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Subject: Suzie talked about you
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Hi, Bro. Cluff,

Allow me to give you some background before I go into the main topic.

I'm Chinese from Taiwan and was baptized into the church in Taipei in 1984. I came to the States in 1987 as a graduate student. In early 1990s I got married and raised a family in the San Francisco Bay Area. Towards the end of 2013 while visiting Utah with a former visiting teaching companion, I learned lots of things regarding the last days upon us. I was introduced to a small group of members who sometimes got together to share their insights about the Latter-Day Gadianton Robbers and taught each other preparedness. Though I enjoyed the spirit listening to them in one such meeting, I wasn't convinced the Lord's return was on the doorstep. Several personal dreams and visions were shared with me, and unspeakable evils were shown to me on this website

This marked the beginning of my awakening I suppose. After the trip I joined AVOW, an on-line LDS forum where members shared "another voice of warning." I'm not sure if you are aware of this forum or have been a member yourself. In 2014 while reading their weekly digest, I noticed an old post about a woman that claimed to be from the Hollow Earth. That's when I learned about your work. I did copy the post into a word file for further investigation. I'm attaching it here in case you've never read this before.

I discontinued my AVOW membership after a year to focus on my own studies and preparations. I vaguely remember the woman's name was Suzie, so let's just call her that. Following her recommendation, I visited your website to learn about the amazing place she said her people lived.

I've since read a lot, though not everything, from your website. Since I came from a family of aviators--father, brother, brothers-in-law were all trained pilots, I quite enjoyed Admiral Byrd's story. While contemplating moving to Utah to further my preparations for the Lord's return, I read Larry's book downloaded from your website. I now live in Eagle Mountain Utah, Eagle being the symbol of freedom and liberty. The Lord very subtly feeds me pieces of information to teach me the mysteries of His kingdom, as Father has promised me in my patriarchal blessing. Bro. Cluff, I'm now a firm believer of the Hollow Earth. Thank you for your awesome work!

Suzie's Q&A.pdf from AVOW forum.


From: Dean D
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009 2:26 PM
Subject: [allplanets-hollow] Dennis Crenshaw Interview with Hank Krastman

List members,

This was an interview by Dennis Crenshaw with Dr. Hank Krastman, done way back in 1994.


From: THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, Vol. 2, No. 5: [Exclusive Interview with Dr. Hank Krastman Ph.D] Dr. Hank Krastman has spent the last 23 years researching and reporting on the Earth's Ley Lines, Vortexes, Men in Black, Crystals and Crystal Skulls and Hopi entrances to the Inner Earth. He has written and published many books and videos on these and other subjects, and until recently published UNEXPLAINED magazine. His continuing work will soon be found in INTERNATIONAL UFO LIBRARY magazine.
- - - - - - -

Dennis: Dr. Krastman, how did you become involved in your research, particularly in your study of the Hopi Indians and the Inner Earth?

Hank: Please call me Hank. In 1961, while attending classes at the University of Northern Arizona I met a young, blue eyes, blond headed fellow student named Karl Kopavi Waltz [of the Waltz clan of the Hopi nation]. Through conversation I learned that he was a Hopi Indian with a Dutch ancestor and was planning on becoming a teacher.

The name "Karl Waltz" came from his Great Great Grandfather "Jacob Waltz" who, was from Holland. As I was also from Holland this became our bond. I learned that Jacob Waltz was well known to western history buffs as the "lost Dutchman," holder of the secret of The Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. I will go into this in detail in my upcoming book "Kopavi," but in 1875 at the age of 65, Jacob married a 16 year old Hopi girl who was named -- because of her light complexion and blue eyes -- MUHA, the "Fire One."

Kopavi and I became close friends and as time went on he told me many things that made such good sense that I wanted to know more. One of the most fascinating things he told me was the real secret of "The Lost Dutchman Mine."

Kopavi told me that his grandmother had told him that his Great Great Grandfather, Jacob Waltz had lived with the Pima Indians at the Superstition Mountains. The Indians grew to trust the 64 year old Dutchman and since the Pima's were not allowed to enter the sacred entrances to the underground, they asked him to take sacks of salt to the underground people. Salt is scarce in the inner world and gold is not. Jacob in turn would receive sacks of gold as his reward.

Dennis: So the "Lost Dutchman Mine" never existed?

Hank: That's right. It's actually an entrance to the inner lands and, as I learned later, just one of many entrances found around the world. I also was amazed to learn that Kopavi was actually from the underground city of PALATKWAPI.

One day Kopavi asked if I'd like to actually see an entrance to the
underground... I was thrilled.

[Note: the Hopis, and Cherokee believe that the Pueblo Indians had in the most ancient times taken up residence within an underground 'cavern' world and after a long period of time emerged once again onto the surface. Some say that reptilian humanoids drove them to the surface, other versions state that some of the underground Hopi turned to practicing sorcery and made things bad for the rest, while other versions state that an underground 'flood' forced them to seek refuge topside. Some versions say that they emerged through a cavern, other through a mound, and still other versions state that the portal of emergence, the sipapu or sipapuni, lies hidden under a pool of yellowish water. Most of the Hopi versions however agree with the LOCATION of the sipapu... somewhere along the Little Colorado River, a 'short' ways upstream from its confluence with the Colorado River. The sipapu is considered one of the most sacred sites of the Hopi people. - Branton]

First we went to the Grand Canyon where we hired two donkeys. Karl assured me [that] the donkeys were sure-footed, but I wasn't so sure once we started to climb, the trail became small and full of rocks and from time to time I could feel the donkeys hind legs slip on the smooth, loose slate. All I could do was hold on and try to shut out the sound of loosened rock as it clattered down the cliff side to the ground below. Finally we came to a wide spot on the trail and I was able to breath again. We took our breather on a small plateau from which the panoramic view of the Grand Canyon spread out below displaying the rich earth colors found only in the American southwest. Karl brought out a blindfold and explained that, while he had secured permission from the Council of Nine for me to enter these sacred grounds, he had been requested to cover my eyes from here on out. The rest of the ride into the Canyon was terrifying to say the least. How much time had passed I did not know, I was too busy hanging on to the saddle of the small brave beast.

After what seemed to be an eternity, we came to a stop and Karl removed my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight again, I looked around me. We were in a large clearing flush against the canyon wall. Karl motioned for me to climb down from my now, uncomfortable perch, as he did the same. After stretching my tensed up body I turned to Karl who was standing next to the sheer cliff wall. "Put your hand against the wall right here," he said pointing to the solid rock face. I did as he asked, and my hand didn't stop. It continued right through the wall. It seemed that the cliff wall was only a created illusion to keep unwanted people away. Actually it was the entrance to a large secret cave called "PUPOVI." As we walked inside I was amazed to find the cave was brightly lit. Before us was a sort of escalator type device which you lay down on. There was some sort of transparent bubble which covered you called a HAWIOVI. My heart was beating fast, so I stood looking at this strange sight as I caught my breath.

Now I have a confession to make. For years I have been telling people that this is as far as I went. I lied. I was told not to reveal anymore than this.  However, I have now been given permission to tell the rest of the story.  Actually, I did proceed from this point all the way into the underground Hopi city of PALATKWAPI. I am putting the whole story in a book to be entitled "KOPAVI," which I am currently working on.

Dennis: Wow! This is quite a revelation. So you took this Hawiovi to Palatkwapi?

Hank: Only part of the way. At the bottom of the escalator, which travels at the speed of light, we boarded a PATUWVOTA or flying machine which moved through subterranean tunnels on energy fields. I will go into detail about all of this in my book.

Dennis: Yes, I realize that your time is almost up and you have another engagement. But, can you answer a few more questions?

Hank: I do have to go... but yes I'll answer a few.

Dennis: Upon exiting the PATUWVOTA what did you see?

Hank: We first went into a large cave room called the PUSIVI and my friend and guide said, "Welcome to TUWANASAVI, the center of the world." The large room had many doors all around with strange markings on them. Karl explained that the doors were an added precaution, in case an unauthorized person penetrated the area they wouldn't know which door leads to the city.  I understood without him saying anything that you didn't want to open the  wrong door [could be this, or could be that this was an underground 'intersection' to different realms. IF however one happened to make it that far, I would suggest nonetheless that extreme caution would be advised - Branton]. Karl walked up to one of the doors, placed his hand over a symbol in the center and we entered a clean white room with a light purple glow called the POWAMU WUWUCHPI or purification room where all the negativities and bacteria were removed from our bodies, both outside and inside. Only then could we enter the city of Palatkwapi.

Dennis: There is so much I want to ask. I don't know where to start. Is Palatkwapi located inside the subterranean world of tunnels or is it located on the underside of the mantle, or the inner-world?

Hank: It is located on the surface of the inner-world.

Dennis: What color was the sky? Was it red?

Hank: No. The sky is a beautiful blue, no clouds and the sun was stationary in the sky. The air was the freshest I'd breathed.

Dennis: Can you describe what the city looks like?

Hank: Sure. The houses were all built in the Greek style with columns and red tile roofs. The rooms are all open and airy with no glass in the open windows.  There are gardens with bright blooming flowers and plants everywhere. It is very quiet, other than the soft rush of wind which was constant. I learned this wind is called APONIVI and is pulled in from the North and South polar openings by machines which are powered by the inner sun, then blown back through tunnels to the surface of the earth in hundreds of places. This system was designed to compensate for the gravitational pull and centrifugal force of the earth and the heat of the sun in order to maintain the gravity and a constant temperature of 76 degrees.

-- end of email --

Comments by Rodney M. Cluff:
We have since learned that Hank, while in our hollow earth fell in love with a hollow earth girl, whom he said was a very beautiful woman. In fact, Hank said that the women of the hollow earth are so beautiful that any single man could not help but fall in love with them. He wanted to marry her, but decided he wanted to go back to the surface world to get some personal belongings. So his Hopi friend took him back to the surface and told him that when he returned to the Grand Canyon, to just yell out his name and he would come get him. But when Hank returned with his belongings to the Grand Canyon and yelled out his friend's name, his friend never came. Hank was so disappointed that he didn't marry until his 70's. He retired, moved to the Philippines and passed away in February 2010.

Another interesting side-line on this story, is from Billie Woodard. Before I learned of this story of Hank Krastman, Billie told me that one time that he had gone back to visit his step-parent's home in Apache Junction, that he was visiting with one of the Indian Elders when the Elder invited him to go for a walk up on the Superstition Mountains. After walking clear into the evening and even after sun-down, Billie was so tired he was ready to drop, when the Indian Elder said, "Wait here." The Elder then went on ahead and soon came back and said, "Let's go." They then walked a short distance up this canyon and came up to the canyon wall, and just walked right into the canyon wall. A holographic image of the canyon wall was hiding the cavern entrance.

It was the Lost Dutchman cavern where many years ago the Lost Dutchman would enter with his donkeys loaded with salt to take to a cavern city of people living within the shell of the earth, which they paid for with gold. Billie followed the Indian Elder further into the cavern and came to a cavern room filled with cubes of gold, each about 4"x4"x4" in size. After examining the gold, they returned to Apache Junction.

When I told Billie about Hank's story, Billie said he had never heard it before, and wanted to speak with Hank. So I put them in contact with each other. Billie later told me that he gave Hank a tip for locating one of these camouflaged entrances: To take a compass and if you manage to get in the proximity of the entrance, the compass needle will start to spin. Hank thanked Billie for the tip.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted
on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 07:07:25

HollowEarthNewsletter_Name: Patrick

comments: Hello Friend of the Truth !

I read your site and its very nice and informative, most of the stuff i already known.

I looked for more infos about the shown "german letter of u 209" and i found some infos in an german submarine archive :

The u 209 sub is missed since 07.05.1943:

Aus unbekannter Ursache verlorengegangen
"missed in unknown reasons"

the last operation-area was

"Operationsgebiet: Nordatlantik südlich von Island und südöstlich von Grönland
07.05.1943 Verlust des Bootes"
north-atlantic, south of iceland and south-east of greenland

the commander was Mr. Heinrich Brodda, like you said too.

There are 4 years between last contact and the letter from mexico.

the letter is dated on 20.04 - the birthday of hitler. Its courios and i think its real. Like the radio-call which was received by british army "our submarines found an paradise"

I know that the earth is hollow, i said i KNOW, not i believe.

My Grandfather war in german marine too, he is missed too, no one knows for what reason, like other dozens of german subs.

I'm 36, i never met him. But i dream very often of him, my whole life. He grows older in any dream i have, slowly but older.

He talk to me in my dreams since i was an little boy, he told me that he isn't dead, he told me that he lives inside the earth.

Believe it, or not. its real, i'm not joking or i ain't a gracy idiot.

My live i'm searching for the truth about it, i was in india an talked to an guru bevore dome years, he showed me the entry to hollow earth and he told me that there is an labyrinth in this cave, wich isn't easy to get. He told me that there are barries inside, magical barries, wich cant "get troght" by anyone, only the ones which true heart can get inside.
He said there was an guru that lived in the 1930, and at the age of 60 he was going inside this cave and he came out in the year 2001 - not older then before. Its an "wonder" or miracle in india, but i forget his name.

He comes back to leave a message for mankind, like thousand messiahs before him, like byrd and others and he get back to inner earth.

Ich will go back to india next year, i will go in this gave and i will find the way throught it. Im free at heart, im mixture from christian and buddism and i understand the messages of the old ones, of the gods.

Thanks for your work, and sorry for my bad english, i never learned it in school, i ever understand it like the most languages too. don't know why, there is much stuff i don't know.

but i will find it, that's the reason why i'm here.

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From: Dianne Robbins
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006 9:06 AM
Subject: Fw: hollow earth


I thought you might want to contact this person...........Dianne

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From: Joe
To: Dianne Robbins
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006 1:47 AM
Subject: hollow earth

Hi, I have in my possession a copy of a letter written on 2 March 1985
from a gentleman named Karl Unger to Mr. Woodard concerning the submarine u-209 commanded by Heinrich Brodda. Given certain coordinates their mission was to travel to the center of the earth, which they did. The letter is written in German and translated into English. Interested? JW

----- Original Message -----
From: Rodney M. Cluff
To: Dianne Robbins
Cc: Joe Watson
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 2:30 PM
Subject: Re: hollow earth


I would certainly be interested in the letter. Could you send it to me?
The English translation.

Thank you very much!

Rodney M. Cluff

---- Joe wrote:

Sorry I haven't got back to you, have had massive rain, flooding, power
out phones down, etc. Dianne Robbins e mailed me back saying the letter was unreadable on her end. Maybe you can try it on your end as you now have a copy. As to how I have a copy of this letter, well here's the story. In 1986 or 87 this gentleman Woodward came into this town of Talkeetna Alaska, but I don't know why. He met a guy I know named Terry Barber who told me what he was planning on doing. After meeting him he told me the following. His Dad had read all the Hollow Earth books had maps and ocean current directions for different times of the year. He died and his son took up where he had left off. He had it figured out that if you flew to Norway and floated on these currents with large rubber rafts you would be taken into the center of the earth. He gave his car away here in Talkeetna flew to L. A. Calif where he was to meet the rest of his team, from there to Norway where all of the gear was waiting. I asked him how he thought he could get away with this without the Feds picking up on it with their satellites, his reply was they were going in under the pretense of a scientific team doing research. He offered to let me go with them and if I hadn't had two boys to raise I would have. Apparently the letter was to his Dad but I don't remember how all of that came about. Having read many of the Hollow Earth books I always believed it was possible. He also claimed to have the original diary of Admiral Byrd describing his 1700 mile journey into the earth. Anyway he let me get a copy of the letter which you now have. As to why now after all these years, hell I don't know I was cruising the net and ran across a link about the Hollow Earth and it brought up old memories of that letter. Give it to anyone you want I want nothing in return, maybe a little info if you will share it. If you send me your address I will make copies of the German and English version and send them to you. The same for Dianne . Any other questions will be happy to oblige if I can. Joe Watson POB 643 Talkeetna
Alaska 99676

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rodney M. Cluff"
To: "Joe"
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 9:37 AM
Subject: Re: hollow earth


That is very interesting. Do you know if Woodward was successful in
floating in the rafts to Inner Earth?

I was able to read most of the letter, but if you can send us good clear
copies of both letters that would be fantastic!

I have been working with a group for years to put together an expedition to our hollow earth. Details are on my website.


---- Joe wrote:

Here are the letters: English translation, Copy of German original

NO, never heard from him again. I ask him this very question and his reply was if I make it I PROBABLY WON'T BE COMING BACK AND THEIR WAS NO WAY TO CONTACT ME. Will mail letters today. JW


Message received through Analia of Argentina:

August, 2005

This is a message from Athos to all those who are planning a trip to Hollow Earth.  The trip will be scheduled later than you had thought. This time is necessary . It will help you all learn what you have to learn before coming to the 5th Dimension. It is important that you keep your hearts wide open, since most energy will flow through your 4th chakra. This is the way we start the conversion of the 3rd Dimension’s structure to optimize it for a 5th Dimension activity. Being in the 5th Dimension implies a sense of unity to all forms of Creation. It could be a temporary state, long enough to deal with the changes that the trip itself implies.

We are discussing the terms in which you will have to descend . We shall make circumstances proper to enter the North Pole Hole. As you know , it could be easier for us to transport you all from your own homes to Inner Earth. But the trip will mark a day that will change completely the existence of those living on the surface of Earth.

You need to start -as soon as possible- to communicate among you (the people that are planning to travel) This is extremely important since you will need to operate as a true community. You need to feed a sense of understanding and cooperation among you. It is definitively recommended that you start gathering on a regular basis, and start having contacts among you, at least by e-mail at the beginning. This is a one-purpose task. It is beyond curiosity or eagerness for the unknown. It will mark a hint from where the whole world will learn a different lesson.

You need to be well acquainted to each other’s needs and start operating as a group. You know each other from many other previous lives, and are getting together once again, this time with a specific task to do.

We shall not release the possible dates of the trip. It is not necessary. Free will will guide your way down here. Be patient and trust.

Trust beyond your strength.

It is important that you begin to soften yourselves up and be ready for real changes.

You have been assigned with this special reason in this lifetime. You had agreed to do so, so there is nothing that will keep you off your way.

Start trusting in GOD, that is the answer. You can be completely sure that this mission will come to a happy end.

Trust yourselves, trust your mates, trust you will get here soon.

Time might be manipulated to will. That is lesson number one. You will have to be –every single one of you- almost an expert in manipulating time according to your desires, since that is one of the aspects in which the 5th Dimension manifests.

Meanwhile, we shall work on your mind in a non-violent way. You had given us full permission to do so before you were born in this lifetime, and continue to do so in those aspects where you are not self-conscious.

We work almost every night with your full consent in changing those messages in your DNA that are opposed to the spirit of this mission. You constantly agree and support the process. You might not be aware of it, but you reinforce the task for which your lives make sense.
You are all blessed.

Be patient. We are with you: Many of you might start to be aware of this Reality.

Share it with your mates and share it with the whole world.
You contribute to accelerate the Worldwide Awakening Process.


January, 2006

This is Athos speaking.

Be open-minded and keep your hearts wide open.

This expedition operates in several levels: Although it is apparently THE expedition in terms of adventure and risk, it implies a great experience not only for you -those who are traveling- but also for the whole human race. It will mark the day in which the veil of ignorance shall fall.

It does not make any difference for the purpose of the trip whether you arrive at Jehu or not.

You will actually land at one of our city labs, where you shall undergo a process to lighten the matter. We need to adapt your frequency level to the Fifth Dimension speed beforehand. You are, even nowadays, undergoing this process.

It is fine if you take a plane instead of a ship. You will finally get here.

But we ask you please to operate as a group. This is so important. It is vital because it is easier for you to adapt to a higher frequency when you add up your energies.

Those of you who have trouble –individually- to think in terms of something beyond curiosity or fame, will profit from the whole group experience.

It shall be simpler to work with the energy of the group as one entity, rather than with the plane of each individual.

Be ready to experience your most magnificent dreams once you get down here.

Thank you.

Athos and the Inner Earth Council

----- Original Message -----
From: Rodney M. Cluff
To: Analía Martini
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 9:52 PM


Can you explain to me how you received this message from inner earth?



Analia's Response:

The messages come to me as if they were my own thoughts, but they are far more precise and specific. I am always fully conscious when I receive them. I don´t change my voice, I don´t hear voices, nothing.
It is the way I never have to correct them, how I look up in my mind for a specific word -and not any other- and specially the type of information, the contents and quality of the messages, what confirms me the Source.

I had to fight against myself, I couldn´t believe it. Not any more. They had worked on me as well, I am all for this Task. I am blessed and thankful.

The fact that I speak, read and write Irdin, is all that proves what I say. It is basically intuition what drives people to believe about it or not.
I posted a web page with many messages. It is in Spanish. I understand Mr. Currey speaks Spanish fluently.

These messages are about universal themes that concern us all: Creation, Death, Happiness, Doubts, Desires, so forth. I received them from the Ascended Masters and my Spiritual Guides. All of them aim to the implicit focal point of the site: The Ascension Process nowadays.

People from Inner Earth have suggested that I do not post anything of what I Know about them in the web, at least not yet.

But you can check written IRDIN (and its phonetic too) there.

----- Original Message -----
From: Analía Martini
To: Rodney M. Cluff
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 8:07 PM

 Dear Rodney,
This is a message I received for you all.
Best regards,

You are protected and you are being guided.

You have done a very good research and will be welcome.
You will need to undergo a process to adjust the frequency you exist into the one of the Hollow Earth. We will be helping you in the process while you are asleep. You will most probably notice that you start to live somehow differently; you might feel lighter, less dense. It is also very possible that you start having very vivid dreams. It might be useful that you write them down and work on them on your own.

This adjustment consists of enlightening your pineal gland and start activating your right hemisphere. We normally install –with your full consent- a chip that is inserted not precisely in your physical brain but in the layers of your Mind. It contains heavy information about dealing and behaving in the Fifth Dimension. You might probably feel wiser in general.

This is Athos speaking. I will personally escort you to your final destination. Our spacecraft will guide your way from the moment you start entering the North Pole hole. The day will be extraordinary bright -which is unusual- since we provoke a constant stormy weather to difficult the entrance. We project holograms as well to disguise the entrances.

Reiki would be most helpful; it will help you all to connect with your own selves. Once that is done you can easily connect to all forms of Creation.

There are many outsiders living down here. They had agreed to do so and they continue their tasks happily. They are reluctant to go back. Many people who report missing (in the ocean, Bermuda Triangle –dimensional portals-) have not been abducted but personally agreed to live here.

We speak any language we want. We communicate among us in Irdin, although we hardly speak. We mentally contact each other, ubiquity is usual: we co-exist in many in many places at the same time although there is always a nucleus from where the being expands.

The day we shall meet you will be able to see us. We will welcome you and protect you all trip long. It has come the time when the whole world must know we co-exist with you in a different dimension.

All those who are willing to stay will be able to do so; some others that are planning to stay will have difficulty in doing so once they arrive. Many others that have not planned it will stay as well. There are some of you that will quit before the trip starts. That is already written in your own will.

It is us who are planning the way it is all going to happen. You are instruments of this plan. You have been carefully chosen before hand.

The trip will be successful.

Do not worry if the journey is postponed a year or two more. It is all within the plan and will finally happen.

You are all blessed.

We love you dearly, we are very happy for the times to come, and look forward to having you here.

Many of you will be able to communicate freely with us before the trip starts, and most of you will do so once you are back home.

You will be safe. You are safe.

Eventually we shall release more information that will help you finding your way through this part of the world.

From: M Mazel
Date: December 31, 2004, 12:49 PM
Subject: Polar Exp. Hollow earth

Greetings Rodney,

I have contacted Aage the airline pilot and he said he is interested in communicating with you. I included his note at the bottom of this note. Ps the original note to you slipped through my spelling checker....oops

Send him my e-mail address.
I will be glad to talk to him.

Hope to see what info you come up with beneficial to you!

Thank You,

Michael Mazel

From Rodney:

Michael had indicated to me that his friend Aage is a retired airline pilot and that he had told him that he has seen the north polar opening on his airline flights across the arctic. I sent Aage an email and he responded as follows:

Hello Hello,
I am sorry it has taken so long.
I am extremly busy here, and you know how things can get.
I would rather talk to you on the phone.
I do have some information in that area that could be interesting. I grew up in Norway, and at the very northern part of the country it is kind of common knowledge that there is comfortable living climate at the North Pole.

From: Dan
Date: December 26, 2004, 4:19 AM
Subject: Good Book
Hi Rodney.

I heard you on George Noory the other night. For some reason your manner and what you said appealed to me.

I just got your book. I thought it would be just some entertaining
fiction. (I thought it would be maybe 40 pages long. I surely didn't
think 555.) But I can see from looking through it just a little bit that
it is really something good.

I have a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago in continuum
mechanics. I can already see that you put a lot of science into it. The
combination of science with religion is very compelling.

One question that occurred to me when I heard you talk, was why the
oceans wouldn't drain into the hole at the North Pole. I'm sure you have
an answer in the book. (Maybe the ice goes down into the hole,
effectively forming a wall. But then if global warming melts the ice, I
would speculate that the ocean would flow into the hole.)

I hope that in the future you can publish your work as a regular book. I
think you would sell a lot of copies. I would buy one for myself, and
others to give as gifts. I think you have a great combination with the
subject - along with the old stories, text, calculations, pictures,
graphics and photographs.

I think you have devoted yourself to a very interesting and also hopeful
topic. And I think it takes courage to propose a theory that 99.9% of
people would reject without investigation as being absolutely crazy.

Best wishes, and good luck in the future.

Dan Baron.

From: Christy
Date: December 24, 2004, 7:56 AM
Subject: Admiral Byrd's Granddaughter

I was listening to Art Bell this evening and heard Admiral Byrd’s granddaughter ask a question if anyone had information on him. Up here in Alaska there is a gentleman named Col. Norman Vaughn who is 98 years old and went with Byrd on his expedition to the South Pole. He is very lucid for a 98 year old man and might have some information you need. He lives in Anchorage and you should be able to get to him through the Iditarod Trail Committee in Wasilla. There is even a mountain named after him (Vaughn) in Anarctica and he climbed it on his 98th birthday. He is a very interesting man, but I am sure that he won’t be with us for much longer. You can get information on him on the net through search. Hope this helps you. Christy 

From: Anne
Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2004, 3:33 AM
Subject: Thank you

Dear Rodney, Thank you for sending the long e-mail about Admiral Byrd. You are very kind. It all blows my mind. I don't know whether to believe it or not.

Unfortunately, the people immediately involved are very old or dead by now. I have met Norman Vaughn a few times, he is extraordinary. I have a lot to think about. Whether to try to contact some of the people
you mentioned. I am super busy at work right now. I'll have to wait a couple weeks before I have time.

But I do really appreciate your sending me this information. And I wish you good luck on your expedition. I don't know how a ship could be big and strong enough to break all the way throught the polar ice cap. But I suppose you know what you are doing.

Did you know that at the 50th anniversary of Byrd's first flight over the south pole, in order to commemorate that event, a plane full of people took off to fly over the south pole, and the plane was lost? They lost radio contact with the plane, and never heard from it again and no one knew what happened. That was in the 80's. And at that time I heard that several planes have been lost flying over the south pole. Some from Australia. It's kind of like a Bermuda triangle only on a much smaller scale since way less people go to the south pole than to the
bermuda triangle. They must have gone inside, hunh? I heard about this at a celebration commemorating the 50th anniversay of Bryd's first flight over the south pole that was held by a club, I forget the name,
something like Byrd Aeronautics Club which was held at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mi. (Henry Ford worked with Byrd to develop lighter motors for airplanes, and maybe also motors that could operate at sub-zero temperatures.) Maybe all those people went inside the
earth and never came out again. Who knows.

Sincerely, Anne Stabler

This email was from Anne Stabler, granddaugher of Admiral Richard E. Byrd.  It is interesting that she says she knows of several flights from Australia that have tried to fly through the south polar opening, and never returned.  Curiously, if you fly from Australia over the south pole, you would be very likely to fly into the area I have estimated the south polar opening is located.

-- Rodney M. Cluff

From:  Louis
Date:  Friday, July 09, 2004 10:59 AM
Subject:  [HollowPlanets] Tesla and the Hollow Earth...

I have recently been involved with designing a self-resonant Tesla Coil

So what does that have to do with the Hollow Earth!!!???


While reading Tesla's "Colorado Springs" notes, I was struck (no pun
intended) by his comments regarding lightning strikes: how he could measure the resonant electrical "ringing" for hours after the strike. These measurements are what helped him determine the Earth's resonant frequencies.

(Later confirmed. Look into "Schumann Resonance".)

I then remembered an old documentary from the '90s called "Lightning: Weapon of the Gods" (a NOVA-style special), which I watched again last night. This tied-up the loose ends for me: the Earth behaves EXACTLY like a LARGE hollow conductive sphere. The ONLY way that the Earth could behave as it does -- electrically speaking -- is if it were a large, HOLLOW SPHERE!!!

Modern lightning research -- conducted by everyone from national weather agencies, to lightning research specialists, to meteorologists and plasma physicists -- confirms what Tesla noted so long ago at Colorado Springs: the Earth acts exactly as a large, hollow, spherical capacitor would...

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From: LuAnne McGuire
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2004 10:11 PM


It's good to hear from you again!
Yes, I have contacted the prophet about the hollow earth location of the lost ten tribes and have a letter in response. It was several years ago when President Ezra Taft Benson was prophet.
His letter said that the church does not have a position on the hollow earth theory, and that if I have any questions about the lost ten tribes, to talk to my local Stake President or Bishop.
I have not been counseled to leave the topic alone, as you surmise. I have only been asked not to teach the theory in church. Only church approved materials can be taught inside the church building. Outside the church, I can do what I want as long as it is ethical and moral.
Actually, there have been several people that have been to our hollow earth, visited with the people there, and have returned safely, and not destroyed as you say. I have seen no evidence of anyone going to the hollow earth and being destroyed. The accounts we have indicate that the people there are very friendly and do not try to prevent visitors from returning to the surface world. However, I am sure that the Lord has preserved their land by the unbelief of the exterior world peoples. I was showing all my studies on the hollow earth as being the most probable location the Lord has hidden the lost ten tribes to a high priests group last night, and I don't think any of them believed a word of it. They weren't antagonistic, but just kindly listened to all I had to say. I don't think they will believe it until I actually go there and bring back our IMAX film of the expedition.
There are, however, many interested people in joining our expedition. We get several inquiries every week and once in a while one will book the trip. We are hoping to have enough voyagers to make our expedition a GO by 2006.
We are going on this expedition in the spirit of Christopher Columbus. Columbus wrote, ...our Lord unlocked my mind, sent me upon the sea, and gave me fire for the deed. Those who heard of my enterprise called it foolish, mocked me, and laughed. But who can doubt but that the Holy Ghost inspired me?" (Jacob Wasserman, Columbus, Don Quixote of the Seas, p. 20)
We are confident we have located the coordinates of the north polar opening and with use of gyroscopes we will be able to detect when we are beginning to descend into the opening. We invoke the Lord's blessings and protection on our voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.
You are invited to join us, if after prayerful consideration, you would so desire. If not, if you want I can place you on our expedition UPDATES so you can hear about our progress.
Next Year in Eden,
Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!

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From: Steve Currey
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 12:51 PM
Subject: Currey Expedition


I appreciate very much your information. My expedition in general will include the following. I already have clients interested.

(1)Arrival to Moscow. I have an office there for my rafting company. We will spend a couple of days in Moscow. Staying at hotel "Russia".

(2) 6 days rafting on the Indigikra River.
(3) Charter Cruise to New Siberian Islands- spend a couple of days on the Islands checking out the exotic animal skeletons.
(4) Charter Cruise towards North Pole with coordinates to Polar opening via Russian Icebreaker via my Russian contacts. In search of Sannikov Land.

I should have a pricing for the trip next week. Would you be interested in joining the expedition? Do you know of any LDS adventuresome folks who would be interested in joining the expedition? Best if we could find qualified LDS participants who have experience in the region, have knowledge such as yourself on this subject, have navigational skills etc.

By the way, good non-LDS qualified folks are welcome as well, we'll just convert them on the trip. Bring lots of Books of Mormon ( I handed out 20 in Russia last year, one couple may get babtized in Barnaul, Siberia real soon).

Very Best,

Steve Currey
The Expedition Company



Sounds good. How much do you estimate the price per person for this



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From: Steve Currey
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 8:58 AM
Subject: Siberia?


This is great information! Beleive it or not, I have fantastic connections in Siberia. My company has conducted 4 rafting expeditions in Russia (1989, 1990,1991 and 2002) 3 on the Katun River in Siberia and 1 on the Chatkal River in Central asia.

My last visit was this past September with 10 guests, including my mother.  I have another trip scheduled for departure this August 29th. I have a raft manufacturing plant in Siberia which imports rafts into the United States.

Is it your opinion to first search out Crocker land northwest of Ellesmere Island or head north of the New Siberian Island region with a chartered Russian Icebreaker? Has anyone attempted an expedition
north of the New Siberian Islands?

Very Best,

Steve Currey



MacMillian & Lt. Green went out 200 miles northwest of Ellesmere Island looking for Crocker land and the mirage of land that they were pursuing kept retreating. It is my opinion, that the Crocker Land mirage, Bradley land mirage, the mirage of land sighted from Harrison Bay, Alaska by Captain Keenan, and the mirage of Sannikov land sighted by the Russians north of the New Siberian Islands are all one and the same -- a mirage of land within the north polar opening which I estimate to be at 84.4 N Lat. 141 E Lon. north of the New Siberian Islands.

On page 66 of The Smoky God, Olaf Jansen mentioned that as he and his father left Franz Josef Land on their expedition to the Hollow Earth, "we seemed to be in a strong current running north by northeast."

Olaf and his father found the polar opening and explorered the Hollow Earth in 1829, but Dr. Fridtjof Nansen just missed it when he floated across the pole in his ship the Fram in 1893. He headed north of the New Siberian Islands, but on the west side, and just missed the polar opening. Many of the anomalies he noticed on his trip was because he was so close. In fact, he had gone on this trip hoping to find the Sannikov land the Russians had sighted north of the New Siberian Islands. I think if we went north from the east coast of the New Siberian Islands, we would go right into the opening. It is a large hole in the arctic ocean.

In 1958, Reinhold Schmidt was taken through the north polar opening to our hollow earth by a flying saucer.

In Chapter 6 of my book, I speak of his trip:

In Alec Maclellan's book, THE HOLLOW EARTH ENIGMA, is an account he found of a man of German descent who immigrated to America where he became interested in the flying saucer phenomena. Reinhold Schmidt was interviewed by reporter Charles Longcroft of the Los Angeles Examiner who wrote, "This was the first time I have ever been face to face with someone who claims to have contacted space men or to have been inside a saucer ... My impression is that the man has definitely seen something and is not making the whole story up as a publicity stunt."

Reinhold Schmidt relates that at age 38 he was contemplating on the subject of flying saucers after reading Frank Scully's book, BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS (1950) when on August 14, 1958 he had what he thought was a dream telling him to drive to a quarry in Bakersfield, California. After sitting around several hours, he saw a silvery circular craft come down from the sky. Access to it was by sliding doors and a ramp lowered to the ground. A figure appeared in the doorway and flashed a ray on him apparently to synchronize his body's electromagnetic field to that of the craft. Others appeared and escorted him into the craft. They also drove his car up the ramp so as not to leave it in the quarry. They then took off and flew north towards Alaska and up over the polar regions.

The crew consisted of four men and two women. Reinhold described them as tall, with noble features dressed in gray, one-piece, skin-tight suits. The women were especially beautiful. They appeared in all respects as humans as we are. They spoke in what Reinhold recognized as "high German" which had been taught him by his parents. However, throughout the entire trip, he was addressed in perfect English.

The craft appeared to be transparent which allowed him to look out in all directions except where obscured by machinery, control panels, couches, chairs or small tables. The latter did not seem to be attached to the floor, but never moved with all the craft's maneuvering. He was able to see out the transparent walls of the craft throughout the journey up to the Arctic Ocean, where he said, "We seemed to go under the Arctic Ocean and enter a huge hole." They then passed over strange earth landscapes, but never landed.

Reinhold stated that his "hosts" never told him exactly where they came from, although he became convinced that their homeland was somewhere in the region of the pole. He could see that they were highly advanced in technology, but seemed to be a rather peaceful people. He said that if their mission had a purpose, from what he gathered, it was to observe mankind and to keep us from destroying the planet.

Schmidt's flying saucer trip lasted for 5 days. He remembers seeing a land which was lit by a glowing sun rather different from our Sun, and twice had the impression of crossing a large curve of ocean where the horizon dipped and fell and then righted itself. (This would be a perfect description of having passed into and out of a polar opening. So this author believes Schmidt was actually taken to the hollow earth via the North Polar Opening.)

On August 18, 1958, Reinhold was returned by his flying saucer friends to the Bakersfield quarry with his Buick.


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From: Steve Currey
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 11:47 AM
Subject: Currey Expeditions


I appreciate very much your information and update on upcoming
expeditions to the Poles. I am leaning towards an expedition to the North Pole although I have better contacts for Antartica. I will need to do alot more research before I can put an itinerary together. My initial thinking is to put a expedition together to visit Ellesmere Island and the
> North Pole of course with the main focus to try and locate Crocker land. I was able to locate Cape Thomas Hubbard on the map but I can't locate Cape Colgate. I will go to BYU and see what I can find in the Map Library. I am confident that I can get sufficient financial support through my own contacts, expedition mailing list of 25 years. Jon Huntsman made an expedition with me some years ago and I may be able to muster some support from him and his group. I have several other past expedition members who could help support the expedition.

The earliest I could put an expedition together to head North would be
April 2004. Visiting Ellesmere Island and the North Pole is already one of my goals, the agenda of Crocker land only makes it that more exciting.

Very Best,

Steve Currey

P.S. FYI While I was exploring the Tsangpo gorge in Tibet the deepest valley on earth (17,000 feet deep- 3 times deeper than the Grand Canyon), I ran into Tibetans who spoke about a inner world located in "Pemako" the holiest of all places in Tibet and where I was one of the first people in the outside world to visit. All Tibetans want to go to Pemako to die. There are several pilgramages every year.My scholar friend Ian Baker who has visited Pemako more than any other outsider, discovered Hidden falls on the Yarlung Tsangpo river at the deepest point of the gorge. He says there is an entrance opening or cave behind the falls or near the falls (I can't remember which) which leads into the inner world according to the Llamas in Pemako. Ian has
lived the past 15 years in Katmandu Nepal and speaks fluent Tibetan. He is from the Boston area. National Geographic explorer television did a one hour special of his discovery of Hidden falls in the gorge. Ian would have more information about these Tibetan beliefs. I have personally hiked the gorge two times. The Gillenwater brothers of arizona who have hiked the gorge 4 times have insight and information to this legend as well. They were actually the first to see Hidden falls. They are also LDS and attended BYU.

Best, Steve C.



Here is a bit of information from my article Location and Size of the Polar Openings on my website that pinpoints the North Polar Opening. The land closest to it is the New Siberian Islands north of Siberia.
Prior to his Arctic expedition, Nansen had visited Russia and consulted with their experts about their sighting of a mirage of land they termed Sannikov land north of the New Siberian Islands. The New Siberian islands even today are covered with bones and remains of mammoths and other inner earth animals that Olaf Jansen claims fell into ice crevasses of inner earth rivers that empty into the Arctic Polar Opening where they froze and later were carried out to sea and eventually ended up deposited on northern Arctic shores.

Remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth, foxes and a hardy breed horse that scientists claim are prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice. Recently these scientists have been attempting to find some of these exotic animal remains that are frozen and preserved in Arctic ice.

They want to take samples of the frozen flesh and use it to clone these
exotic animals to start a sort of Jurassic Park. Little do they know that a Jurassic Park already exists located inside Our Hollow Earth, and can be reached through the North Polar Opening, north of the New Siberian Islands, from whence all the frozen exotic carcasses come from.

On the opposite side of the Arctic from the New Siberian Islands, Lt. Green of the U.S. Navy had accompanied MacMillan on his expedition northwest of Ellesmere Island following the mirage of Crocker land that Peary had sighted from Cape Thomas Hubbard on his way north to discover the pole. MacMillan had turned back after journeying 120 miles out over the ice pack because the mirage of Crocker land continued to appear ever farther northward no matter how far they traveled towards it. Later, Lt. Green published an article in Popular Science, in 1929, that he was still convinced that Crocker land still existed and had even convinced the Navy to build a dirigible named the ZR-1 that was going to attempt an over flight of that land. Here is Lt.
Green's Arctic map showing his estimated location of that unknown land that MacMillan and his eskimos thought was just a mirage.

In warmer climates of the world, a mirage mostly looks like water on the horizon because it is reflecting the blue sky. But in the Arctic, a mirage is is caused by warm moist air that comes up out of the Polar Opening from the Inner World. This layer of warmer air above the colder air next to the ice causes mirages or reflections of the ground or ice on the ocean, and not the sky, as in the warmer climates of the world. In the warmer climates of the world the temperature of the air becomes colder with height above the ground. Just the opposite is the case in the Arctic and Antarctic. Warm, moist air emanating from the earth's hollow interior through the polar openings rises above the ice and serves as a boundary of air that reflects objects on the ground. Jan Lamprecht, in his book, Hollow Planets, gives solid evidence that the mirage of Peary's Crocker land and Cook's Bradley land could easily have been a double inverted image of land within the North Polar Opening located somewhere northwest of Ellesmere Island within the
area Lt. Green termed on his map the "Unexplored Area." Notice that my estimated location for the North Polar Opening is located within Green's unexplored area. The land that Green thought must be there, is, however, actually located within the Polar Opening.

Jan Lamprecht has a map on page 193 of his book, HOLLOW PLANETS, showing the location and directions of sightings of mirages of anomalous lands in the arctic, which are not found on any current day maps. Taking these sightings and triangulating them towards the points towards which they were observed and from the locations in which they were sighted, gives us another indication where the center of the North Polar Opening most likely is located. North from the New Siberian Islands the Russians sighted the mirage of Sannikov land. Northwest of Ellesmere Island was the sighting of Crocker land by Admiral Peary, Lt. Green and MacMillan. Bradley land was also sighted in that same general direction by Polar explorer Dr. Cook on
his way to discover the pole. From Alaska, from Harrison Bay, was sighted land also towards the north west by Captain Keenan. If we draw a line from each of these locations towards their respective directions in which anomalous land was sighted, we arrive once again at the location I have determined must be the location of the North Polar Opening centered on 141 E Longitude, 84.4 deg N Latitude.

For the complete article, see


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From: Steve Currey
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 3:09 PM
Subject: Hollow Earth Expedition?

We need to talk. I am a resident of Provo, LDS and a firm believer of the Hollow Earth theory. I first learned of the Hollow Earth theory when I was 15 years old from my father. I am now 51 years old. I served a mission in Argentina and my wife is from Buenos Aires, we have six sons. I have spent the past 25 years in Patagonia, Tibet and the Amazon.
I'm an explorer with many first descents under my belt in the River rafting arena. I am the first to have pioneered the Upper Ganges in India, the Brahmaputra river in India, the Po Tsango, Upper Yangtze and Yarlung Tsangpo gorges in Tibet (the deepest canyons in the world- 17,000 feet deep (3 times the depth of the Grand Canyon), the Bio Bio, Futaleufu and Figueroa rivers of Patagonia, rivers in the Amazon etc... I have been exploring these regions for the past 27 years. My father Jack Currey, started the largest commercial rafting company in the United states "Western River Expeditions". He got ahold of the Hollow Earth book by Raymond Bernard when I was 15 years old. He wanted to take one of our large motorized 36' grand canyon pontoon rafts up to the North Pole to explore and find the lost ten tribes. We all thought he was crazy at the time. I have been researching the Hollow Earth theory again just the past 2 months after 35 years of forgetting about my father's proposed expedition.
Something has been telling me to look into the Hollow Earth theory again. I am personally convinced that the 10 tribes are inside the earth. I am going to order your book and continue researching and studying about the Hollow Earth.
Do you know of any proposed expeditions to the North or South Poles? I would be interested in mounting a expedition with my world contacts for a joint air-boat expedition to either the North or South Poles for an attempt to bring back evidence that the Earth is Hollow. I have the contacts and financial support to make an expedition happen. Any direction as to the kind of expedition (air, boat, overland) that should be pursued? I currently have the expertise, specialized team members, sponsors(if needed), equipments to make this a project like no other. Putting together expeditions is what I do. My kayakers made the first descent through the wildest whitewater on earth in the deepest canyon on the planet and everyone came back. National Geographic Television. I personally rafted the Tsangpo River in 2000. I have also designed several very large inflatables (RIBS) for Ocean excursions. I have spent alot of time on the Ocean as well as Rivers worldwide.
Any thoughts how we could work together in mounting an expedition? I have fantastic connections in Antartica. I currently have a personal realestate office in Punta Arenas, Chile. I can easily arrange for flights from Punta Arenas to Antartica.
I would be happy to send you articles and resumes of my past expeditions and experience. Any further research or information regarding the Hollow Earth and your personal writings would be of great interest. I am more interested in your writings, since we both share the same religious background. I wouldn't mind calling you to discuss this more. What is your phone contact in Arizona?
Thanks for your time,
Very Best,
Steve Currey
Currey Exeditions
P.O. Box 1574
Provo, Utah 84603
The Expedition Company


Yes, Danny Weiss of the International Society for a Complete Earth has been talking about retracing Admiral Byrd's 1947 flight beyond the north pole into the hollow earth for years. A link to his site is on my New Items page. It is:
Also, Jan Lamprecht of South Africa was collecting donations about 2 years ago to make a flight to Ellesmere Island where Admiral Peary sighted a mirage  of what he named Crocker Land northwest of Cape Thoms Hubbard and Cape Colgate.  Dr. Cook his competitor to the north pole also saw this same mirage further out on the ice pack and called it Crocker Land. His website is: He makes an excellent case in his book Hollow Planets that these mirages of land in the Arctic are double inverted images of land within the north polar opening.
However, I haven't heard any firm commitments yet of actually pulling off such an expedition.
Sure, we can talk. My phone is 480 804-0085, home, and 602 542-2998 work.

Cleon Skousen has stated that it will be LDS that will locate the lost tribes. If you want to be the one that proves they are in the hollow earth, that would be great.
I tend to prefer the north polar entrance than the south. I don't know how well they are guarded, but I think that could be a consideration in making an expedition.
Rodney M. Cluff

One correction on that. Dr. Cook named it Bradley Land. And even took a picture of the mirage on his way to the pole. Jan (pronounced John or Jon) makes an excellent case that Dr. Cook was the first to reach the North Pole. He was vilified, even to this day, because of the picture he took of Bradley Land, but even Peary saw it and believed it to be land, naming it Crocker Land. Later MacMillan and Lt Green took a couple of Eskimos and went out on the ice trying to reach it, but decided after 200 miles out on the ice from Cape Thomas Hubbard that it was a mist, but nonetheless reported that it looked every bit like land. The problem was that they didn't seem to get any closer to it the farther they went. It would seem that it was just as far away even at 200 miles closer to it. The reason is that is was a mirage of land within the polar opening. Lt. Green apparently believed it was real, because in his Popular Science article published in the 1920's he made an excellent case that there was land there that still needed to be explored. I think soon after that it became World Top Secret, because that was when Admiral Byrd first flew into the hollow earth in 1929.
Have a nice day!

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From: "Karl"
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 8:17 AM
Subject: Hollow Earth

Hi, Rodney.

I read your Foreward ( ) and was wondering whether your friend, Fred M. Sandelin, ever got his seaplane and made that trip to find the North Countries.

Is Fred still around and what's he up to now with respect to pursuing

Also, you say "he saw some pictures taken in the North Countries of the Hollow Earth showing the Giant people and vegetation that exist there." Where are those pictures now and did he get any copies?

Who took those pictures and how were they obtained (satellite, aerial,




Fred called me last year on his cellular on his way to Ventura, California where is now fishes for squid. No, I don't think he ever got his seaplane.

I had a falling out with him the second year fishing with him in Alaska. He had a rather powerful personality and liked getting his way with a lot of shouting and hollering. That was pretty much what turned me away from working with him. But I still consider him a friend.

The pictures he saw was in a DEW station up on the arctic one winter when he was called in to work on their electric generator. He's an electrician.

While he was working in their station, he just noticed the pictures. There was very high security there, and he wasn't allowed to make any questions about the pictures, much less get any copies of them. So he doesn't know how they got the pictures.


Rodney M. Cluff

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From: Bev
To: Rodney Cluff
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 9:55 AM
Subject: About the earth hollow
I have been reading about a “hollow earth” and am fascinated with the idea. I understand that you are Mormon, is this a Mormon belief? Can a person who is not Mormon believe it? The government must know about this hollow earth. Are they covering it up?



The hollow earth theory is not a Mormon belief. However, according to one survey about 4% of Latter-day Saints do believe in the hollow earth as a viable location for the possible location of the lost ten tribes of Israel. I have a lot of friends that aren't LDS that believe in the hollow planets theory. I am certain the government knows about this and are covering it up from the general public. It is, in fact, the World TOP Secret, that our earth, the moon, the sun and every planet in the heavens are hollow, and most are probably inhabited by humans INSIDE.
Thank you for your interest,
Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!


Dear Rodney,

I have just recently finished reading your book and must tell you that it is an excellent work.

You have a rare overview of the actual state of our planet and its inhabitants, and have taken the effort and the risk to communicate it to the public. Your message is vitally important to the welfare of humanity and in a sense this makes you a prophet.

What I find most unique about your book is your ability to identify Heaven as an actual physical location and not just as some ethereal realm. Now, everyone who reads your book, and hopefully others like it, will know what the bible really means when it speaks of "heaven and earth".

Heaven is always an inner, central, and solar location, and there are many heavens, from the sub-atomic to the Heaven of heavens at the center of the Wheel of Creation itself. Our cosmos is in fact a heiarchy of suns or heavens, and the pattern of one is always replicated in the other.

The other thing I find unique about your book is your identification of the lost ten tribes of Israel as the leading power within the hollow earth, and the United States government as their leading nemesis. It is sad but true that most of our outer world leaders have sold out to Satan.
I am also enthralled by your description of where we go to at death. For years I have suspected the same thing but have never actually heard it voiced untill I read your book.

I find your description of the center of our galaxy very intriguing, and your geographical understanding of Hell very accurate. LOCATION is so important in the clear understanding of any concept. May I add that the actual dividing line between Hell and Eden-Paradise is the central gravity sphere deep within the earth's shell, and that the interior of the earth's shell in general is popularly referred to as Middle Earth. As you know, it is here, in the first few hundred miles beneath and above our outer surface where the powers of evil have made their home, and where poor humanity is trapped. Happily, I know that these evil beings will one day soon be removed or relocated so that humanity can finally flourish to its glorious potential, unimpeded.

I am wating anxiously for that day when I will be strolling through Eden once again with not a worry in the world.

Note: There are two important authors or books I have not seen mentioned in your book.

One is Theodore Fitch, who has written extensively on the bible and the hollow earth. His classic "A Mansion is Built For You in Paradise" is available at Health Research Books.

The other is a book called "The Hollow Earth" by Rudy Rucker, which describes an amazing journey to the south polar entrance and into the hollow earth, and gives a fascinating description of the inner sun.

If you have not read them I urge you to do so.

see you in Eden,

Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 11:37:59 -0600
From: Jack
To: Rodney Cluff



Note: I DO give full credit to Admiral Byrd in my ebook.

-- Rod

From: Jan Lamprecht
Delivered-To: mailing list
Subject: [HollowPlanets] Very Weird - Scientist cools meltdown theory

Hi Everyone,

Lee sent me this. Now this is really weird. The problem: No Ice at the North Pole. So some, like myself, immediately thought: No problem - Global Warming. But check this article below. An
Australian scientist makes a (seemingly valid point), that Global Warming cannot be the cause of melted ice at the North Pole.  OK, so what then? Now I'm just thinking... Firstly - is he right?
He makes a good point don't you think?

If he's right, then what's causing this? In my book I mentioned the old problem of polyanas - huge stretches of melted ice in the polar regions. No one really knows where they come from.

But some time back we discussed whether the El Nino is caused by LAVA or HOT WATER pouring out of the Pacific sea bed - by way of seismic activity...

In my book I had written about Commander Peary's observation that a vast cloud of VOLCANIC ASH had fallen in Greenland in the 1890's. Peary believed there was an UNDISCOVERED VOLCANO up in the Arctic seas north of Alaska.

Later, in 1923, Lt Cmdr Green said there was a volcanic island up there, and he said it lay on a fault line.

Now let me tell you something interesting. I was chatting to a seismologist about two weeks ago. I actually followed up on Green's fault line theory. Now if you look at any seismic map of the
world you'll see lots of faults running along Asia and Alaska. Now Green said there was a fault-line running from the Bering Strait (Alaska), up to the North Pole, across it, and to Iceland. This was
in the 1920's. Green said that "Crocker Land" would be SEISMICALLY ACTIVE... (just like Iceland is - and that it would fall on the same fault line as Iceland)...

WHen I asked a seismologist for details of seismic activity in the Arctic, he gave me a map which showed minor quakes EVERYWHERE - EXCEPT for a huge BLANK SPACE in exactly the area where Crocker Land should be. There was minor seismic activity EVERYWHERE in the Arctic, Canada, Russia, etc - but the area in question was a COMPLETE BLANK. Furthermore, the fault line from Iceland went to the North Pole (as Green had said in the 1920's), but from there it went into North Russia (instead of to the Bering Strait where logic dictates it should go). Now I looked at all my text books on seismology and there are no major fault lines in north of Russia. The line from the North Pole to Russia doesn't make sense. Could it be that the line from the North Pole to the Bering strait lies in a CLASSIFIED zone?

Consider the mystery of the Polyanas... Why do large areas of ice melt in the Arctic? Could it be that the real reason for Polyanas is SEISMIC ACTIVITY which is occurring north of Alaska but which is classified?

Green went so far as to say that Crocker Land would be ringed by huge mountains (which he said he saw), which were caused by this seismic activity. He said too that the island would be covered in a permanent fog by the geysers and geothermal heat coming up from the island.

Now think about this. Could this be the real explanation behind Polyanas? Could this be the real reason why the ice has now melted at the North Pole? Could it be that ABNORMAL seismic activity is present in the Arctic and that is what is causing the ice at the North Pole to melt?

Now I'm really curious...


> l
> Scientist cools meltdown theory
> 22aug00
> Global warming was unlikely to be a principal cause of the melting of
> the North Pole, an Australian scientist said yesterday.
> "Global warming and the atmosphere - that's probably the least
> important,"  said Ian Allison, a glaciologist at the Australian Antarctic
> Division, based in Hobart.
> Dr Allison said factors such as ocean temperature and currents
> would have a greater effect on melting the ice cap around the North
> Pole than global warming.
> Ice at the North Pole has turned into a 1.6km-wide ocean. The
> melting came to light after a luxury cruise liner had been unable to
> allow its passengers to disembark at the North Pole and have their
> photos taken because there was no ice to stand on and the nearest
> solid ice had been 10km away.
> Studies show that the polar ice sheet and Greenland ice sheet are
> reducing, and some projections indicate that the polar ice cap will
> disappear by the end of the 21st century.
> Scientific records of the depth of the ice sheet have come from an
> unexpected source - submarines that have prowled the Arctic since
> the cold war. US, British and Russian submarines had monitored the
> ice thickness - its draft - with their sonars.
> Dr Allison said the lack of ice at the pole - even at the height of
> summer - was highly unusual.
> But he said even if global warming had caused a rise in air
> temperature from, for example, minus 20C to minus 10C, it was still
> not going to melt a great deal of ice.
> Transpolar drift can pack the Arctic ice sheet into ridges up to 20m
> thick that gradually disperse over a large area.
> The transpolar drift occurs when warmer water from the North Pacific
> Ocean pushes up the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia and
> propels ice down the coast of Greenland.
> A cyclonic circular current north of Canada packs ice against that
> mainland and islands.
> A great influx of water from the Pacific Ocean would affect the ice
> sheet because the ocean was warmer than the North Atlantic.
> And just as El Nino and La Nina affect Australia, the North Atlantic
> oscillation produces a change in pressure that affects ocean
> currents.
> Dr Allison said scientists had not detected similar melting at
> Antarctica.
> "There's no evidence that something's happening in Antarctica, but
> only because we don't have a long history of observation," he said.

What about Bunger's Oasis? Consider this image of Antarctica
of 84.4 S Lat, 141 W Lon, from The Living Earth Website:
Isn't that a polyana in the ice continent near the top of the image. And
it's pretty big. --Rod

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> From: Jan Lamprecht 
> Sent: 07 September 2000 07:04
> To: Prophecy
> Subject: [HollowPlanetsUpdates] Important: The Tampered Arctic Diaries? 
> Hi Everyone,
> Just a note. I've been pondering the problem of polyanas, fault-
> lines, Green-house effect, etc.
> While in the middle of this, I happened to converse with a fellow
> whose done a lot of Arctic travelling - been up to Alaska, Canada
> and even the North Pole several times. He concurred with what the
> Australian scientist said, and added observations of his own.
> However, he launched a tirade of attacks against Lt Cmdr Green,
> US Navy, who said he saw Crocker Land. (Green, as you will
> remember, murdered the eskimo, and nobody knows why. The
> Government of Denmark apparently went ballistic over the incident
> demanding to know why). The excuse given by MacMillan and
> Green is pretty lame - so I feel there's more to it than meets the
> eye. I think Green shot the eskimo for a good reason. I think the
> Eskimo saw "something" and went crazy. I think Green shot him
> before he spread panic to the other eskimos in the Crocker Land
> expedition. But what did the eskimo see? (A UFO maybe?)
> And this brings me to a curious fact which seems to defy
> coincidence. Green wrote articles for Popular Science, about
> Crocker Land and mentioned that he'd seen it. Green was with
> Capt. MacMillan at the time (1914). I have MacMillan's book (1918)
> which has a beautiful description of the hills and valleys of Crocker
> Land.
> Now, here's the kicker. According to this guy I was chatting to,
> whose extremely knowledgeable about the Arctic, he has Green's
> Diary, and for the day(s) in question, there ARE NO ENTRIES for
> anything to do with Crocker Land.
> Strange? But not as strange as this: I know for a fact, that on the
> DAY(S) when Peary said he saw Crocker Land - you will also NOT
> have vouched for this.
> So all these Polar Scholars say: Peary is a liar, Green is a liar
> (just as they've been saying Cook is a liar).
> But wait! I have seen newspaper articles - Dr Gohnert and I were in
> the basement of one of Wits University's libraries and we saw a
> detailed article from the early 1900's where Peary spoke at length
> about the REALITY of Crocker Land.
> I have Capt MacMillan's 1918 book with a very detailed description
> of the amazing Crocker Land.
> Is MacMillan ALSO a liar?
> What of Cook? Cook took photographs of the outlying hills of
> Bradley land - and his photos were sitting in the Library of
> Congress in the USA - and then, THEY DISAPPEARED.... Who
> took them?
> Well, let me tell you something else. The Peary Club's records
> were CLOSED for 75 years. They were only reopened just over a
> decade ago.
> So I'm sitting back and thinking how these Arctic explorers have
> ALL been made out to be LIARS, and how strange things
> happened to Cook, and to Cook's photographs, and to Peary's
> testimony, and to Green's testimony, and so forth.
> You know what? I think the same people who STOLE Cook's
> photographs from the Library of Congress, may be the same
> people who possibly TAMPERED WITH PEARY'S DIARY and
> GREEN'S DIARY. Both of them were Naval Officers remember.
> I'm starting to wonder what happened to those diaries and the
> Peary records during the years they were closed. How do you
> know that someone has not gone back and rewritten a bit of Arctic
> history so to speak?
> I have made the case that Dr Cook was framed, and it was
> apparent to me that a smear campaign was aimed at Peary, but
> now, Green also must be sucked into it. Now if everyone is to be
> made out to be a liar, then it follows that before long, MacMillan
> (who BTW, later became an ADMIRAL - just like Peary), must also
> then be smeared. Eventually, in order to keep the whole Crocker
> Land thing a secret, EVERYONE relating to it must be smeared.
> Funny. The greatest Arctic explorers in history all have to be made
> out to be COMPLETE LIARS, or else, people will realise that they
> all saw something which I say, must remain, to this day, as
> CLASSIFIED - and that is: Crocker & Bradley Lands...
> One further area of study worth keeping an eye on, is polyanas, the
> large-scale melting of ice in the polar sea. This may well be related
> to the existence of Crocker & Bradley Lands, AND even to the
> FAULT LINE - which Green said existed there. (BTW, Green was
> the PHYSICIST on the Crocker Land expedition and had a
> MASTER'S DEGREE IN SCIENCE - he was no idiot). Already, in
> the past few days, as I perused a National Geographic from the
> 1990's, I saw that one polyana was seen, in the region which
> interests me.
> There must be OTHER weather effects which are not being
> reported as well, which all relate to this island, volcanic activity and
> the fault line. (e.g. like Peary's 1892 observation of volcanic ash
> falling in Greenland. Too bad we don't know the prevailing winds at
> the time).
> In this regard, not enough is being said about the high sulphur
> content of the air north of Alaska - sulphur comes from volcanic
> activity... and there is lots of it in the air up there. Now that would
> be something fantastic if one could measure sulphur content in the
> air. That could lead you DIRECTLY to the island...
> It seems as if viewing conditions in this region are very poor
> because of all these natural phenomena which may be obscuring
> the existence of this island.
> If any of you see any articles of interest, *PLEASE* forward it to
> me. I want to keep my ears to the ground.
> But the thing which really hit me like a sledge-hammer today, was
> the possibility, that the DIARIES, of TOP NOTCH Arctic explorers
> MUST have been tampered with - I would assume by CIA/NSA
> types. This must be the case. For example, how else can we
> explain the disappearance of KEY PHOTOGRAPHS from the Cook
> Collection in the Library of Congress? Oh please!? Surely, only
> Govt Officials could walk in and remove it with blessings from on
> high as part of NATIONAL SECURITY. Why was this theft never
> reported? Why didn't it make media headlines? Surely, with the
> technology of this last century, going to a diary and maybe
> replacing ONE PAGE, can be done? If they can put men on the
> moon then I'll bet they have the technology to fake a couple of
> pages in a diary.
> In this regard, and I need to check some more, do you know, that
> some of these very important diaries, like that of Peary CONTAIN
> Do you know, that Peary's diary, WHILE HE WAS AT THE NORTH
> The man has reached his life-time's goal, he sits there for more
> than a day and - HE WRITES NOTHING....
> OR: Were these diaries tampered with and "blanked out/censored"
> by the CIA/NSA to remove evidence which would suggest that
> Crocker and Bradley Lands (and maybe other people) existed up
> there? How much else has then been removed from Arctic diaries?
> I am very curious now. Even a review of BLANK PAGES, could
> itself become a most interesting pass-time, since one would know
> WHERE they were at the time they "stopped writing" (were
> censored), and that alone, could be KEY in indentifying areas
> worth visiting and investigating.
> Folks, I don't think anyone has ever advanced the theory before
> that Polar Diaries have been tampered with by Government Agents
> but as I ponder this, I'm saying to you, this MUST be the case.
> And of course, if that is so, then I want to try to lay my hands on
> the diaries of these people.
> There is something very very strange, going on there...
> Its on days like this that I get sick and tired of listening to 2nd-hand
> and 3rd-hand accounts of the Arctic sea north of Alaska. Man, if I
> had the money I'd be there in a FLASH. I'm telling you, there's
> more than enough evidence here to justify mounting a good
> expedition and do some serious flying covering several thousand
> miles of the Arctic. With the kinds of planes around these days I
> say that within a few weeks a person could solve these damned
> mysteries for once and for all. I say there's something out there,
> exactly where I mapped it in my book. EXACTLY THERE... and it
> must be bloody AWESOME...

Date: 24 Sep 1999 11:53:57 -0700
From: Rodney Cluff
Subject: Re: [HollowEarth] - New Scientist Planet Science The planet thathums
Reply-To: Steve


This earth "hum" is similar to the trembling of a soap bubble. It is interesting that in this article in New Scientist, the researchers found that the period of vibrations in this "hum" has a duration of 54 minutes -- the very same period of any large earthquake, which scientists say the earth vibrates like a bell (which, by the way, is also hollow). If the earth trembles like a soap bubble, which is hollow, or vibrates like a bell, which is hollow, this indicates strongly to me that the earth is also hollow.

Good article! Thanks for sharing it with us.


On Fri, 10 September 1999, "Steve Oldham" wrote:
Hi all, I found this article concerning the earth's hum and thought it might be of interest. It mentions how an earthquake or a nuclear test can set the earth to ringing like a bell. What's your take on this?


From: Jan Lamprecht
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:10:41 +0200
Subject: [HollowEarth] - NEXUS Review of Hollow Planets....

Hi All,

I received an e-mail from Duncan Roads the editor and owner of NEXUS magazine in Australia. He informed me that his copy of "Hollow Planets" has arrived and they will be doing a review of it in the
December/January issue of the magazine.

Other reviews which are in the pipe-line are:-
* New Dawn magazine (Australia)
* Dr J. Gill (USA) (Los Angeles Times & other publications)
(Note: Dr Gill is a former professor of geology)
* Fate magazine (USA)
* The Star newspaper (South Africa)

Duncan Roads has had an interest in my research and book for a very long time and I'm looking forward to seeing a review coming from NEXUS.
RE: Other Book Reviews...
At this time I have not really had much of a chance
to push the book-reviews side so this is just a
small tentative stab.

"Miranda, Rafael"
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 02:43:33 -0500
RE: [HollowEarth] - Yet another question

On a note of interest you might want to read "Worlds in Collision" by
Alexander Velikovski. It is a physics-history book explaining his theory
that the earth's magnetic poles have shifted in the past. He wrote the book around the 1950's 1960's or 1970's ( I do not remember exactly). He used a lot of historical records and physics to show his theory.
He was ridiculed in all his theories and yet he was never proven wrong. He predicted the Van Alen Belt around the earth and yet they do not have his name.

The physics of his time went so far as to threaten the publisher of his book that if the book was published they would cancel the million dollar
contracts for the physics textbooks the publisher was going to publish. He had to use a different publisher with no scientific line whatsoever just to publish the book.

A physicist who was assigned to criticize his book never read the book! It was a butcher job!

Look at the problem Galileo had with his theory. Every time a new idea has come forth it has always been fought savagely by the so called "experts" of the time.

Any profession gets very agitated when someone comes along and tells them that they are wrong.

Christopher Columbus was scoffed and laughed out of every European court for his request to get a ship to travel and see if the earth was really round. If he had not convinced queen Isabelle of Spain to pawn her jewels for the expedition he could probably never have gotten the ship!

This idea of the hollow earth will be fought and ridiculed by every so
called "expert" and we must not expect any sympathy from the scientific community.

It is not just a matter of been right and been able to prove it. It is a
matter of getting someone to listen in the first place!

Well, that I hope explains why the physicists "say" that the earth cannot be hollow.


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From: Rodney Cluff
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Subject: Re: [HollowEarth] - Yet another question
On Fri, 18 June 1999, John E . Rael III wrote:
"Why can't the earth be hollow?" That is, why does science say it is not hollow? What does physics have against the hollow earth theory?
Good question again. I would say the main reason orthodox science rejects  the hollow earth comes from the Cavendish gravitation constant and their Gravitation formula which gives an average earth density of 5.5 gm/cc.

But actually, if you really look at it, the Newtonian mass and density of
the earth does NOT actually exclude the possibility that the earth is
Since on average, earth surface rocks are 2.7 gm/cc (water is 1 gm/cc), then if the earth's overall average density is 5.5, then the interior of the earth would have to be at least as dense as steel (8 gm/cc). For example, 8.3 + 2.7 / 2 = 5.5. If the earth were full of water (no land), then the earth would have a density of 1. If it had the density of surface rocks, it would be 2.7. Therefore, if the earth has a density of
5.5, then the interior HAS to contain more dense material.

The math for determining the orthodox density of the earth is the following:

In determining the mass of the earth, Newtonians assume that the momentum of a small mass accelerating towards the earth near its surface is equal to the earth's gravitational force acting on that small mass:

F = m * a The Momentum Formula (Newton's Second Law)
F = GmM/R^2 The Newtonian Gravitation Formula
m * a = GmM/R^2
Solving for a, the mass m's cancel out,
a = GM/R^2
We can now solve for M, the mass of earth,
M = a * R^2 /G
using the Newtonian Gravitational Constant,
980.665 * 4.0678884 x 10^17 / 6.67259 x 10^-8
= 5.978541732 x 10^27 gms The Newtonian mass of the Earth
From the Density formula
D = M/V
we obtain the Newtonian density of the earth.
From the volume of a sphere formula,
V = PiD^3/6
The volume of the earth is 1.082 * 10^27 cc.
The Newtonian density of the earth then is:
5.978541732 x 10^27 gms / 1.082 * 10^27 cc
= 5.525 gm/cc
Now you may say that perhaps all this mass is located in an 800 mile thick shell. Ok. But what average density would that give the earth's shell?

We can calculate this.
Assuming the thickness of earth's shell at 800 mi or 1,287.48 km,
Diameter of Earth's hollow: Thickness of Earth's shell x 2 - Diameter of
800 mi x 2 - 8000 = 6400 mi
1,287.48 km x 2 - 12,756 = 10,181 km Or 1.018104445 x 10^9 cm
Volume of Hollow:
3.14159265 x (1.018104445 x10^9)^3/6
= 5.525551394 x 10^26 cc
Volume of Earth - Volume of Hollow = Volume of Shell:
1.086781293 x 10^27 cc - 5.525551394 x 10^26 cc
= 5.342261531 x 10^26
Density of Shell = Mass of Earth/Volume of Shell:
5.978541732 x 10^27 gms/5.342261531 x 10^26 cc
= 11.19 gm/cc
This assumes that most of the earth's mass is located in its shell. As
you can see, Newtonian physics would require an average shell density almost as dense as lead (11.3). As since surface rocks are 2.7, then the interior of the shell would have to be greater than the average density.

The interior density using the Newtonian mass of the earth requires than the interior of the shell would have a density of

2 * 11.19 - 2.7 = 19.68,

which is denser than gold (19.3).
Now you could say that this density could be in the realm of possibility.
After all, the earth DOES ring like a bell after a rather large earthquake. A bell is hollow and is made of metal.
You may say that the interior sun certainly contains some of the mass of the earth which could lower the density of the shell. But an interior sun of the frequently estimated diameter of 600 miles would contain very little of the mass of the earth.
Assuming the interior sun has a density of glass which I claim all stars
are actually crystals instead of burning gas, it's mass would be only
.0065% of the mass of the Newtonian mass of the earth.
V = pi D^3 / 6
(600 mi * 1.60934722 km * 100,000 cm) ^3 / 6
= 1.500554464 x 10^23 cc Volume of inner sun
Density = Mass / Volume
Mass = Volume * Density
= 3.901441607 x 10^23 gms
divided by mass of earth of 5.978541732 x 10^27 gms
= .000065257 * 100 = .0065%
If the interior sun is composed of gas as orthodox science maintains stars consist of, then that percentage would be much less. So by far, most of a hollow earth's mass would be located in its shell.

Another possibility, you may say, is that the earth's shell is thicker giving a lower average density. This also, could be a possibility. Some method of determining the shell's thickness needs to be devised. This could easily be determined by entering the hollow of the earth through a polar opening and bouncing radar waves off the opposite side of the hollow interior.

In all, actually, I see nothing in the Newtonian mass of the earth that would completely exclude the earth from being hollow. Earthquake waves have been noticed to bend as they descend into the earth causing them to curve back up to the surface before hitting the discontinuity inside the earth scientists claim is the outer core. This indicates the earth does increase in density with depth which is consistent with a hollow shell using the Newtonian mass of the earth. In fact, if the earth is hollow and the Newtonian mass of the earth requiring an increased density with depth is correct, then that in itself would exclude their claim to a molten interior. That discontinuity inside the earth could be the inner surface.

Fri, 25 Jun 1999 17:30:46 +0200
R: [HollowEarth] - Yet another question

Rafael Miranda wrote:

This idea of the hollow earth will be fought and ridiculed by every so
called "expert" and we must not expect any sympathy from the scientific community.

Generally speaking this is true, but Velikovski, Galileo, Tesla, Reich
were scientists. One thing is the scientific establishment, other thing is
the scientific people. There are many open-minded scientists but you need to present scientific facts.

It is not just a matter of been right and been able to prove it. It is a
matter of getting someone to listen in the first place!

The first point is to be able to present scientific facts and theories.

Well, that I hope explains why the physicists "say" that the earth cannot
be hollow.

No, the point is that the accepted laws of gravitation say that is NOT
possible for the Earth to be hollow with a central sun.

The Hollow-Earth/Central-Sun theory would require the characterization and the demonstration of a completely new physics working inside planets.

This is what you need in the fist place! Or, since the Earth is concerned, simply find the polar openings and videotape the central sun.


From:  Ibesis
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:09:18 +0200
Re: [HollowEarth] - another question

Ibesis wrote:

I have a question about this theory of gravitation....In the case of the
gravity on the outside of our planet, is it not obtained through the fact
that there is an atmosphere?

Air pressure is the force exerted on you by the weight of tiny particles of air. Earth's atmosphere is pressing against each square inch of you with a force of 1 kilogram per square centimeter. But air pressure is all around us and since the momentum of the molecules is randomly distributed in space, the resultant force due to pressure is zero. For instance, a thin flat plate in air will experience a zero resultant force due to air pressure since the forces due to pressure on its two sides have the same magnitude and they point in opposite directions. We say that pressure is isotropic meaning equal in all directions.

Would the same not apply inside the sphere as well?

Air pressure applied to hold things in place?

Consider the Space Shuttle habitat as the inner Earth, an astronaut as its inhabitant and observe what happens. The air pressure inside the Shuttle is maintained near to the Earth value, but you will see the astronaut (or the inner Earth inhabitant) floating without weight. Air pressure does not hold things in place.


From: Rodney Cluff
Reply-To: Andrew
16 Jun 1999 11:25:25 -0700
Re: [HollowEarth] - have you considered?


If my may input my two bits here. If the earth was molten OR gas when formed in rotation, centrifugal force and gravity would cause it to form into a toroid, a flat spinning disk. It would look somewhat like the hollow ring nebulas seen in outer space, which have a central star, a space surrounding the star (which corresponds the hollow in the earth) and the rest of the matter surrounding that.

Central to planet origination theory must be the central sun around which other matter rotates. The reason the orbiting matter forms a spherical planet instead of a disk like the rings of Saturn, is because the earth has a spiritual foundation, an etheric hollow planet upon which the dust and rocks of space have accumulated.

In forming the earth, physical matter was controlled and governed by spirit matter. Therefore, a hollow spirit world with a central paradise-sun was organized from spirit matter upon which the physical matter was superimposed. So explained the guide to I-AM-THE-MAN in Lloyd's ETIDORPHA: "Matter has no strength, matter obeys spirit, and spirit dominates all things material. Energy in some form holds particles of matter together, and energy in other forms loosens them...The spirit that pervades all material things gives to them form and existence. Take from your earth its vital spirit, the energy that subjects matter, and your so-called adamantine rocks would disintegrate, and sift as dust into the interstices of space." (ETIDORPHA, p. 253)

This, in fact, will occur at the end of the earth's temporal existence when it will die. With it's spirit taken out, the earth will disintegrate and then be brought forth in its final resurrected status by Jesus Christ, the Creator.

In a revelation to the prophet Joseph Smith, in 1832, concerning this earth, Christ said, "...wherefore, it shall be sanctified; yea, notwithstanding IT SHALL DIE, IT SHALL BE QUICKENED AGAIN, and shall abide the power by which it is quickened, and the righteous shall inherit it." (D&C 88:26)

It is the earth's spirit which holds it together. And upon which the physical earth was founded. The guide in ETIDORPHA, explained,

"The earth forming principle consists of an invisible sphere of energy that, spinning through space, supports the space dust which collects on it, as dust on a bubble. By gradual accumulation of substance on that sphere a hollow ball has resulted, on the outer surface of which you have hither to dwelt. The crust of the earth is comparatively thin, not more than eight hundred miles in average thickness, and is held in position by the central sphere of energy (center of gravity, or central
sphere of gravity) that now exists at a distance about seven hundred miles beneath the ocean level." (ETIDORPHA, p. 193)

For more on this see my web page at,
The earth was not formed either as a gas or molten material. It was formed from metallic space dust as it accumulated on the spiritual bubble of the earth's spirit world. When water was later added, chemical reactions such as when water is added to sodium, phosphorus and sulfur spontaneously ignite causing volcanic action, and still does today when gravitational interactions of the planets and sun open up cracks and crevasses into which water can seep down into pure deposits of original space metals. Then you have a volcanic reaction. There has never been a "molten" interior as orthodox science maintains.

The Inner earth guide in ETIDORPHA explained the cause of volcanoes and earthquakes as related to the caverns: "If men were far enough along in their thought journey..., they would avoid such theories as that which ascribes a molten interior to the earth.

Volcanoes are superficial. They are as a rule, when in activity but little blisters or excoriations upon the surface of the earth, although their underground connections may be extensive.

Some of them are in a continual fret with frequent eruptions, others, like the one under consideration, (Mount Epomeo, Italy) awaken only after great periods of time. The entire surface of this globe has been or will be subject to volcanic action. The phenomenon is one of the steps in the world-making, matter-leveling process. When the deposit of substances that I have indicated, and of which much of the earth's interior is composed, the bases of salt, potash, and lime and clay is exhausted, there will be no further volcanic action from this cause, and in some places, this deposit has already disappeared, or is covered deeply by layers of earth that serve as a protection."

"Is water, then, the universal cause of volcanoes?"

"Water and air together cause most of them. The action of water and its vapor produces from metallic space dust, limestone, and clay soil, potash and soda salts. This perfectly rational and natural action must continue as long as there is water above, and free elementary bases in contact with the earth bubbles.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, geysers, mud springs, and hot springs, are the natural result of that reaction. Mountains are thereby forming by upheavals from beneath, and the corresponding surface valleys are consequently filling up, either by the slow deposit of the matter from the saline water of hot springs, or by the sudden eruption of a new or presumably extinct volcano."

"What would happen if a crevice in the bottom of the ocean should conduct the waters of the ocean into a deposit of metallic bases?"

"That often occurs," was the reply; "a volcanic wave results, and a volcano may thus rise from the ocean's depths."

"Is there any danger to the earth itself? May it not be riven into fragments from such a convulsion?" I hesitatingly questioned.

"No; while the configuration of continents is continually being altered, each disturbance must be practically superficial, and of limited area."

"But," I persisted, "the rigid, solid earth may be blown to fragments; in such convulsions a result like that seems not impossible."

"You argue from an erroneous hypothesis. The earth is neither rigid nor solid."

(ETIDORPHA p. 192-194)


On Mon, 14 June 1999, "Steve Wingate" wrote:

On 15 Jun 99, at 3:10, Andrew Hennessey wrote:
hi, Jan and all,
I have a theory that centrifugal force is the mechanics with which hollow
planets are formed. The molten planet is spinning in some gravitational
relationship with the sun, and the outer surface cools, but the molten
inner core is still spinning, and the torque creates a hole in the North
and South poles.
Since a planet starts out as a ball of gas and dust which condenses due to the force of gravity, then the question is, what force wins out: the force of  gravity or the force centrifugal force? Will it become a torroid or a sphere?

I believe it depends on the mass and composition of the planet, and the rate of spin. But it certain that as a planet condenses it spins faster, just as a ballerina spins faster as she pulls her hands and legs toward the center of gravity.
Steve Wingate

California Director

From: Rodney Cluff
To:  Steve
16 Jun 1999 10:53:17 -0700
Re: [HollowEarth] - another question

Haaal is right about present theory claiming everywhere inside a hollow planet would be NO gravity. I have a FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS by David Halliday and Robert Resnick, 1988 which says on page 337, regarding what they call the "Shell Theorem," A theorem related to the Shell theorem I quote, "A uniform shell of matter exerts NO gravitational force of a particle located inside it."

I agree with you that hollow planets theory of gravity does not agree with this.

Any people on the interior of the earth, according to orthodox gravity theory, would be WEIGHTLESS and floating around. If our theories about the hollow earth, however, are true, that the interior earth inhabitants have their feet firmly planted on the inner surface, this means, that orthodox gravity theory must be revised. One or the other must be wrong. If we prove planets are hollow, gravity theory will HAVE to be revised. Perhaps this would lead to gravity control, and gravity
control will lead to free energy for all. Maybe here is another reason the hollow earth is still World Top Secret!


On Tue, 15 June 1999, "Steve Wingate" wrote:

On 15 Jun 99, at 11:41, wrote:
It is correct. According to actual physics, everywhere inside a perfect
spheric planet with a hollow shell there will be NO gravity. Everything
inside this hollow planet would be weightless.
Absolutely not! An object resting on one of the sides of the inside of a
hollow sphere will experience a greater gravitational attraction from the
mass of the closest to it, causing an attraction toward the outside of the sphere.

The confusion you are having is because in a faraday cage such as a
hollow metallic sphere, an object is not affected by an electric or
electromagnetic signal because of the conductive nature of the metal that is surrounding the object. This has nothing to do with gravity.

I suggest you consult with a physics professor if you do not believe that
what I am saying is correct. Or just think about it for a while.

From: Rodney Cluff
06 Jun 1999 08:37:31 PDT
To: John
Re: [HollowEarth] - Hollow earth question


There definitely has to be a reason why our government is keeping it's knowledge of the polar openings a secret. I have a friend whose brother-in-law was stationed in Alaska at a military base. While there, he happened to learn about the hollow earth theory and began to talk to all his buddies about it. This is was when he was called in by the base commander and asked to shut up about the hollow earth.
The commander said, "Do you want to destroy all that we have been working for?"

So you may ask who is our military working for? Well, the top echelon of the military is appointed to their posts from the top down. If the President is a New World order type, then he appoints those in command beneath him from the same New World order types. So these positions are given to those most congenial to the New World
Order, United Nations, Internationalists point of view. Their goal is to dominate the world with their "order," which to us common folk is really disorder, because they love war and anything crisis that gives them an excuse to consolidate power.

They obviously would not like us would be slaves to discover a peace-loving, liberty promoting peoples that inhabit the inner earth and make friends with them. That would be an impediment to their New World order in which they are striving to make us all complete slaves, ready to bid their will at their command.

But for us peace loving common folk, that love liberty, we MUST make contact with the hollow earth inhabitants, precisely so we can weaken the New World Order's hold upon us. This WILL happen, whether they want it to happen or not. Peace will prevail in the end, and the New World Order bunch will go the way of the doh-doh. Even if they take many of us with them as they go down, we must NOT give up!

Complete slavery is no option.

This is my opinion. I don't think there is so much of a conspiracy theory as a fact. For years the John Birch Society told us about the New World Order conspiracy, but now it is out in the open and even they now tout their New World Order openly.


On Sun, 06 June 1999, John E . Rael III wrote:

From: "Haal" 
Reply-To: Hollow Earth List
Subject: [HollowEarth] - 3-D views of moon's poles
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 16:02:09 +0200
Cornell release, Radar images included
If this doesn't close the hole in the moon debate on this list, I have much worry for whoever still proposes it.

I still have a question about the hollow earth that has yet been answered to my satisfaction. 'If there is a hole in the north and south pole, why would our government keep it secret?' And please don't answer this with another conspiracy, like "they keep it secret because that's where they do all of their 'black budget' work". Can anyone give me a legitimate reason as to why the government would not tell us about this. Also don't tell me it's because they do not know. If there are holes, our government surely knows. This is what has always frustrated me in my research and lectures; No matter how you look at it this is a conspiracy theory. The reason that it has to be a conspiracy theory (no matter how much science is thrown into the bunch) is very simple. If there are holes that then automatically means that our government knows about it, which means that they are lying to us because they say that there are no holes, which ultimately makes this a conspiracy theory. Kind of ironic huh! This is also an irony in another sense. If there is a hole in the north and south poles then that means that our government knows about it, which means that they are lying to us, which also means that they do not want us to know (sorry for being redundant, I have a point), Which means that if Jan is on to something then they will try to stop him.

Your skeptical researcher,
John E. Rael III

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