German Submarine U-209 Made It To Our Hollow Earth!

I first learned about German U Boats attempting to reach our hollow earth from a German living in Canada.  The book I ordered was from Samisdat Publishers, Ltd, owned and operated by Ernst Zundel.  He wrote a book about Hitler sending an expedition to Antarctica.  I ordered his book.  It was titled, Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions, published in 1978.  It related how the Germans had taken a ship with a small airplane on it that they launched from their ship after reaching the ice near Antarctica.  It flew over the ice to Antarctica and then back to the ship.  But the book didn't say anything about the hollow earth.

Then in 2006 I received an email from Dianne Robbins, author of several books she has channeled from a person she says is Mikos that lives in the hollow earth. 

The person Dianne emailed me about was Joe Watson of Talkeetna, Alaska, who had just contacted her saying that he had a copy of a letter written in the German language from a German submarine crewman named Karl Unger, that made it to our hollow earth soon after World War II.  The submarine name was U-209 with Captain Heinrich Brodda.

Joe's original email to Diane was,

----- Original Message -----
From: Joe
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006 1:47 AM
Subject: hollow earth

"Hi, I have in my possession a copy of a letter written on 2 March 1985 from a gentleman named Karl Unger to Mr. Woodard concerning the submarine u-209 commanded by Heinrich Brodda. Given certain coordinates their mission was to travel to the center of the earth, which they did. The letter is written in German and translated into English. Interested? JW"

I wrote back asking Joe to send me the letter. 

This is the letter Karl Unger wrote from the Hollow Earth that Joe sent me in the original German language and the translation into English

The letter is from Karl Unger, crew member of the German U-209 submarine.  Karl says in his letter that he had reached the hollow earth in the German U-209 submarine.  The letter was sent to his friend here on the surface world who gave a copy of it to a Mr. Woodard, who gave a copy to Joe Watson.

On July 29, 2009, I received an email from a person named Patrick from Germany who speaks German.  He said he researched the German archive website at

looking for information on the missing U-209 German submarine.  He says the submarine was indeed reported missing.  On July 5, 1943 was it's last reported position between Greenland and Iceland at coordinates 5200'N-3800'W.  The report said the Commander of the submarine was Heinrich Brodda.

The Mr. Woodard that Joe Watson referred to in his email I later found out was Ret. Col. Billie Woodard.  This is what Joe wrote about him in another email:

---- Joe <> wrote:

Sorry I haven't got back to you, have had massive rain, flooding, power out phones down, etc. Dianne Robbins e mailed me back saying the letter was unreadable on her end. Maybe you can try it on your end as you now have a copy. As to how I have a copy of this letter, well here's the story. In 1986 or 87 this gentleman Woodward came into this town of Talkeetna Alaska, but I don't know why. He met a guy I know named Terry Barber who told me what he was planning on doing. After meeting him he told me the following. His Dad had read all the Hollow Earth books had maps and ocean current directions for different times of the year. He died and his son took up where he had left off. He had it figured out that if you flew to Norway and floated on these currents with large rubber rafts you would be taken into the center of the earth. He gave his car away here in Talkeetna flew to L. A. Calif where he was to meet the rest of his team, from there to Norway where all of the gear was waiting. I asked him how he thought he could get away with this without the Feds picking up on it with their satellites, his reply was they were going in under the pretense of a scientific team doing research. He offered to let me go with them and if I hadn't had two boys to raise I would have. Apparently the letter was to his Dad but I don't remember how all of that came about. Having read many of the Hollow Earth books I always believed it was possible. He also claimed to have the original diary of Admiral Byrd describing his 1700 mile journey into the earth. Anyway he let me get a copy of the letter which you now have. As to why now after all these years, hell I don't know I was cruising the net and ran across a link about the Hollow Earth and it brought up old memories of that letter. Give it to anyone you want I want nothing in return, maybe a little info if you will share it. If you send me your address I will make copies of the German and English version and send them to you. The same for Dianne . Any other questions will be happy to oblige if I can. Joe Watson POB 643 Talkeetna
Alaska 99676

I learned about Ret. Col. Billie Woodard in 2006, but at that time I did not follow up on him.  I had received an email from our expedition organizer, Steve Currey.  It said,


June 9, 2005:


I have had a retired colonel Woodard call me a couple of times today about our
expedition. I am having a hard time answering his questions. He said in his
last voice mail that he has some extremely important information to give us
about our expedition. Could you return his call? His numbers are 530-926-1062
and 530-926-3529. He lives in Mount Shasta California and has some connection
with Telos.



Although I did not follow up on this referral from Steve, Mr. Woodard called me in the fall of 2008.  We visited over the phone and later visited him at his home in Pahrump, Nevada where he had moved to since he contacted Steve.  It turns out that Ret. Col. Billie Woodard WAS the "Mr. Woodard" that had gone to Alaska in 1986 as Joe Watson said in his email, and had given him copies of the German letter send from our hollow earth to Woodard's contact.  Subsequent to Woodard's visit to Talkeetna, he made his flight to the North Polar Opening in a Grumman Albatross seaplane that you can read about in Billie's biography here.

I asked Billie where he got the German letter.  He told me he got it from Tawani W. Shoush, International Society for a Complete Earth, Rt 1 Box 63, Houston, Missouri 85483.  In the early 80's, Hollow Earth Researcher, Bruce Walton had sent me a copy of the Secret Diary of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd that he had obtained from Tawani Shoush with the above contact information on it.  Billie told me that Tawani told him that he had received the letter from his friend Karl Unger sent by Karl after he had reached the hollow earth.  Karl had sent the letter from the hollow earth through a German colony in Brazil that had found a cavern that reaches to the hollow earth many years previous.  Billie says that Tawani left for Brazil soon after he had obtained a copy of Karl Unger's letter, and may have gone to the hollow earth through that communicating cavern.  This German colony in Brazil is documented in Genesis For a New Age, and how they discovered the cavern back in the 1500's.

I find it interesting that before I was contacted by and met Ret. Col. Billie Woodard, I had received Joe Watson's email which confirmed Mr. Woodard had visited his town in Alaska in 1986, and that Joe had a letter Mr. Woodard had received from Tawani Shoush whom I had learned about from Bruce Walton when I was writing my ebook, World Top Secret:  Our Earth Is Hollow! back in the early 1980's.  Billie confirmed to me that he had contacted Tawani Shoush before going to Alaska, and this before Billie knew that I had been contacted by Joe Watson of Talkeetna, Alaska in August, 2006, and this before I learned about John Leith's book, Genesis for a New Age, the manuscript of which Diane sent me in the summer of 2008, through a friend of hers, which documents the German settlement in Brazil, that Billie told me Tawani Shoush moved to after Billie had received the letter from Karl Unger.

These incidents confirm to me the truth of Karl Unger's letter - that he reached Our Hollow Earth in a German submarine, the U-209, in 1943 after World War II had destroyed Germany, and who wrote back to his friend here on the surface world confirming that the Hollow Earth does exist, and is REAL.