow?

-- Applying Newtonian physics to data recently obtained from NASA of their discovery that a moon is orbiting an asteroid named Eugenia in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter indicates that this asteroid would have to be hollow!

Interesting Hollow Earth emails

Did the Lost Greenland Viking Colony go to the Hollow Earth?

-- An interesting article on Jan Lamprecht's Hollow Planet's web site, is a 1923 issue of Popular Science that reports an Eskimo tradition regarding the fate of the lost Greenland Viking Colony which was established there in about the 8th century, but disappeared in the early 1700's.  According to the Eskimos, the Viking colony did not die off as European's at that time thought, but instead lured by the more plentiful game and wildlife and driftwood towards the northern shores of Greenland and Northern Canada, just one day packed up and singing songs departed suddenly toward the northward across the ice and never returned. 

Did this lost Viking colony go to the Hollow Earth via the North Polar Opening?

Mostly likely they did. 

Commander Green of the US Navy in 1923 at the time the article was published in Popular Science sincerely believed they would soon find a large lost arctic continent to which this Viking colony may have migrated, which studies of Arctic ocean tides and currents indicated exists.  The Navy even outfitted a dirigible named the ZR-1 to search out this hidden land, but unfortunately it crashed!

Is that the South Polar Opening in this RADARSAT NASA image of Antarctica?

-- Using radar, a NASA satellite during the spring of 1997 has photographed the Antarctic continent.  Close to the center of the image is what looks like could be the South Polar Opening, an area of little reflectivity.  I have place a red circle on a copy of the image next to the first in the link above to indicate where it seems to me that the South Polar Opening is located.  It is located in the same area as the Apollo 17 earth photo showing Antarctica and what I believe could be the South Polar Opening of Earth.  Here is an image of Antarctica showing the longitude and latitude lines.  The opening seems to be centered at about 39 degrees W longitude and 84.4 degrees S latitude.  I estimate the dark circular area in the RadarSat image which I believe could be the South Polar Opening to be about 400 miles in diameter.

Jan Lamprecht's web site at

In 1998, Jan (pronouned "Yawn") Lamprecht of South Africa announced his web site advertising his book on Hollow Planets! This is the first scientific book on Hollow Planets theory in 80 years. It is now also available at! Order your copy today! 

International Society for a Complete Earth has a website

-- Danny Weiss and his International Society for a complete earth hope to retrace Admiral Richard E. Byrd's historical flight of discovery of the North Polar Opening and the Hollow Earth inside.

Is the planet Uranus Hollow?

-- Evidence from the spacecraft Voyager in its 1986 fly-by of the planet Uranus that indicates that planet is hollow and most probably inhabitable within.

Is the Newtonian mass and density of the earth consistent with a hollow planet?

Actually, it IS! With an 800 mile thick shell, the earth would have a density of 11.19 which is about as dense as lead. Certainly within the range of possibility.

-- For years I had assumed that the Newtonian mass and density of the earth would preclude the earth from being hollow. When the question was brought up on the HollowPlanets list by one of the list members, I looked into this more closely. 

I was quite surprised to discover that the Newtonian mass and density of the planets using the standard Cavendish Gravitation Constant actually gives all the planets and even the sun solid surfaces with shell densities close to that of earth! 

The exterior surfaces of the planets, moon's and stars are mostly unfit for human habitation, but with solid surfaces and hollow interiors lit up by interior suns, most of the planets, moons and even stars could actually have ideal climates and environments tailor fitted for plant, animal and human life on their interiors.  This could be the next frontier -- searching out the interior worlds of this earth and other planets and making contact with other civilizations hidden within their interiors! 

So the answer is Yes, the Newtonian mass and density of the planets IS consistent with hollow planets, and raises a whole new horizon for space exploration.  We can start with our own earth, and begin in earnest the exploration of Inner Earth! 

For the details on gravity theory and its possibilities for hollow planets and their exploration using Flying Saucer Technology, check out my study on Gravity, The Origin, Cause and Control of Gravity -- Found!

Location and size of the Polar Openings

-- Evidence indicates the earth has been tilted on its axis by close passages of planet size comets since creation when the polar openings were formed at the polar axis.  Because of the tilted axis change, the present north polar opening seems to be located northeast of Franz Josef Land.

Flying Saucer Technology is now available.

--An ideal choice of craft for exploring the hollow nature of planets would be a flying saucer.

As inadvertently discovered by English inventor, Professor Robert R. R. Searl, flying saucer technology is now available. Minimum cost estimates for constructing a man-carrying craft starts at $1 million dollars. Crusing speed is 10,000 miles an hour up to the velocity of light. The craft exhibits complete control of gravity giving it unlimited range. A force field surrounding the craft allows it to fly in a vacuum repelling anything in its path. A gravity force of 1/2 g inside the craft provides comfortable living conditions for its occupants.  With complete gravity control, occupants feel no inertial g forces inside even with 90 degree or 180 degree course changes without change in velocity. You are invited to check out the progress being made as Prof. Searl's company DISC, Inc. at works towards completing this exciting technology.

An ancient map of unknown origin depicts the Lost Garden of Eden at the North Pole

--Could someone anciently have had a faint recollection from some unknown scriptural writings of the actual location of the Lost Garden of Eden? This map shows the Lost Garden of Eden on a high mountain at the north pole. Or is this the map makers attempt to show the Lost Garden of Eden inside Our Hollow Earth looking through the north polar opening? The abundant waters that flow from the Garden of Eden divide into four rivers that flow to the four cardinal points of the compass.

If the earth is not hollow and the Garden of Eden does not still exist on its interior, then why would Isaiah say that in the Last Days that God, "...shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the FOUR CORNERS of the earth"? (Isaiah 11:12) The only "four corners" that the earth has is the navel of the earth where a great artesian fountain of water flows and then divides into four rivers that flow towards the four cardinal points of the compass. No such location exists on the earth's exterior, so it must be located within.

The Gyro Drop Experiment is evidence that the Ether of space does exist!

-- A spinning gyroscope falls faster than one that is not spinning, which is evidence that the Ether of space does exist, orthodox scientific belief to the contrary.  The spin of the gyroscope aids its passage through the Ether at a rate greater than when it is not spinning.  Acknowledgment of the existence of the Ether of space is the first step towards understanding gravity and utilizing its limitless power to reach the stars.

Admission by NASA scientist that the solar wind causing the aurora comes from the poles, not the sun!

-- In a NASA article titled, "Polar fountains fill magnetosphere with ions," a NASA scientist admits that evidence from polar satellites indicates that energetic ions accelerating "upward" from the poles cause the auroras to light up and continue out in space to fill the earth's magnetosphere. The accelerating mechanism is not understood because NASA scientists have yet to admit the earth is hollow with an interior sun that emits these energetic ions through the polar openings to light up the auroras.

The Smoky God, the Sun inside Our Hollow Earth

-- Read the moving story of Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian fisherman, as he relates the account of the discovery in 1829 he and his father made of the North Polar Opening located northeast of Franz Josef Land which led them into the Hollow Earth where they were taken in by the friendly giant people who live there, ancestors of the Vikings who found this hidden land 2500 years ago, led there by a prophet of God. 

They are very advanced scientifically, the owners of the flying saucer craft seen around the world but more so in the Arctic and Antarctic.  They believe the sun inside our hollow earth, which Olaf called the Smoky God from its appearance, is actually the throne of Jehovah, the God of the ancient Israelites from whom the Vikings sprang.  They are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, -- now found inside Our Hollow Earth!

The Unified Field Theory

-- Outline of a Unified Field Theory where all forces of nature are linked to one underlying cause.

Greenland Ice Hole Experiment

-- A more rapid decrease in the acceleration of gravity was observed as a gravity meter was lowered down an ice hole in Greenland than that calculated if the center of gravity where assumed to be in the center of the earth -- which strongly indicates that the Earth is Hollow and its center of gravity is actually located in its shell rather than just the center of the earth.

Cassini Images of Saturn

-- Several images beamed back to earth from the Cassini space probe to Saturn show interesting anomalies that could be indications of hollow planets.  For instance, look at what NASA calls a "sharply defined circular feature" at Saturn's south pole.  Read the story here.  
-- Titan, one of Saturn's largest moon's, one of the few moon's in the solar system to have a significant atmosphere, has an interesting upwelling of bright clouds at its south pole.  NASA scientists speculate that it may be associated with a feature on the ground which causes wind with moisture raising up into the atmosphere and then condensing out into clouds.  One image of Titan's south pole seems to indicate these bright bubbling clouds are lighted from beneath.  Read the story here.

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