Passport to Eternity

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by Laurence W. Foreman the author of Passport to Eternity, 1970

Laurence W. Foreman

Born March 27, 1908, Midland, Texas, United States
Lived at:  16555 Bernardo Oaks Dr, San Diego, CA, 92128-2834 (1986)
Died February 4, 1998 at Poway, San Diego County, California, United States of America and buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, United States of America S.S. # 559 05 9019

by Rodney M. Cluff

There are several things in this book by Larry that convinced me that the space people Larry met out in the desert near Los Angeles, California, are actually from our hollow earth.


What led me to start accepting this story as perhaps true was when I read that Bill, the spaceship captain explained to Larry what causes cancer. He said it is a plant, and the reason people get cancer from smoking cigarettes was not from nicotine, or the tar in the smoke, but from the tobacco companies not being clean enough in their operations to keep mold out of the tobacco as it cures. He said that the plant or fungus that causes cancer is like mistletoe that assumes the same structure as the plant that it grows on. And that cancer can easily be cured with any plant dye, or with iodine that kills fungus. This struck a cord with me, because several years before I had learned from my sister about Dr. Hulda Clark, a naturopathic scientist, who claimed that cancer was some type of infection that she was able to cure with the hull of the black walnut, which is a plant dye. Then later Dr. Simoncini of Italy, discovered that cancer is a fungus that he cures with ordinary baking soda. Now this theory, that cancer is a fungus and is actually a plant infecting people is something that only in the past couple of decades has been suggested as the cause of cancer, when most of the world still believes cancer is a cell in the body that suddenly goes berserk and starts multiplying uncontrollably.


Larry said the flying saucer people he met said their native language is Sanskrit. That is the same language that Olaf Jansen reported the people of the hollow earth he met in his two and half years living among them said their language was - Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of Earth arising out of the original common root language originating in the middle east after Noah's Ark settled on the mountains of Ararat.  One of the characteristics of the language are its use of very long names, which characteristic has survived down into the modern era after its migration into India from Iran.  The names of the flying saucer men were so long and hard to pronuounce that they all adopted short English names for their use while interacting with Larry.  The Captain of the spaceship was "Bill," the cook was "Joe," who also kept watch in the top level control room while the flying saucer men were out and about in the desert.  Bill's wife back home was "Mary," and the ship's doctor was "Bob," which was also the name of Larry's doctor back in Los Angeles.  When Larry was invited to meet in the box canyon near Socorro, New Mexico to see their fleet of flying saucers and meet their men, the captain of the fleet was called, "Lee."  Larry was introduced to the men of all 21 flying saucers, and got into a conversation with "Al," who was in charge of patrolling Latin America, and had a Spanish accent from listening to their radio and TV communications for the past 4,000 years.  Al confirmed to Larry that the builders of the ancient American pyramids used anti-gravity to move their large stone building blocks.  On the second meeting with the fleet in New Mexico, Larry met their Supreme Judge, called, "John."


Bill, the spaceship captain said that they were related to us, that we and they are of the same stock. Since evidence indicates, as documented in my ebook, that the people of the hollow earth are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Lost Viking colony of Greenland, and Germans who escaped there after World War II, then yes, they are related to us.


Bill told Larry that we are on a prison planet living out a prison sentence. From the Bible and the Lost Books of the Bible we learn that our first parents were expelled from their first home in the Garden of Eden, which Olaf Jansen discovered is located in our hollow earth, to outer earth. They were expelled from the presence of God for having broken a commandment God gave them not to partake of the forbidden fruit, which if they did, would cause them to die, to become mortal. But there was another effect of partaking the forbidden fruit -- it changed their bodies so they could have children. WE are their children. So, yes, we are on a prison planet serving out a sentence. The scriptures teach us that we are here on this earth to be tested, serving a life of probation. We can be brought back into the presence of God, by accepting as our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ that God our Father in Heaven has sent to save us, repenting of our sins, and obeying His commandments, which include being baptized by one having authority of God, and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, as Jesus taught the ancient Americans when he visited them after his resurrection in Jerusalem.


Bill and his people taught Larry that we humans have a veil placed over our minds, and that we, like, him, are from another world. That veil prevents us from remembering our pre-existent life with God, Our Eternal Father in his Heaven in His star-planet in the center of the Galaxy, which God revealed to the prophet Abraham has the name of Kolob. The veil placed over our minds at birth serves to place us in a state of probation, a test -- to see if we will, of our own free will and desire, listen to God's prophets, obey and work out our salvation from spiritual and temporal death by striving to return to Him -- by striving to be worthy to return home to that God that gave us life. Before this earth was created, there was a war in Heaven (the heaven of Kolob), where we lived with God, Our Heavenly Father, when it was proposed that we come to earth to receive our physical bodies. The war began when God accepted Jesus Christ's offer to be our savior, and rejected Lucifer's plan to save us all by force. One third of the hosts of Heaven sided with Lucifer and were cast out of the heaven of Kolob into the earth as spirits that will never receive physical bodies for failing to keep their first estate. The rest of us sided with Christ and Michael, who became Adam. So the fact that we have received physical bodies indicates we were faithful to God's plan in the pre-existent world. We were faithful there, but would we be faithful here? To test us, God placed a veil over our minds so we cannot recollect our faithfulness in Heaven. God will not force us to return to Him -- he wants us to decide on our own that we want to return -- by our actions in this life, by purifying our lives from all sin (the breaking of God's laws), which can be done only by accepting God's help, by living his commandments as revealed through his prophets and accepting his holy Spirit in our lives. The veil over our minds is lifted when we pass the test, and at death we return to our Savior in Paradise in the spirit world of this world, or at His Second Coming in the resurrection from the dead. The saucer people have the ability to lift the veil off our minds, and did so for Larry for a brief few hours. He said that it was like becoming alive from a half dead state of mind.


When asked where the space people came from, Larry was given coordinates that are inside our planet, on the southern half of their continent where their capital is located -- 800 miles beneath Jackson County, Missouri -- in the Garden of Eden. Olaf Jansen reported that the City of Eden is the capital city of the Hollow Earth people.


Another parallel is the fact that both the people of our hollow earth that Olaf Jansen lived with for two years and these space people that met Larry in the desert outside Los Angeles are both very musical. Olaf Jansen reported that the people of the hollow earth go to school for 30 years, 10 years of which is dedicated to the study of music. They have great palaces of music where choirs of a thousand voices meet to sing. Larry said that the people he met in their flying saucer played him a concert of music from many different eras of earth history on all kinds of instruments.


Another interesting tidbit in Larry's story of these space people, is the holographic image they are able to project to look like anything they wish. Bill discovered this one day that he was going to their meeting place in the desert. When he turned off the highway to go up the dry creek bed he always took to his camp in the desert, he found the space people had placed a holographic image of a bluff of rock. It looked exactly like rock, but he could drive his car right through it. This is similar to the stories of two other people that have been to our hollow earth. Dr. Hank Krastman says that when he was taken by the great-grandson of the Lost Dutchman to the hollow earth through an entrance in the Grand Canyon, the entrance was hidden by a holographic image of solid rock that made it look like the side of the canyon. Retired Col. Billie Woodard also told me, before I had told him about Dr. Hank Krastman, that he, Billie Woodard was taken by an Indian Elder to the Lost Dutchman mine cavern entrance in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, which entrance was also hidden by a holographic image of solid rock, like the canyon wall, but which they just walked right through it.


Another parallel from Larry's story, is when he asked the spaceship's cook, Joe, how he made such delicious meats. Joe explained that they had the technology to extract sap from trees and change it into blood to feed a few meat cells taken from selected animals to grow their meat. He explained that chlorophyll of plants is very similar to blood, the principal difference being that a blood cell has an atom of iron at it's center and chlorophyll has an atom of magnesium. So essentially, chlorophyll is the blood of plants. This indicates to me, given the description that Retired Col. Philip J. Corso explained in his book, The Day After Roswell, in which he says he saw the bodies of the crashed dead aliens from the flying saucer that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and which he also saw the autopsy reports on those bodies, that these little green men were chlorophyll based, that they did not have red blood like humans.

Bill Cooper in his book, Behold a Pale Horse, reported that classified documents he was privy to in the military reported that these aliens were chlorophyll based entities. Corso wrote in his book that the autopsy reports said their skin was canvas-like, that they absorbed their nutrients through their skin. They had no sexual organs, no digestive organs, no vocal cords, and only communicated with telepathy. That half their brains were human-like, the other half was integrated circuits, which leads me to believe these green little aliens are actually androids, robot-like creations, and most likely created by the inner earth peoples and sent out to our surface world to prevent us from blowing up the planet.

The places where flying saucers are sighted most frequently are up near the poles, at our nation's capitol, and at military bases with nuclear weapons. Bill told Larry that they have our earth under constant surveillance. That they don't contact us openly because our war-like nature would put them in danger of their lives. Perhaps, I conclude, this is why they send their androids to do the dangerous work. At the time of the Roswell flying saucer crash, the Roswell military base was the principal military base controlling and testing nuclear weapons. So it is logical that the hollow earth would send their flying saucers there to monitor our use of nuclear weapons. The night of the crash there was a lightning storm and that together with the high powered radar the base was using probably interfered with the saucer's navigation system causing it to crash.


Larry was told that the spacemen's "Project Milana" (similar to our word millennium) was to reunite us with them in their world which Bill said was at the center of the Universe where two planets share the same atmosphere. Consider that our "universe" is our world -- Earth -- and that our outer world shares the same atmosphere with their Inner World through the polar openings. Although Larry did not talk about it in his book, the shaft of light that emerges from the sun towards the earth on the cover of his book has a count down on it to the day when the earth will be struck by a solar flare and burns the surface of the planet - including all those not lifted up beginning sometime after October 2020 -- which is perhaps the reason the Lost Tribes living in our hollow earth, "they who are in the north countries," will return-- to save us from the burning, that is, those of us that are worthy to be saved. Larry was told that the flying saucer people are able to requisition enough flying saucer craft to evacuate the surface of our planet in ONE week -- and take us all home. And where is "home"? Home is where our ancestors came from, Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.
When will this occur?

The prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation from Jesus Christ (Doctrine & Covenants Section 77) that explains that the 7 seals in the Book of Revelation each represent 1,000 years of earth history. Biblical history goes back to 4,000 BC when Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden from the presence of God for having broken a commandment of God. The year 2000 marked 6,000 years from Adam's expulsion, and is the beginning of the 7th thousand years, or 7th seal of the Book of Revelation. Chapter 8 of the Book of Revelation says that there is a half hour of silence in Heaven on the opening of the 7th seal. See also, Doctrine & Covenants, Section 88. Elder Bruce R. McConkie, in his Millennial Messiah, (p. 382), indicates that the half hour of silence is according to God's time, in which one day is equal to 1,000 earth years. So a half hour of God's day is equal to 20.83 earth years. LDS Apostle Alvin R. Dyer, who served as a counselor to President David O. McKay, also calculated this half hour of silence in heaven to be about 20 years on Earth in his book, WHO AM I? (Loc. 5535) 

So counting from the year 2000, which is the opening of the 7th seal, 20.83 years would be the end of October in the year 2020 if counting from January 2000, and the end of January 2021, if counting from April 1, 2000. Most likely we should start the 20.83 year count from April 1, 2000, the beginning of the Hebrew year.  Which would put the sounding of the first trumpet at the end of January 2021.  This indicates that the sounding of the 7 trumpets in heaven will begin somewhere in this time period that will lead up to the earth being burned and cleansed from all unrighteousness.  If we estimate the time for each trumpet to sound as one year for each, that is seven years.  Then it takes 7 years (Ezequiel 39:9) for the people of Israel to clean up the destroyed army of Armageddon (Revelation 9:16) which attacks Israel in Palestine after the sounding of the 7th angel.  So that brings us to 2034 for the cleansing of the earth by fire.  (See my Last Days Timeline)

Another world-wide cataclysmic event happened at the time of Noah's flood, 2,344 B.C. where those that were saved in addition to the eight people saved on the Ark with Noah, were those that repented of their sins and were caught up LIVE into the heaven of this earth -- the Inner Sun -- to the City of Enoch. Noah's flood began on the second month, on the 17th day and by Halloween, all the people were dead. This is why we celebrate Halloween, in commemoration of our racial memory of a time when the human race died in a great cataclysm. Up until the Exodus of the House of Israel from Egypt, the first month of the year was our September.

Again, in America at the time of Christ's crucifixion, only those saved were those willing to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The scripture says that on the first month, on the 4th day, there arose a storm such as had never been known before. Cities caught on fire, some sank into the ocean, another was covered with a mountain, others wiped clean with whirlwinds. That day was the day Christ died on the cross in Jerusalem. I looked the day up on a perpetual calendar for America. The Nephites of the Book of Mormon peoples, were a branch of the House of Israel that had migrated to America 600 years before the birth of Christ. They had the Hebrew calendar, which after the Exodus from Egypt which occurred in September, then became the first month of their year, which is our April. (Immanuel Velikovsky explains in his books that there was a cataclysmic event caused by the passage of a planet-size comet near the earth at the time of the Exodus that shifted the earth and changed the times of the months -- September, the first month of the year prior to that time, then became April, the first month of the Hebrew calendar.)

At the time of Christ's crucifixion, the Book of Mormon says, "And it came to pass in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month, there arose a great storm, such an one as never had been known in all the land."

Now look at the perpetual calendar for the United States. From January to the end of March is in the 33rd year from the birth of Christ. Calendar year 32, is the 33rd year from the birth of Christ. The Hebrew year ended March 31st. The 34th year on the Hebrew calendar then starts on April 1st. Christ died on Friday, April 4th, and rose from the dead on Sunday April 6th -- on His birthday! Christ's church was restored again on the earth in these latter days in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times, and was organized on His birthday, April 6, 1830, in Fayette, New York, by His prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.

James, one of our expedition members, gave me this book, for which I am very grateful. James met Larry before Larry's passing who gave him a copy of his book and autographed it for him.

Scientists are currently working on innovations mentioned in Larry's book.  For example:

Scientists working on $330,000 test-tube-meat burger