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A substantial amount of unusual evidence indicates that our earth is hollow and has polar openings that lead into the interior.  There are presently hundreds of hollow earth theory fans worldwide who subscribe to this theory.

A proposed expedition would like to conduct some scientific observations in the Arctic that we hope will resolve once and for all whether the hollow earth theory has any validity.  The indigenous Eskimos believe there is a hole in the arctic ocean.  Observations of several Arctic explorers of mirages of land in the Arctic indicate that the most plausible location for a north polar opening that leads into the interior of the earth is located at 85 N latitude, 130 E Longitude.  To check out this theory, a group of hollow earth believers and scientists would like to charter a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker into the Arctic sea.

From the northern shores of Franz Josef Land, the expedition would like to first go to the North Geographic Pole and from there south on the 130th east longitude meridian.

The discovery of a verdant, green land in the arctic by arctic explorer Richard Evelyn Byrd was reportedly reached at a distance of about 1,700 statute miles from Alert, Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada.  From any point in the arctic, 1,700 miles brings one only over land covered by ice and snow.  For example, from the New Siberian Islands to Greenland over the geographic north pole on Meridian 130 E. Longitude brings one to Greenland in only 1,450 miles. Therefore, the land Admiral Byrd discovered beyond the pole covered with lush green vegetation must be located within the North Polar Opening.

That land has been sighted out over the Arctic wastes by several different explorers from different directions at different times.  It is a land that has been sighted always in the same direction, whether seen from Greenland, Alaska or northern Russia.  The Russians called it Sannikov land, and have seen it north of the New Siberian Islands.  Admiral Peary on his way to the pole in 1909 sighted land northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard on the northwest coast of Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada.  With him, Lt. Green, MacMillan and their Eskimos also saw it and even later went on an expedition out on the ice to find it and only turned back when their Eskimos claimed it only to be a mist.  MacMillan swore it looked every bit like real land.  Admiral Peary did also, and so he named it Crocker land.  Dr. Cook on his way to the pole in 1906 saw it also towards the northwest of his trek to the pole from Ellesmere Island, and even took a picture of it.  Then from Harrison Bay on the north coast of Alaska, Captain Keenan sighted land also towards the northwest.  Jan Lamprecht in his book, Hollow Planets, makes an excellent case that these sightings of mirages of land in the arctic, could easily actually be land within a Polar Opening, seen as a doubly inverted mirage caused by the warm air that comes up out of the polar hole.

Several of us can trace our ancestry back to the intrepid Viking explorers that settled northern Europe in the 7th century.  Some later migrated to Iceland and some even further to the west coast of Greenland.  These hardy arctic colonizers discovered every year that the more plentiful hunting was further to the north.  Then in 1721 when Greenland was resettled, it was noticed that the Viking colonists had disappeared from Greenland.  This was the subject of Arctic author Vilhajalmur Stefansson's book, Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic.  He thought they died out.  But Lt. Green discovered where they went when he befriended the Eskimos and asked them point blank.

The Eskimos told Lt. Green that the Viking colonists had migrated further and further north, then one day a hunting party returned saying they had discovered a paradise in the north -- a place the Eskimo had always known about, but generally stayed away from because they believed it to be guarded by evil spirits.  When the Viking exploration party had returned and delivered the wonderful news of their discovery, the Eskimos say that the Viking colonists all promptly packed their bags, and singing songs, departed happily northward out over the ice and never returned.  Their cattle, chickens and other animals were later found wandering around their abandoned settlement by European visitors, but no settlers.  They didn't think to ask the Eskimos what had happened to them.  Lt. Green wrote an article in the December 1923 issue of Popular Science Monthly, that the Eskimo tradition is that out over the ice towards the northwest of Greenland, in the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Dr. Cook sighted Bradley land, " a land that is warm; is clothed in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox.  It lies," they say even to this day, "in the direction of the coastal trail-route north."

This polar expedition proposes that we seek out that land where our cousins, the Greenland Vikings went, and visit them in their hidden land within the North Polar Opening that is within the hollow of our earth.  Indications are that that land is inhabited.  The story of the Scandinavian explorer Olaf Jansen and his father who attained that land through the north polar opening in 1829, maintains the people there are friendly, highly advanced in the sciences, arts, and geometry.  And that they are ardent worshipers of the Israelite god Jehovah, whom they believe has a throne on the sun of inner earth.  Most likely, since their god is Jehovah, these peoples of inner earth are actually the legendary Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, whom the Apocryphal author Esdras wrote, escaped the Assyrians in 687 BC and migrated to a region in the north called Arsareth, taking a year and half to reach that land.  It's a veritable paradise.  Deuteronomy 30:4 calls it the "outmost parts of heaven" where the lost tribes were driven from their original home in Palestine.  Jeremiah called it "the land of the north." (Jer. 3:12-18)  Other scriptures refer to it as the "north countries."  It is a land where there is much gold, and abundance of precious stones, metals and giant forests.  It is a veritable Garden of Eden.  Indeed, Olaf Jansen claims that this is where the original Garden of Eden is located to this day -- within Our Hollow Earth.  He was taken there on a monorail train of inner earth by friendly inner earth inhabitants.  It is located on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent where "...all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion.  In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain.  They divide and flow in four directions.  The place is called by the inhabitants, the 'navel of the earth' or the beginning, 'the cradle of the human race.'  The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel." (The Smoky God, p.114)

It is hoped that this expedition can find this outmost parts of Eden, a land within the North Polar Opening at or near my latest estimate for the location of the North Polar Opening at 85 N. Latitude, 130 E. Longitude, which is about 399 statute miles from Alert, Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada, or about 777 statute miles from Point Barrow Alaska, or about 1,078 statute miles from Murmansk, Russia.

For scientific purposes, gyroscopes will be taken to help determine the beginning of the entrance to inner earth.  At the geographic North Pole, a gyroscope will be set horizontally.  It will be used to detect a curvature greater than the normal earth curvature of 68.9 statute miles to a polar degree.  Entrance into a polar opening will cause the gyroscope to tip gradually vertical.  When it reaches vertical orientation, the ship should be located approximately half way through the polar opening.  The ship's radar could then be bounced off the opposite side of the opening straight above the ship to determine the diameter of the polar opening at it's neck.  A quarter of the way into the polar opening the inner sun should come within view over the horizon to the north, such as was reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  Thermometer readings from the crows nest should show a higher temperature from air emanating from within the hollow interior of the earth, than air down next to the ice.  Temperatures farther south should be colder than further north with a north wind, such as was reported by Fridtjof Nansen when he was located at 79˚ 18' N Latitude, 137˚ 31' E Longitude.  The sea should be tested periodically to find that point on the polar lip where centrifugal force separates the salt from the fresh water from iceberg melt water leaving fresh water on the surface of the ocean, as reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  A lookout should be maintained for drift wood, plants, dirt and rocks scraped off inner earth river banks and deposited on the icebergs as they were pushed out to sea.  Land will be expected to be reached at a distance within 1,700 statute miles north of the northernmost coast of Arctic lands, as reported by Admiral Byrd.  Large rivers emptying into the sea should be found with land covered with lush vegetation.  The inhabitants of inner earth will likely contact us with one of their ships or flying saucer type craft.  Permission will be requested from them for further entrance into their world domain.  Descendants of the original Lost Tribes, Viking colonists, Eskimos, Germans and Hopi Indians will hopefully be found there.

With the verification that Our Earth IS indeed hollow with polar openings into the interior where descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, Greenland Viking colonists, World War II German refugees, and Hopi Indians live, a revolutionary change will be required in all areas of history, education, the sciences and art.  The theory of gravity will have to be revised to account for an inner earth surface upon which people can dwell normal earth-bound lives with their feet firmly planted on the ground, and not floating around in zero gravity, as orthodox science maintains would be the case in a hollow earth.  The theory of evolution will be dealt a decisive blow with the establishment of the location of the actual, original Garden of Eden, indicating the historical accuracy of the Bible and the reality of our first parents, Adam and Eve.  For example, in the Lost Books of the Bible, in the Book of Adam and Eve, is given to understand our first parents originated from inner earth.  After being driven from the Garden of Eden by God for partaking of the forbidden fruit, they were told to dwell in the Cave of Treasures, where they got lost.  When they finally found their way out, the sun that came up in the morning was different than the soft sun light that shown in the Garden of Eden.  This new sun burned them.  Our hotter, harsher sun that shines on the outside of our world, is different from that inner sun that shines in the Garden of Eden.

Be prepared to be astounded, amazed and exhilarated!

A Russian Nuclear Icebreaker with 70,000 horsepower and a range of 4 years in fuel, that cuts through the ice like butter will be at our disposal.  This ship has it all.  We will be traveling through the most hostile climate and conditions on earth with the utmost in comfort and ease.  It is a veritable motel on ice.

If in the event we are unable to locate the North Polar Opening and enter into Inner Earth, we will continue south from the geographic North Pole to the New Siberian Islands and spend a couple of days there checking out the exotic animal remains thought by Hollow Earth researchers to be of inner earth origin.

On the northern shores of the New Siberian Islands, we would look for the legendary deposits of mammoth skeletons and other exotic wildlife remains deposited after originating from a land within the North Polar Opening, according to Hollow Earth theorists. Rivers that empty into the Arctic ocean from inner earth, are covered with ice in winter, where animals wandering from nearby pastures sometimes fall into the crevasses in the ice and are instantly frozen.  Later when the rays of the summer sun shine through the polar opening, the inner earth rivers thaw out and push their freshwater icebergs out to sea loaded with their loads of frozen dead animals.  Thus remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth and foxes and a hardy breed of horse which scientists claim are all prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice, but which Hollow Earth theorists claim more than likely come from inside the earth through the north polar opening, floating out in their tombs of ice, later unloading them onto arctic shores.

As of December 15, 2003, a group in Argentina made a presentation to interested voyagers.  Our friends there have put together a video clip in with background music announcing our Voyage to Our Hollow Expedition Cruise.

You can download the movie clip at

There are 108 total possible reservations, with a minimum of 78 bookings necessary to make this cruise happen.

A write-up of our expedition appeared November 11 with the BYU University newspaper, The Daily Universe.  The newspaper interviewed me as author of World Top Secret:  Our Earth IS Hollow! and Steve Currey, our expedition leader for our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition, asking us what our objectives are with this expedition.  You can read the BYU newspaper article at:  BYU announces Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise

Tuesday, November 25, we did a Radio Show with a radio station in Japan.

Some of the objectives we hope to achieve with this expedition are:

1. Prove our earth is hollow with polar openings to an interior where dwells a highly advanced civilization we think are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

2. This will initiate a whole new thrust in the science of inner earth / inner planets science.

3. It will require a revision in the theory of gravity in which scientists insist that everywhere in a hollow planet there is zero gravity.  Since those living on the inside surface of our planet have their feet as firmly planted on the ground's surface as we do, gravity theory will have to be revised. This revision of gravity theory will lead to the development of free energy technology, and lead to outer space travel and the exploration of other planets by the common people.

4. We expect this discovery will establish the truth of the holy scriptures and completely destroy the theory of organic evolution.

5. We hope to obtain the scriptural record of the Lost Ten Tribes which will help to establish that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are true history.

6. This discovery will prove the Flood of Noah actually did happen, because we will now have the evidence of where the waters came from that caused the Flood -- from Inner Earth.

7. We will establish that the arctic remains of frozen mammoths, woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer and other animals found on the northern shores of Siberia and Alaska originate from inner earth and are still living there, and were not suddenly frozen in some supposed Ice Age catastrophe.

8. We hope to establish that the true inherited and worthy throne of David is located in the Hollow Earth, which throne is prophesied to be delivered to Jesus Christ at His Coming at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Missouri.

9. We will establish and expect to verify that the political Kingdom of God already exists within the earth, and will merge with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the Lost Tribes emerge to expand that Kingdom to outer earth in the near future.

10. We will establish that the lost Garden of Eden is actually located within Our Hollow Earth, and that our first parents arrived on the surface world through communicating caverns following their expulsion from the garden.

11. We expect to establish that the inner earth peoples are a friendly people to we, the people of outer earth and are NOT our enemies.

12. We expect to establish that the people of inner earth are primarily the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

13. We hope to find there also the descendants of the Lost Viking colony that settled Greenland in about 985 AD and which disappeared from there sometime before 1721 AD when Greenland was recolonized by Europeans.  The Greenland Eskimos say the Lost Viking colony migrated into the northern paradise they've always known about, but don't go there believing it to be guarded by evil spirits.

14. We expect to establish that the earth has an inner sun suspended in the hollow of the earth by electrostatic ion repulsion.

15. We expect to establish that the belief of the inner earth inhabitants is that the inner sun is the throne of Jehovah, or Jesus Christ, on this earth, and as such is the heaven of this earth or Paradise, where the spirits of the righteous dead go at death.

16. We expect to prove the earth is hollow with no molten interior, that volcanoes are caused by the reaction of water with highly reactive deposits of space metals from which the earth was created which as the interaction of gravity between the planets, moon and sun causes the earth to expand and contract causing cracks to open up in the previous volcanic crust allowing water to leak down into these deposits of explosive reactive metals and substances such as phosphorus, sodium and sulphur.

17. We expect to prove the auroras are caused by the solar wind of the inner sun emanating through the polar openings and that the Van Allen Radiation Belts consist of that same inner sun solar wind being trapped in the magnetic field of the earth.

18. We expect to establish that the earth's electromagnetic field is caused by the rotation of the earth's hollow shell about a much slower rotating inner sun.

19. We plan on taking radar readings giving the size and diameter of the North Polar Opening, the hollow interior, and the Inner Sun.

We have had several requests for more information on our planned expedition.  We will address these now:

Locating the North Polar Opening

Jane MacRoss from Australia wrote asking if we could describe in more detail how we are going to locate the entrance to Our Hollow Earth on our expedition.  And also address the concern of her friend who is an ex-US navyman of his awareness of the "official" manipulation of the GPS system and the misinformation techniques that have made the hollow earth one of the most heavily concealed "secrets" of the centuries.


Yes, we are aware that discovery that our earth is Hollow and inhabited within is still the World Top Secret!  We are going on faith that the Lord will guide us, help us and protect us on our voyage.  We are going as a friendly visit to Inner Earth through the North Polar Opening with our only intention of just getting acquainted with the hollow earth inhabitants and visiting their land.  Some of us believe they may be our long lost relatives of the Lost Tribes of Israel, or the Lost Viking Colonies of Greenland.  As we locate and enter the North Polar Opening, we expect to be met by a craft of the Inner Earth inhabitants where we will request their permission to enter into their Hollow Earth domain.

Our ship, the Yamal, is a Russian nuclear icebreaker with a four-year range of fuel, and uses GPS (global positioning system) for navigation.  However, we plan to use our own navigation system for locating the polar opening.  Briefly this will consist of a 24 hour clock with hands and two gyroscopes that we can see the spinning wheels.  At 2.2 GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) at Murmansk, Russia, the sun will be opposite the north pole from us when we board the ship.  At this time we will set a vertical gyroscope towards the sun.  This will give us the direction to travel to the north pole and also the direction towards Murmansk from which we can get our bearing to 130 E when we get to the pole.  At this same time we will set a second gyroscope at Murmansk horizontally inclined toward the sun 21 degrees down.  When we get to the pole, the horizontal gyroscope should be horizontal, as determined with a level.

From the pole we will direct our course south on the 130th E meridian.  At 2.2 GMT, the vertical gyroscope will be pointing to Murmansk.  At this time, 97 degrees to the left of the direction to Murmansk is 130 E Longitude. 

My estimate is that the north polar opening covers 925 miles from crest to crest from where it begins to dip into the earth.  We can detect the opening if we come within 400 miles of it using the horizontal gyroscope.  So there is an area of 925 miles from crest to crest within which we can detect the polar opening.  At the pole, the horizontal gyroscope will be horizontal as verified by a level.  As we enter the polar opening, the horizontal gyroscope will gradually turn vertical.  If we do not enter directly into the opening, but within 400 miles of it, we will detect the location of the aperture with the horizontal gyroscope.

Say we are missing the opening, but are within 400 miles of it, the gyroscope will dip up as we enter into the depression, but at the bottom of the depression, it will then stop dipping up and then as we start out of the depression, it will start dipping down.  At this point, we turn around, go back down to the bottom of the depression and make a right angle turn to the right or to the left.  If the gyroscope then continues dipping up then we will be headed in the right direction through the 90 mile opening.  If it starts dipping down, then we know we are headed out of the depression.  At this point, we make a 180 degree turn and then we will go directly through the opening in the opposite direction.

We are fairly confident that we can come within 400 miles of the polar opening based on the direction mirages of land have been seen in the arctic.  That direction has been sighted north of the New Siberian Islands by the Russians which they called Sannikov Land.  Crocker Land has been sighted many times northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard from Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada by Admiral Peary, MacMillan and Lt. Green and some Eskimos.  Dr. Cook sighted Bradley Land northwest of his line of travel to the pole in 1908 from Ellesmere Island and even took a picture of it.  Keenan Land has been sighted northwest of Harrison Bay, Alaska, by Captain Keenan and some Eskimos.  Olaf Jansen discovered the north polar opening by traveling northeast of Franz Josef Land in 1829. 

Mirages of Land Seen in ArcticI have added blue lines on this arctic map by Jan Lamprecht to indicate my original estimated location of the north polar opening by drawing lines in the direction all these mirages have been seen.  They all cross at 85 N Latitude, 130 E Longitude.

If we come within 400 miles of the polar opening, we will find it using our gyroscopes.

The Russians travel the Arctic Ocean all the time.  We have chartered their ship, the Yamal, to take us on a scientific expedition to check out the hollow earth theory.  The Yamal cuts through ice up to 15 feet thick.  Most ice in the Arctic Ocean is 6-10 feet thick with many leads.  



Arctic Ice is ThinningMeasurements made between two submarine studies between the years 1958-1976 and 1993-1997 indicate that the ice in the Arctic has thinned 40 percent.  The greatest thinning (-2.6 meters) was discovered in the area near our proposed Polar Opening.  So this is a good time to be going.  We will be traveling mostly in the leads.  The Yamal has a helicopter to scout out ahead to help us find the leads.  We are confident we will find the polar opening and enter therein.

The Polar Opening on the Russian Side of the Pole

A question was brought up as to my estimated location of the North Polar Opening.  The question was:  Could the polar opening be located on the Canadian side of the pole?

I am confident that the North Polar Opening is more likely located on the Russian side of the pole.  The Canadian side of the pole was the area MacMillan thought the mirage of Crocker Land was located, as you can read in Jan Lamprecht's book, Hollow Planets (available on

MacMillan, Lt. Green and some Eskimos took an expedition northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard on the northwest coast of Ellesmere Island in northern Canada and traveled over 200 miles out over the ice in the direction of the mirage of Crocker Land.  But curiously, the farther they advanced, the mirage just kept receding and looked just as large as before no matter how far they went.  So they turned back.  My conviction is that if they had followed it to 85 N Latitude, 130 E Longitude, they would have found the north polar opening on the Russian side of the north pole and would have reached the inner continent through the polar opening.

Many years later, Lt. Green remembered this.  In his 1923 article in Popular Science Monthly magazine, Lt. Green concluded that the Lost Viking colonies of Greenland had migrated to that unknown land.  In his article, Lt. Green announced a US Navy dirigible expedition to check out his theory.  But the dirigible crashed before it could attempt the flight.

Several years later in 1926, Amundsen and Ellsworth flew over the North Pole from Spitzbergen to Alaska by dirigible hoping to make a sighting of Crocker Land.  They crossed directly over the location Lt. Green thought Crocker Land was located and found nothing.  However, they did notice higher temperatures at the pole and afterwards much fog which seemed to them to indicate a proximity to that illusive land.  The fact that when they arrived in Alaska they discovered they were 100 miles to the west of Point Barrow where they had hoped to land, indicates to me that perhaps they dipped down into one edge of the polar opening causing their line of flight to be skewed to the right 100 miles by the time they arrived in Alaska.  This would indicate that the polar opening was to their right after passing the North Pole.

Soviet Flyers flight path across the Arctic
when they accidentally flew directly into the North Polar Opening

Another evidence the North Polar Opening is not on the Canadian side of the pole are all the flights made in the attempted rescue of the Lost Soviet Flyers who disappeared in the region of the pole as described in Stefannson's Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic.  In 1937, the Soviet flyers had attempted to fly north of the Kara Sea towards Fairbanks, Alaska.  If you draw a line straight across the Arctic from the Kara Sea north of Russia to Fairbanks, Alaska, that line of flight would take you directly over our estimated location of the North Polar Opening.  Curiously, radio transmissions from that ill-fated flight were received, but grew fainter and fainter until they were received no more -- exactly what would be expected if they flew into the North Polar Opening.  Moscow called off the search after 7 months.  Stefansson has a map in his book showing all the flight paths of the U.S. airplanes that assisted in that search effort.  They flew all over that area north of Canada.  This further confirms that the Polar Opening is located on the Russian side of the pole.

In our opinion, this will be the greatest expedition of all time!  Our goal is the discovery of a new world inhabited by a people at least as civilized as ourselves.  We even venture to propose that all indications are that they are MORE advanced than we and infinitely more peaceful.

Saturday, April 3, 2004, I did an interview with Daniel Ott of THE EDGE Radio Program at  You can listen to it here.

Steve Currey, our expedition leader returned from promoting the expedition in South America.  At a seminar in Buenos Aires where 100 interested voyagers met with him, Steve learned some very interesting things.

First, there are many interested voyagers, but who are unable to come up with the funds to buy their ticket on the cruise.

It must be understood that this expedition has no sponsors.  This is a we, the people expedition.  No military, no government, no organization is sponsoring and paying for this trip.  Just us interested voyagers that have always wanted to find a way to go to visit the hollow in our earth -- that land "beyond the pole" that Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd discovered, which discovery was never given credit to him, and which has ever since been held as World Top Secret by those that sent him there.  But we give him credit.  We want the whole world to know who discovered Our Hollow Earth in modern times.

Some have objected at our reasons for going.  As organizers of this expedition, we have been asked what our reasons are for going.  We are honest.  We have spoken our reasons.  We don't hide behind unknown names and addresses or front organizations.  Anyone can contact us or visit us.  And we are forthright in our answers.  We invite any interested person to join us on this the greatest expedition by the common people in all of recorded history.  Whereas Columbus discovered a new continent for the people, this expedition will discover a new world.  We want everyone to know about this greatest geographical discovery of all time.  And you are welcome to voice YOUR reasons for going, if you so wish.

Second, we have received a confirmation from those that KNOW our earth is hollow, that we are RIGHT ON in our estimated location for the north polar opening.  Steve Currey, while presenting the expedition in the seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina was approached a very interesting person.  He offered to fill the ship with voyagers.  Steve at first didn't realize who this representative was.  The thought of getting the ship filled really did excite Steve.  The only requirement given was that the expedition would be financed through a Foundation they would set up for the expedition in Utah.  Steve realized that if they would be sponsoring and paying for the expedition, they could determine where we would go in the arctic.  He realized that this would be unacceptable.  We cannot accept money and sponsorship of someone who would prevent us from going in the direction we estimate the North Polar Opening is located.

On May 27, 2004 Steve flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina where Prof. Marcelo Martorelli had 200 people coming to a conference on Our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.  They also prepared a presentation to be shown on the TV program "Infinito" with 6 million Latin American viewers.

Meanwhile we have been getting some publicity for our expedition here in the USA.

Outside Magazine interviewed me on our expedition and the hollow earth theory.

On April 3, 2004, I was on internet radio program.  You can listen to the program from the link on my New Items page on my website at

I have been getting some interesting questions from these media people.  For example, Daniel Ott asked me if the earth has a molten core.  I told him there is no scientific evidence whatsoever for a molten core.  On the contrary, every time there is a large earthquake, the earth rings like a bell.  A bell is hollow.  The earth could not ring like a bell if it were full of molten lava.  The molten lava would absorb all the vibrations.

In fact, whenever there is a large enough earthquake to ring the earth like a bell, there appears on the opposite side of the earth a shadow zone, where no or very few seismic waves arrive.  This happens because the seismic waves from the earthquake cannot pass through the hollow interior of the planet.  The shadow zone is THE evidence for a hollow interior.

Also, Prof. Marcelo Martorelli, our expedition recruiter in South America, was kind enough to put his movie short in English for us.  You can find it on my New Items page, or by clicking here:      (Archivo mpg)  (Media player)

On Thursday, on April 22, 2004, I was interviewed on the TV cable program, Unscrewed by  They were kind enough to give me some air time to announce our expedition cruise and invite any interested voyagers on what we believe will be the greatest expedition of all time, where, we, the people, are actually going ourselves to check out the hollow earth theory, to see if we can find the North Polar Opening, and attempt to enter therein, that is, of course, with the permission of the inner earth inhabitants, whom we believe are most likely the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, and very possibly also, the Lost Viking Colonists of Greenland, some German refugees from World War II, and some Hopi Indians.

Our advertising apparently has struck a cord in the professional establishment.  We have received several emails from professors, engineers and scientists asserting that we are a bunch of Morons, Hollow Heads, Stupid, and some other epithets I won't mention.  Of course, what they lack in proof of their side of the debate is made up in throwing out hideous name calling in an effort to intimidate us.  They have NO proof that the earth is not hollow and name calling is their only recourse when they have no evidence of their FALSE solid/liquid interior earth theory.

Gravity and Our Hollow Earth

One question brought up by these brain washed (and well paid) Learned Heads is how does a hollow earth account for gravity.  They claim that the earth would not have enough matter in it to produce the gravity we experience on its surface.

Establishment science teaches that everywhere inside a hollow planet there would be ZERO gravity.  If there were any interior earth inhabitants, they would be floating around in zero gravity.

Inevitably, questions such as these arise when considering the hollow earth theory.  Questions arise, such as, how could there exist a hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads to a hollow in the earth?  Wouldn't all the ocean water drain down such a big hole and empty the Arctic Ocean?  Wouldn't any inner earth inhabitants that supposedly live on the inner surface "fall" into the Inner Sun?

So, if you may have had any such questions, I will attempt to describe how gravity can work in a hollow earth.

First of all, could enough matter exist in a hollow earth to provide us the surface gravity acceleration we observe on the outside of the earth?

I originally thought that perhaps there may have been a miscalculation in the gravitation constant which scientists have used to determine the strength of gravity exerted by a certain measured amount of matter.  On first thought, also, it would seem that if the earth were hollow, that it would have less matter.  After an extensive review of the theory behind the gravitation constant, I was unable to find any error in it and it's use in determining the acceleration of gravity exerted by mass.

So I decided to apply Newtonian gravity to a hollow earth to see if it could contain the mass calculated to exist in the earth.  According to the Inner Earth Guide in ETIDORPHA, the earth has an earth shell thickness of 800 miles.  So one half the total volume of the earth is contained in its shell.  Since the Inner Sun is relatively small, and is most likely a hollow crystal itself, most of the earth's mass would be located in the earth's shell.  I have calculated that 99.99% of the earth's mass is located in the earth's shell.

The  Density of Earth's Shell = Mass of Earth/Volume of Shell, so the density of the shell would be:

5.978541732 x 10^27 gms / 5.342261531 x 10^26 cc

= 11.19 gm/cc

As you can see, Newtonian physics would require an average shell density almost as dense as lead (11.3).  And since surface rocks are 2.7, then the interior of the shell would have to be greater than the average density.

The interior density using the Newtonian mass of the earth requires than the interior of the shell would have a density of 2 * 11.19 - 2.7 = 19.68, which is denser than gold (19.3).   Platinum is 21.4, so an inner shell density of 19.68 is not beyond the realm of possibility.  In fact, if the earth is hollow as we maintain, the inner shell would necessarily need to be of a greater density to give the hollow planet enough strength to keep its hollow shape.

So we can say that an average shell density of 11.19 gm/cc could be in the realm of possibility.  After all, the earth DOES ring like a bell after a rather large earthquake.  A bell is hollow and is made of metal, just as a hollow earth may be.  So amazingly, we find that Newtonian gravity IS consistent with a hollow earth.  A hollow earth COULD feasibly contain all the earth's estimated mass and thus be able to exert the surface acceleration of gravity we observe on the earth's outer surface.

Second, where would the center of gravity be located in a hollow earth and what do empirical experiments indicate in regards to this?  In other words, would the water of the Arctic Ocean drain down into a polar opening and would inner earth inhabitants be drawn into the central sun?

These are interesting questions, and the answers may surprise you.

In a hollow earth with a central sun, there exists two centers of gravity.  One in the central sun, and the other is actually a sphere located between the inner and outer surfaces of the shell, closer to the inner surface than the outer surface, as reported by the Inner Earth Guide in ETIDORPHA, who said it is located at a 700 mile depth in the 800 mile thick shell.  The fact that earthquakes occur no deeper than 450 miles indicates that beyond that point, the shell density increases causing the central sphere of gravity to be located closer to the inner surface than the outer.

The center of gravity in the inner sun has very little if any effect on us because the inner sun is so small, estimated to be about 600 miles in diameter.  I have estimated that 99.99% of the earth's total mass is located in the earth's 800 mile thick shell.  So the gravity of the shell is what affects us the most by far.

The central sphere of gravity located in the shell is even supported by scientific experiments.

My study indicates that gravity consists of an etheric gas that fills the universe and which accelerates into a vacuum in the nucleus of all atoms.  It appears that all atoms are hollow, with an electron shell and interior nuclear radiation generator.

My theory of gravity requires that the particles in the nucleus of atoms concentrate the ether of space down into spinning balls of ether which become the smallest particle of matter, and are ejected by the nucleus out the south polar opening of the atom and become what we know as the electromagnetic field of the atom.  These gyroscopic particles are met by incoming ether which causes the gyroscopic particles to curve around the atom towards the north pole, traveling between layers of electrons orbiting more or less at right angles to the magnetic field lines.  The inflow of the ether into the nucleus also keeps the electrons in orbit about the nucleus.

Atoms are hollow with a central nuclear radiation generator that creates the magnetic field and induces the gravitational ether flow

The concentration of the ether of space down into spinning balls of matter creates a vacuum in the nucleus in the ether.  The ether gas surrounding the atom, then rushes in to fill that vacuum.  As it accelerates into the nucleus it exerts a pressure force on all particles of matter it passes through pushing them towards the central nucleus. The effect we feel as the ether gas passes through us into the matter of the earth is the weight we feel of our bodies pressing onto the surface of the planet.  This ether gas accelerates into the earth and then spreads out in all directions at the central sphere of gravity 700 miles down.

The discovery that gravity consists of a flow of ether gas has lead to the discovery of gravity control, popularly called anti-gravity.  With electrostatic forces using specially shaped capacitors, gravity control has been achieved and is what flying saucers use for propulsion and control.  Our government has succeeded in using high powered radar beams to knock some flying saucers out of the sky and have been able to back engineer their gravity control technology.  The alien saucers actually are not extraterrestrial, but come from inner earth, where exists a civilization a couple of thousand years more advanced than we are.  Their study of the inner sun probably led them to the discovery of gravity control.

The Greenland Ice-hole Gravity Experiment

A ice-hole gravity experiment in Greenland reported in the February 27, 1989 Physical Review Letters journal discovered that the acceleration of gravity decreases faster than if the center of gravity were in the center of the earth, which would be the case if the earth is hollow.

Acceleration of gravity decreases faster than if it were in the center of the earthA gravity meter lowered toward the central sphere of gravity located in the shell of a hollow earth would require a much more rapid decrease in the acceleration of gravity (red in the chart - actual measurement) than the much more gradual decrease in acceleration (purple in chart - calculated) that would be required to reach zero acceleration in the 4,000 miles to the center of a liquid-solid earth.

It could be, also, that the earth's inner sun has a reverse gravity flow together with its solar wind and electromagnetic radiation which allows it to repel the inner sun from the inner surface and helps to keep the inner sun centrally suspended in the hollow.  This may also contribute to a healthy inner surface gravity as reported by those explorers who have been there -- that the inner earth inhabitants have their feet planted just as firmly on the inner surface as we do on the outer.  They certainly are not floating around in zero gravity as the science books say would be the case in a hollow planet.  The ether flow of gravity into the inner surface towards the central sphere of gravity in the shell also would help to provide an inner surface gravity, although it is suspected to be less than our outer surface gravity.

I have also recalculated the densities of all the so-called "gaseous" planets, including the sun, and if they are all hollow with shell thicknesses about 10% of their diameter, they would all have solid surfaces, except Saturn.  It would have to have a shell that is 5% of his diameter in thickness to have a solid surface.  Even the sun I have calculated would have a solid surface at a density of 2.86 gm/cc.  It is known that the surface of the sun is cooler than it's atmosphere.  My study indicates that the sun is a hollow crystal ball.  Solar radiation generating cells were discovered by Skylab to be stationary, indicating it has a solid surface.  Gravity ether flowing into the sun is converted by these solar magnetic cells into electromagnetic radiation and solar wind particles.  

The sun in X-ray & ultraviolet shows permanent coronal holes at its polesThe sun has an electromagnetic field caused by the rotation of its crystal shell about its inner sun. If the sun were a gaseous planet, it could not produce an electromagnetic field. From an article in the Scientific American comes this significant confession: "In 1934, Thomas G. Cowling of the University of Leeds in England proved that single, symmetrical fluid flows cannot generate magnetic fields...Astronomers cannot explain the galaxies or solar magnetic fields." (Mystery of the Missing Dynamo, Scientific American, p. 24, January 1995)

Because astronomers believe stars are gaseous and planets have liquid interiors they cannot explain the observed magnetic fields in suns or planets. Scientists today teach that the sun and stars are composed entirely of gases. But Skylab photography revealed that the nuclear reactions on the sun emanate from permanent stationary "nuclear cells." Such permanency strongly indicates that the surface of the sun is solid, not liquid nor gaseous. In fact, the surface of the sun is relatively quite cool compared to its upper atmosphere.  If the sun has a shell that is perhaps 10% of the planet's diameter in thickness, I have calculated that it's shell would be solid having a density of 2.86 gm/cc, which is a little denser than glass.  As such, the sun could easily be a giant crystal globe!

In fact, Skylab discovered that the sun has permanent coronal holes at its poles taken in X-ray and ultra violet images that could indicate it has polar openings also.

My study of gravity indicates that our earth as well as all planets are actually hollow.  The sun and the supposedly gaseous planets all have strong magnetic fields.  They could not have magnetic fields if they are completely gaseous, or if the planets have liquid interiors.  This indicates that they have solid shells that rotate at different speeds than their inner suns.  By recalculating the planets and sun's masses assuming that the greatest portion of their mass is in the shell, all would have solid surfaces -- thus making it possible that these planets can generate the magnetic fields that they have been observed to have.

All the outer planets were found by the Voyager spacecraft to emit more energy than they receive from the sun.  Radiation is emitted from their polar openings from their inner suns to light up auroras over their poles just like our inner sun does here on earth.

So how does gravity work in a polar opening?  The answer is that since by far the greatest portion of the earth's mass is located in its shell, then that is where gravity accelerates towards.  Therefore, as one advances through the polar opening, the water and the ship are not accelerated towards the center of the earth, but towards the central sphere of gravity located in its shell.  As such, the water of the ocean adheres to the side of the polar opening, just as the earth's oceans adhere to the sides of its outer surface.  More than likely, however, one would weigh less at the neck of the polar opening than further outside of it because of the mass of the earth that would at that point be directly above one's head.

Admiral Byrd was amazed when he flew through the south polar opening and saw what appeared to be a continent hanging in the sky above his head.  As Olaf Jansen sailed through the north polar opening in 1829, he saw the sun reflecting off the ocean on the opposite side of the polar opening and said it appeared to be a very bright star he could see for several days as they were sailing through an open sea after they passed the ice.  He did not know what star it was or what caused it, but was surprised to see a star in the bright sunlight of day.  Of course, it was not a star; it was just our outer sun's light being reflected off the surface of the ocean on the opposite side of the opening as they sailed through it.  Olaf reported it being quite warm for Arctic weather as they passed through the polar opening. The sun would circle high up in the sky and then almost down to the horizon each day as they passed through the opening.  At noon, the sun was observed to be directly overhead as if they were at the equator.  This could only happen if they were actually passing through a quite large polar opening, where at one point on the curvature into the interior, our outer sun would shine down directly from above.

We will observe this when we go on our expedition to the inner earth.  We will use the ship's radar to bounce radio waves off the opposite side of the opening and so determine the exact shape and size of the north polar opening.  Once on the interior, we will also use the radar to determine the distance to the inner sun and the opposite side of the hollow, and thus confirm the thickness of the earth's shell.  We will take a weight scale with us and use it to determine the gravity difference going through the polar opening and on the earth's interior as compared to the outside surface of the planet.  We will document all of this and our scientific observations will shatter the inner earth sciences taught in our schools today.  These professors and scientists who call us Morons and Hollow Heads and claim to know so much about our earth's interior will have to eat their own words.

We believe this expedition would be the greatest expedition of all time.  The truths we will return with will be earth shattering to establishment science.  It will all be documented in color, theater format for all the world to witness.

On December 23, 2004, I was on the Art Bell Coast to Coast AM Radio Show with George Noory.  See my Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory Thursday, December 23, 2004.

Also, on November 30, 2004, I did an interview with a Journalist from Greece, Ioannis Moutsos, with the ALTER Channel, regarding the Hollow Earth theory and our upcoming expedition, Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.  He had some interesting questions to ask.  His first question was:

Where does the theory of the Hollow Earth stem from?

I related to this Greek journalist that the Hollow Earth theory is a very old theory.  I just received in the mail today a book written by Dorothy Leon, Quest for Inner Earth, from TGS Publishers, in which she quotes many of these ancient hollow earth theorists and explorers.

The very first hollow earth explorer we have any record of was Enoch.

Enoch lived before the world-wide flood of Noah.  In fact, Noah was Enoch's great grandson.  Enoch was a prolific writer, writing many dozens of books, only one or two of which have survived the centuries for us to read.  He was a prophet of God, leader of the City of Zion, who defended his people by the word of God, from all the armies of the world.  In Moses 7.13, we read, "And so great was the faith of Enoch that he led the people of God, and their enemies came to battle against them; and he spake the word of the Lord, and the earth trembled, and the mountains fled, even according to his command; and the rivers of water were turned out of their course; and the roar of the lions was heard out of the wilderness; and all nations feared greatly, so powerful was the word of Enoch, and so great was the power of the language which God had given him." So effective was his teaching that his people became so righteous that eventually he and his city were taken alive -- buildings and all "up into heaven," to the Heaven of this earth -- to the Inner Sun of Our Hollow Earth.

Enoch's City of Zion has actually been seen by some who have died, who were then later medically resuscitated.  While out of the body, one such person described being taken through a dark tunnel through the earth's shell, and coming out into the brilliant light of the Inner Sun.  She said, "I went through this dark tunnel...I went into the black tunnel and came out into brilliant light...A little bit later on I was there with my grandparents and my father and my brother, who had died...There was the most beautiful, brilliant light all around. And this was a beautiful place. There were colors -- bright colors -- not like here on earth, but just indescribable. There were people there, happy people... People were around, some of them gathered in groups. Some of them were learning... Off in the distance...I could see a city. There were buildings -- separate buildings. They were gleaming, bright. People were happy in there. There was sparkling water, fountains... a city of light I guess would be the way to say it... It was wonderful. There was beautiful music. Everything was just glowing, wonderful... But if I had entered into this, I think I would never have returned... I was told that if I went there I couldn't go back (to life on earth) ...that the decision was mine." (REFLECTIONS ON LIFE AFTER LIFE, by Raymond Moody, pp. 15-17

Jesus Christ had great admiration for Enoch and quoted from him several times as recorded in the gospels of the Bible.  Yet none of Enoch's books were included in the Bible.  Fragments from ten of Enoch's manuscripts were found in the caves of Qumran in Palestine in the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery.

One Book of Enoch, written in the Aramaic language of Jesus' time has survived the centuries, and was translated by R. H. Charles.  In this book, Enoch wrote, "And I went from then to the MIDDLE OF THE EARTH, and I saw a blessed place in which there were trees with branches abiding and blooming." (Chap 26:1)  He speaks also of the ABYSS in the earth -- his word for the hollow of our earth.  He spoke of "columns of FIRE" that struggle "together to the end of the ABYSS" referring to the solar wind from the inner sun that emanates out through the polar openings to light up the auroras at the polar ends of the earth. (Chap 21:4-5) He speaks of the four rivers that come out of the Garden of Eden that "take their course in the CAVITY OF THE NORTH" indicating that he knew the north polar opening exists and within the earth is located the lost Garden of Eden and its four rivers that flow to the four points of the compass thus giving the earth "four corners" that the scriptures speak of. (see Isa 11:12).  Enoch knew that the righteous dead are taken to the inner sun Paradise or Heaven of the Spiritual World of this earth saying, "and thus have the spirits of the righteous been separated.  Namely, by a CHASM (the hollow), by WATER (the earth's shell covered with oceans), and by LIGHT (the inner sun) above it." (Chapter 22:9-10)

In the Book of Moses, revealed to the American prophet Joseph Smith, in a passage about Enoch is recorded, "And it came to pass that Enoch looked upon the earth; and he heard a voice from the BOWELS thereof saying:  Wo, wo is me, the mother of men; I am pained, I am weary, because of the wickedness of my children.  When shall I rest, and be cleansed from the filthiness which is gone FORTH OUT OF ME?  When will my Creator sanctify me, that I may rest, and righteousness for a season abide upon my FACE?"  (Moses 7:48)

Enoch knew, as was revealed to Job, that our "Mother" earth has a WOMB from whence our first parents emerged to outer earth.  The fresh water icebergs of the Arctic also emerge from Inner Earth through the North Polar Opening.  To Job, the Lord asked, "Out of WHOSE WOMB came the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven, who had gendered it?  The waters are hid as with a stone (icebergs), and the face of the deep is frozen." (Job 37:14,15)  Many exotic animals from Inner Earth have been found entombed in the Arctic ice on Arctic shores, such as the woolly mammoth, hairy rhinoceros, giant deer, and lion, that, according to Hollow Earth explorer, Olaf Jansen, fell into inner earth rivers that freeze over in the Arctic winter where they instantly died, frozen and subsequently washed out to sea ending up on the shores of Siberia.

From the Forgotten Books of Eden, in the Book of Adam and Eve, we learn that our first parents were inhabitants of Our Hollow Earth, and journeyed to outer earth through communicating caverns from the Garden of Eden within.  When the Lord expelled them from the Garden of Eden, he told them to go dwell in the Cave of Treasures, where they got lost.  After wandering many, many days in the cavern they emerged to our outer world and remarked that our sun was hot and more brilliant than the soft light of the inner sun that shone in the Garden of Eden of the Inner World.  Chapter XVI says that, "Inasmuch as while he was in the garden and heard the voice of God and the sound He made in the garden, and feared Him, Adam never saw the brilliant light of the sun, neither did the flaming heat thereof touch his body."

Hollow Earth researcher, Bruce Walton, made an excellent case that I-AM-THE-MAN of the book, ETIDORPHA, was actually William Morgan, an initiate of Free Masonry who decided to publish their secret rites in 1826.  I have a copy of his book.  For publishing their secret rites, the Free Masons had him thrown in jail for a small debt.  They then kidnapped him out of jail and threw a dead body in a lake saying it was William Morgan's, but actually took him to a cavern in Kentucky and condemned him to a journey  with an Inner Earth Guide to Our Hollow Earth through communicating caverns.  Many years later, I-AM-THE-MAN returned with a manuscript of his journey to Our Hollow Earth which was published by John Uri Lloyd as ETIDORPHA OR THE END OF THE WORLD in 1896.  That cavern in Kentucky has been located by one of our associates, a few miles east of a bend in the Cumberland River. Perhaps it was through this cavern system that our first parents, Adam and Eve, emerged to our outer world from the Garden of Eden from the world within.

Throughout the centuries, as explained in Dorothy Leon's book, explorers have reached Our Hollow Earth, and many authors have written about this Secret of the Ages.  The Epic of Gilgamesh, from the Myths from Mesopotamia, by N. K. Sanders, Peguin, MD, 1960, an explorer reached Inner Earth through communicating tunnels (probably built by the anti-deluvians).  The epic relates, "After nine leagues in the TUNNELS, he felt not the wind on his face, but the darkness was thick...After eleven leagues the dawn of light (Inner Sun) appeared.  At the end of twelve leagues the (inner) SUN streamed out...There was the Garden of the Gods."

Edmund Halley, Bristish astronomer in 1654 proposed earth is hollow to account for the earth's magnetic fieldAmong those authors and explorers that have proposed our Earth is Hollow, interestingly enough, were some highly respected scientists of the early Industrial Revolution.  In 1692, British astronomer Edmund Halley, theorized that our earth is hollow with several inner concentric shells to explain the earth's electromagnetic field which curiously is not aligned with the earth's rotational axis, as logic would indicate it should.   Author Augus Armitage wrote, "Halley, in fact conceived the Earth as consisting of an OUTER SHELL with two magnetic poles, and an INNER NUCLEUS, concentric with the shell and possessing two poles of its own. The magnetic axis or shell and nucleus were INCLINED TO EACH OTHER (they do not coincide) and to the axis of the Earth's diurnal rotation, about which the two components TURNED AT SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT RATES; this DIFFERENCE GAVE RISE TO A SLOW RELATIVE MOTION OF THE MAGNETIC POLES with a consequent change in the magnetic variation. In the period required for the shell to gain (or lose) one complete rotation on the nucleus, the variation would go through a complete cycle and return everywhere to its initial value. This period might well be a long one, PERHAPS ABOUT 700 YEARS...he thought that the nucleus was rotating more slowly than the shell."

The rotational orientation of the Inner Sun is different than the rotational axis of the Earth -- causing the magnetic poles to be located half way between the two axis.  Since the Inner Sun rotates slowly -- taking about 700 years to make one rotation, this causes the earth's magnetic field to rotate slowly around the earth.  In 1965, the North Magnetic Pole was located in Northern Canada and was moving northwest at about 8 miles per year, but in recent years has accelerated as it goes over the Arctic.  NOAA reports that the most recent survey determined that the North Magnetic Pole is moving north-northwest at 34 miles per year and in 2020 is located at 164.036 W, 86.502 N (  The different rotational rate of the Inner Sun as opposed to the earth's shell, both having electrical charges, is what gives rise to earth's strong magnetic field.

Another scientist, a Swiss mathematician, Leonhard Euler, theorized in 1741 that the Earth is hollow with an interior sun and is inhabited within.  Euler was a famous mathematician and his formulas in engineering are still taught in universities today.

A Scottish scientist, Sir John Leslie, in the early 1800's theorized that the earth is hollow, but proposed that it contains two inner suns orbiting about each other.

In 1913, and again in 1920, Marshall B. Gardner, wrote a book, A Journey to the Earth's Interior, Or Have the Poles Really Been Discovered.  His book was very well researched.  He sent it to the United States government and challenged them to check out the hollow earth theory.  Most likely, the government DID take Gardner up on his challenge, and sent Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd to check the theory out.

In 1981, I took my family and we flew to Fairbanks, Alaska to check out the hollow earth theory.  While there, I met John Gagne, who had gone to Alaska several years previously searching for evidence of Our Hollow Earth.  He related to me that while working as a Radio Anchorman in Juneau, the Alaska capitol, one weekend he was out with his friends up a canyon near the city, they saw a UFO light up on the top of a nearby mountain.  It presently turned red and zipped off into space.  Back on the radio station he brought up the subject of the UFO he and his buddies had seen.  Shortly after that, he related, a woman named Sylvia Darvell came into his office and told him about her dear friend, Admiral Richard E. Byrd's discovery.  She said she had been involved in Alaskan politics for many years and was a close friend of the Admiral.  She said that after the Admiral had made a flight into the Arctic in the winter of 1927, he had come to her and told her what he found.  The Admiral told her that after flying beyond the pole he had come to open ocean, then a continent covered with lush vegetation where a mammoth was sighted wandering below.  According to Sylvia, they actually landed up there and met the people of the Hollow Earth who received them well.  He told Sylvia they were friendly and highly advanced in the sciences; that they possessed advanced transportation systems such as monorail trains between their cities and craft which since have become known as FLYING SAUCERS.

Admiral Byrd just couldn't keep his discovery a secret.  He tried time and again to let people know about the greatest discovery of all time -- that Our Earth IS HOLLOW and is inhabited by a very far advanced race of people that know all about us of the outer world.  The Admiral confided his discovery to his close friend Sylvia Darvell of Alaska.  He let his family know of his discovery, and they say that he even wrote a book about his discovery and had it in the bookstores, but they were all confiscated by government agents.  John Gagne told me that the Admiral's close relatives let him know that they have a copy of that book, but keep it constantly under lock and key.  Admiral Byrd died a very sad man because he was not allowed by our government to disclose his discovery that Our Earth is Hollow to we, the people.

Other scientists have proposed that not only is Our Earth Hollow, but also our Moon.  In the mid 1970's Vasin and Shcherbakov from the Soviet Academy of Sciences suggested that our moon is hollow.  Author Don Wilson picked up on their theory and wrote a very well documented book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, showing that evidence from the Apollo moon missions indicate that our moon is a hollow planet also.

Evidence indicates that all planets are hollow.  On my website I have a photo of the North Polar Opening of MARS, taken by the Space Hubble Telescope, showing what looks like a giant crater at the north pole of Mars.  If you look closely, you can see the clouds down inside the depression on the sides of the polar opening into the interior of Mars.  Not only is Our Earth Hollow, and inhabited within, but our Moon is hollow, as well as Mars.  Evidence continues to accumulate that all the planets, moons, and even the Sun are hollow planets, and most likely all inhabited WITHIN.

In our upcoming expedition, Voyage to Our Hollow Earth, we are inviting any of you interested scientists, explorers, tourists and journalists to join us in a real life attempt to discover Our Hollow Earth.  We intend to prove the validity of this theory. We are chartering a Russian nuclear icebreaker, the Yamal, to journey to the north pole from Murmansk, Russia, through the ice, and then south on the 129th Meridian towards 85 N latitude where we estimate the North Polar Opening is located.  We will attempt to enter therein and visit the friendly people of Inner Earth.  We invite all interested voyagers to join us on this -- the greatest expedition of all time, by we, the people of outer earth.

From Murmansk, Russia, that Arctic port city where my brother-in-law says he used to watch very closely via US spy satellites to see all the coming and goings of the Russian northern military fleet, we will head north toward the geographic north pole.  Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the fleet of nuclear icebreakers, although owned by the Russian government, have been leased and operated by the private Murmansk company to take tourists on polar expeditions.  We are chartering the Yamal to take us to the North Polar Opening leading to Inner Earth.

After leaving Murmansk, we will be traveling north through open ocean for about a thousand miles.  We will come into ice near the Franz Josef Land islands, which belongs to Russia.  It was from Franz Josef Land that the Norwegian fishermen Olaf and Jens Jansen sailed northeast through a lead in the ice in 1829 and accidentally discovered the North Polar Opening, as described in his book, The Smoky God, published in 1908 by his friend Willis George Emerson, a US western entrepreneur, realtor and author, shortly after Olaf died as his dying wish.

Through the open ocean our ship travels at a speed of about 19.5 knots, which is 22.4 miles an hour, so we should arrive at the Franz Josef Land islands in about two days from Murmansk.  As we begin our journey through the arctic ice from the Franz Josef Land islands to the pole, the going will be slower, about 12 knots, which is about 13.8 miles an hour.  Our ship, the Yamal, carries a helicopter on its rear helicopter pad that is used at times to scout out over the ice to find leads of open water to go through to make the going easier and faster.  Voyagers may take turns going out on these scouting excursions on the helicopter.  From the Franz Josef Land islands to the pole is about 400 miles, so we should arrive at the geographic north pole in about 1 1/2 days, where the plank will be lowered to the ice and any that want can go down on the ice and dance around a pole we will drive into the ice to represent the north pole end of the earth.

After the north pole dance and celebration, we will take up the plank and set our bearings south on the 130th meridian, which is a meridian that goes near the New Siberian Islands north of Siberia, Russia, where many thousands of mammoth tusks and skeletons have been found down through the ages.  Some dead mammoths have even been found frozen in the arctic ice that have washed up on these shores, and have been cut up for meat.  Other wild exotic animal life that has also washed up on these shores are the woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, foxes and a hardy breed of horse which scientists claim are all prehistoric, but which Hollow Earth theorists claim more than likely came from the north through the polar opening from inside the earth where these animals live today.  In winter they often wander out onto the ice frozen-over river mouths of inner earth. Some fall into crevasses in the ice, then come summer they are washed out to sea eventually floating out of the polar opening in their tombs of ice, later unloading them onto arctic shores.  Curiously, the greatest number of woolly mammoth remains have been found directly south of the location we estimate the polar opening to be located -- washed up on the New Siberian Islands and on down into northern Siberia.  Many of them may have been washed out of Inner Earth by Noah's flood, 3,300 years before Christ.

My estimate is that we will enter the North Polar Opening going south on the 130th meridian from the geographic north pole.  The first 200 miles will be through ice before we reach the open ocean within the polar opening.  In another 389 miles, we will reach the inner continent which I estimate is located about half-way through the polar opening.  Mirages of this continent have been sighted all around the arctic for centuries.  Admiral Peary sighted it northwest of Ellesmere Island on the northern shores of Canada in 1909 on his way to the pole.  He believed it was real land he was seeing and even named it Crocker land.  Dr. Cook in 1908 saw it also northwest of his trek to the pole from Ellesmere Island and even took a picture of it as a background to his dogs and sledges.  He named it Bradley land: 


Captain Keenan sighted this land northwest of Harrison Bay, Alaska.  The Russians have seen it north of the New Siberian Islands and named it Sannikov land.  All these sightings of land in the arctic sea all point in one direction -- to 130 E Longitude and 85 N Latitude, the coordinates where I have estimated the location of the North Polar Opening based on the direction that sightings of mirages of land have been seen from all around the Arctic Ocean, and from Arctic images from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory taken October 25, 2015, as well as an Arctic image from the National Snow & Ice Data Center for September 16, 2012 that shows a hole in the Arctic ice that could be caused by the North Polar Opening being located there:

This hole in the Arctic icepack, is the same place that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory image for October 25, 2015 shows two reflections of low ice concentration.

The lower latitude reflection is brighter because of a more direct reflection to the satellite from the curvature of the polar opening than the closer less bright reflection on this side of the opening.  These two reflections give us an estimate for the diameter "neck" of the polar opening which I estimate at 125 statute miles, as estimated by Admiral Byrd on his first flight into the South Polar Opening in February 5, 1946, as given by John B. Leith in his book, GENESIS FOR THE SPACE AGE, p. 147.  I am asuming the South Polar Opening has the same size as the North Polar Opening. I have therefore, redrawn my polar opening diagram with these estimates here:

Not only did the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory show a low ice concentration at these two spots, but measurements were also taken showing a thinner ice thickness at these same two locations.

As well as a lower sea surface salinity was recorded in these two same spots.

And the sea surface temperature was recorded as also being higher in these same two spots, all of which would be what we would expect if the north polar opening is located at these coordinates.

It must be realized that in the Arctic, a mirage is the exact opposite of a mirage down in the lower latitudes.  In the lower latitudes, if you are looking down a highway on a hot day and a hot layer of air is rising from the pavement, it looks like water, because it is reflecting the sky.  In the far northern arctic, warm air rising up out of the polar opening rises high up above one's head and so if you look up and see land, you are actually seeing land, because the warm layer of air above you reflects the ground below.  It is called temperature inversion, because in the lower latitudes, it usually gets colder the higher up you go.  In the Arctic and Antarctic, it is the opposite.  There it is coldest down next to the ice, and gets warmer with altitude -- because the warm air rising up out of the openings rises up above the ice.  This layer of warm air causes what is called the "water sky" -- in which the surface of the ocean at times can be seen in the sky showing leads in the ice, which explorers would use to help guide their way around the leads. 

coastal trail route northLt. Green, the physicist explorer with Admiral Peary believed that land actually exists out in the polar sea, which is not marked on any map today.  In his 1923 article in Popular Science Monthly magazine, Lt. Green concluded that the Lost Viking colonies of Greenland had migrated to that unknown land.  He asked the Greenland Eskimos what had happened to the colonists who had lived in Greenland for almost a thousand years from the time Eric the Red discovered Greenland west of his home in Iceland in 985 A.D.  The Eskimos said that one year a hunting party came back from the north and told the colonists they had found a paradise out over the Arctic wastes -- a place the Eskimo had always known about but didn't go there for fear of "evil" spirits they believed protected the place.  It lies", they say, even to this day, "in the direction of the coastal trail-route north" in a direction northwest of the northwestern tip of Greenland in the same direction Admiral Peary had sighted a mirage of his Crocker land from Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada.  Lt. Green thought it was an island out in an unexplored part of the Arctic sea.  His map in his article shows this island located near where I have estimated the North Polar Opening is located.  In his article, Lt. Green indicated that he had convinced the Navy to outfit a dirigible to go check out his theory.  In 1926, Amundsen and Ellsworth flew a dirigible from Spitzbergen across the pole to Alaska and did not see it, but saw a lot of anomalous fog and noticed an increase of temperature close to the pole.  Years later, a Disney movie was made based on Lt. Green's theory that there exists a hidden island in the Arctic Ocean northwest of Ellesmere Island where the Viking Colonists disappeared to.  The movie is called Island at the Top of the World.  I am certain this land exists, but is actually the inner continent within the polar opening, mirages of which have been seen all around the Arctic basin by Arctic explorers.

Another question that is constantly asked of me, is there any danger of our ship as it travels on the ocean through the polar opening, of falling into the hollow earth.  The answer is no -- because, as any student of physics knows, matter is what causes the phenomenon we know as gravity.  Gravity accelerates to where the mass of the earth is located, and 99.9% of the mass of our hollow earth is located in its 800 mile thick shell.  As we go through the 125 mile in diameter neck of the polar opening, our ship will be floating on the arctic ocean that gravity has grounded to the sides of the opening -- because gravity accelerates towards the location of the greatest mass -- which will always be directly beneath our feet even on the sides of the polar opening.  As we pass through the polar opening, we will be able to look up and see the Sun shining off the opposite side of the opening where the ocean is grounded to that side of the opening.  The reflection of the Sun off the surface of the ocean directly above our heads 125 miles up will look like a brightly shining star -- just like Olaf saw this reflection and thought it was a star as he was sailing through the north polar opening in 1829.  We will notice that the temperature begins to increase as we pass through the polar opening.  We may keep a lookout for floating subtropical trees in the ocean or driftwood that originates from that land beyond the pole.

A lot of people email me and express their concern that we may be impeded in our journey through the polar opening into inner earth by military forces from outer earth wanting to keep the discovery that our earth is hollow from the masses.  This is a possibility, but I think unlikely.  Certainly, we will pray that the good Lord will protect and guide us and help us find the polar opening to pass safely through to inner earth on this friendly visit we are attempting to take.  Discovery that our earth is hollow is presently considered World Top Secret by those that control the governments of the world.  Admiral Byrd was ordered to keep a strict silence about his greatest discovery in all of history -- that our earth is hollow with polar openings.  But he couldn't.  He kept telling people, and eventually lost his life because of this.  However, there are people who have been to our hollow earth and returned, so obviously the Inner Earth peoples are not strictly against people of outer earth knowing about them, or they would not have let them return.  What possible harm could knowledge of the friendly people of inner earth be to people of outer earth?  None.  But our governments are very much afraid of them.  They are 2,000 years more advanced than we are in technology.  The Inner Earth government regularly sends its flying saucers out to reconnoiter the militaries of outer earth.  Their flying saucers piloted by their androids are consistently seen at our atomic weapons bases, military bases, and every time a satellite is lifted off the launching pad into space.  They have warned our outer earth governments through Admiral Byrd and Col. Billie Woodard against our use of nuclear weapons because they share this earth with us and don't want it destroyed.

When Steve was approached by an agent in Argentina at a Voyage to Our Hollow Earth conference held there, he was even offered to have the expedition paid for.  At first we thought this agent was from the Illuminati.  Later Marcelo wrote a book about it convinced the agent was from the future.

The secrecy the Illuminati maintains of the discovery that our earth is hollow is carried out primarily through their control of the governments, media, business and education -- through silence and false inner earth theories such as the molten core.  Their scientists purposely ignore the fact that the earth rings like a bell for several hours after a large earthquake.  The earth was reported to be ringing after a couple of weeks after the earthquake in the south Pacific that caused the recent Tsunami.  A bell is hollow and made of metal, just as our earth most likely is.  Actually, they are hoping that their scientists will be able to back engineer the flying saucers the military has knocked out of the sky, which Dr. Greer's ex-military expert witnesses have testified that they have knocked at least a dozen out of the sky, and have actually been able to build a version of these flying saucers in underground black projects.  They hope they will be able to build enough of these craft so that some day in the future they will be able to stand up to the power of Inner Earth.  My take on this is that indications from scriptural prophecy are that they will be unsuccessful in their power quest over Inner Earth.

Which brings me to the next big concern of many who email me -- regarding the RISK of attempting to venture into inner earth through the polar opening.  I concede there is a risk.  There is a risk in anything we do.  Any day, any one of us can venture out of our homes onto the streets and be killed in a car accident.  But I think the opportunity we have here of making it to Inner Earth to discover what has been hidden from us by our servants in the government far outweighs any risk we may encounter.  Certainly, the comfort and amenities of our cruise ship will indeed make our excursion most pleasurable with climate controlled cabins all with a port hole window to see out onto the arctic sea -- with a highly experienced crew that will feed us all like kings.  With the cruising range of the Yamal of over 4 years worth of nuclear fuel, there is no chance we will get lost.  The greatest RISK I see are all those that are staying BEHIND here on outer earth.  Many voyagers will be ecstatic to visit the peace loving people of inner earth where no wars, no sickness and disease have plagued them for millennia.  Many voyagers have indicated that they even want to stay when we get there.

When I say there is a greater RISK of those staying behind, consider this.  A few of years ago, the auditing offices of both the executive and legislative bodies of the US federal government reported that we will be unable to sustain the national debt much longer.  Which means the US federal government is going to go bankrupt.  Not only will this destroy the US economy, but the oil companies owned by the Illuminati can then cut off our oil and bring all transportation to a halt.  This is actually prophesied in scripture.

Micah 5:9-15, also 3 Nephi 21:

10 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots:

11 And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strong holds:

12 And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:

13 Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands.

14 And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee: so will I destroy thy cities.

15 And I will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.

With all trucking stopped, food into the cities will also stop, the people will begin to starve.  Since governments at all levels run on money, with no money, governments will cease to function -- and anarchy and chaos will ensue.

Then there is an even greater danger.  Since the 1700's when Amchel Rothchild set up the first central bank in Germany, and then sent his sons out to set up central banks in all other countries, and eventually even the US Federal Reserve Bank, which, contrary to what you might suppose, is not an agency of the federal government, but is actually a privately owned bank -- owned by the Super Rich International Bankers of the Illuminati, Amchel figured out how to get a government to pay up should it default on its loans to his bank.  His solution was to use the interest money made on loans to the government to build up an enemy country or countries which he could then use to repossess the defaulting country.  This is exactly what happened to Germany in the Second World War.  The allies were pawns in the hands of the Illuminati International Bankers in repossessing Hitler's Germany because shortly after he was elected Chancellor of Germany before the war he had nationalized their central bank when he learned they were refusing to lend money to his farmers and manufacturers!

Now the US has just repossessed another country for the bankers -- Iraq, then another -- Libya, and are currently working on taking over Syria -- all because these countries refused to stop making their own money and use the International Bankers money instead.  But what most people don't realize here in the US, is we're next!  When the US federal government goes bankrupt, we will be invaded by all the countries of the world that the Illuminati can throw against us -- to repossess us of what our faithful servants in Congress have so blindly done in mortgaging our whole country to the Fed.  Think about it.  What happens when you don't make the mortgage payment on your house?  Of course, your house gets repossessed by the bank!  The same happens for countries, and hence we find the cause of all the wars that have plagued us over the centuries.  The bankers have a wonderful time making money off both sides of a war, while we, the people, pay for this in blood, sweat and tears.

When Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and then passed the Income Tax to pay the interest on money borrowed by our government, they set up a gigantic PONZI scheme.  And how does it work?  No money is put into circulation until someone borrows from the Fed. Federal Reserve dollars are Notes.  A Note is a debt instrument.  But no money is ever put into circulation to pay the interest on that debt.  So as debt is paid off, that money goes out of circulation.  And since no money is created to pay the interest, a certain number of individuals and businesses every year must go bankrupt to pay the interest.  So then the bankers get hard assets for worthless paper, or worse -- just digits on a computer.  Thus the Illuminati owners of the Federal Reserve have been slowly coming into ownership of most of America -- through their ponzi banking scheme that causes bankruptcies.  The federal government at the end of the Great Depression discovered that they had become the debtor of last resort in this ponzi scheme, in order to keep the economy going -- by continually borrowing more and more money to keep money in circulation so the economy won't go into a slump.  So now our national debt is going straight up like a rocket with $18 trillion and counting -- and our own government accounting offices estimate the economy will be unable to pay the interest on this mushrooming debt in the near future.  It could happen sooner because of the great increase in government spending on war, on Medicare and Obamacare, and continuous pork spending by a Congress that sees no tomorrow.

The scriptures indicate that our country (The United States) will be attacked by all the countries of the world, (See Joel 2, Rev 13:7, Daniel 7:21, Isaiah 3:25, Micah 5:7-15, Ezekiel 39:6).  See my paper on The Coming Attack on the United States on my website.

My question is:  Do you want to be here at that time? Or do you yearn for what many of our voyagers want -- to go to Inner Earth where peace has always ruled -- in the inner earth Kingdom of God.  Olaf Jansen reported that their God is Jehovah -- the God of the ancient Israelites.  So we believe they are the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Many of us are descendants of the Vikings who settled Europe in the middle ages and who trace their ancestry back through mounds where they would bury their dead everywhere they migrated back to the Ten Tribes of Israel who after escaping the Assyrians in 687 B.C., escaped up over the Caucasus Mountains -- hence many of us are Caucasians -- actually descendants of the Tribes of Israel.  But the Biblical Apocrypha states that a large group of the Ten Tribes went further north.  A few years ago, archeologists found a burial of Caucasians in northern Mongolia.  Perhaps that is the route they took.  North of Mongolia are the New Siberian Islands, and north of the New Siberian Islands have been the sightings of the mirage of Sannikov land -- that land within the polar opening that Arctic explorers have seen mirages of from all around the Arctic Ocean.  There must be a port city on that inner continent bordering on the open polar sea -- because at times when the arctic air is right in Alaska a mirage of a city has been seen towards the north of curious architecture.

We hope to find out.  On our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth, as we arrive at the inner continent, we will attempt to locate the River Hiddekel, which Olaf and his father sailed up after reaching the inner continent.  Perhaps we will be met there by a ship from inner earth, just as Olaf and his father were, when they were taken to their port city called Jehu.  Olaf and his father were taken in by a family of Inner Earth and taught their language, which he reported is similar to Sanskrit.  But inner earth peoples have since also learned to speak English.  Reinhold Schmidt of Los Angeles was taken to Inner Earth by a flying saucer through the north polar opening in 1958.  Being of German descent, Reinhold said that the ufonauts looked like humans but larger in stature, spoke to him in perfect English, but between themselves spoke a language his father had taught him called High German.

After spending a year at Jehu, Olaf and his father were taken overland to their capital city of Eden on a monorail train he said were powered by anti-gravity flywheels above each car.  At Jehu, our expedition hopes to also take this monorail trip to the capital city of Inner Earth, located around that primeval lost Garden of Eden where our first parents, Adam and Eve dwelt, there to visit the palace of the King of the Inner World, called by Olaf Jansen, the Great High Priest over all the Land.  My research indicates that he is a Jew, a descendant of King David, whom the Lord promised that there never would be a time when a son of his would not reign over the House of Israel on the throne of the Kingdom of God ( Psalms 89:3, 4, 28-37) .  The scriptures indicate that this King in the last days would be called David, after his ancestor, and that he will deliver his throne to Jesus Christ at this Second Coming ( JEREMIAH 23:5-8,  EZEKIEL 34:22-24).  Rev. Chapter 9 indicates that flying saucers from this Kingdom will emerge from Inner earth like locusts toward the end of the coming attack on the United States.  I believe they will be the help the Lord will send to save our country from total destruction in the coming war of repossession.

Do you want to come with us on our Voyage to Inner Earth?  We are certain we will find the North Polar Opening.  Many of us would just rather stay there once we arrive -- just like in the movie Lost Horizon.  The second version of this movie was done in full color, in which Richard Conway and fellow travelers were kidnapped in a DC-3 and flown into the Himalaya mountains where they were taken in by the people of Shangri-la.  It is based on the 1937 novel by James Hilton, the movie which can be obtained through  It is actually based on the Tibetan legend of Agharta, which is their name for hollow earth.  In the movie, the cavern leading to Shangri-la is only about 500 feet long from the blowing blizzard outside to the warm sun-shinning valley inside of Shangri-la.  Steve Currey, our expedition organizer discovered the place where this cavern actually exists behind a hidden falls in the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet, as graphically portrayed in a National Geographic video commentary, a copy of which Steve has.  The cavern actually leads to Our Hollow Earth and is much longer than the movie depicted.  It leads all the way through the 800 mile thick shell of our hollow earth to Inner Earth, but as reported by one adventurer is sealed off by a great metal door several miles beneath the surface. The Tibetan lamas yearly take pack animal excursions down to the door and knock on it hoping the King of Agharta will emerge with his people to help establish world peace as he promised in 1890 when he emerged from that cavern to speak to their ancestors.

The voyagers going on this expedition are very special people – we will be the first persons this century visiting the paradise of Inner Earth -- that we know of.

If you would like to get an idea of what the paradise of Inner Earth is like, you may want to order Lost Horizon, the full color 1973 version, at  I was able to get this video at that website after searching for 20 years for it.  It is not sold in any store.  It’s the story of Richard Conway and his 4 fellow travelers that were kidnapped and flown into the Himalayan mountains where the pilot from Shangri-La crash landed their DC-3 in a canyon and was killed on impact, but the passengers were unscathed and rescued by people from a nearby Lamasery in a valley of the mountains called Shangri-La.  After walking through the blizzard and snow up the mountain, the rescuers of Shangri-La took Conway and his friends through a cavern.  The blizzard was blowing fiercely as they entered the cavern, but when they emerged on the other side, there was nice sun shinny weather with flowers everywhere in blossom – a veritable paradise.

Lost Horizon was based on the Tibetan legend of Agharta.  This cavern actually does exist.  But it is not near the top of a mountain, but behind a hidden falls that our expedition organizer, Steve Currey found in the year 2000 while river rafting down the Tsangpo gorge in Tibet.  He was told by the Tibetans that behind that falls is a cavern that goes to Agharta – their name for Hollow Earth.  And the cavern isn’t 500 feet long, as in the movie, but goes through the 800 miles of the earth’s shell to the inner surface of Our Hollow Earth.

Agharta is not just a legend, but an actual place.  It is a paradise the location of the Lost Garden of Eden.  To think that we can actually visit this place a place where there is no sickness or disease, where people live to be hundreds of years old with perfect health is just mind boggling.  I would not miss this for anything in the world.  I have been dreaming about going there for over 30 years.

Down through the ages, the lost Garden of Eden has been sought by many explorers.  Christopher Columbus was in hopes of finding it when he discovered America.  Bernardino de Sahagun recorded in his History of the Things of New Spain that the original settlers of America, the ancestors of the American Indians, came in boats from the East in search of the terrestrial paradise. They settled in Central America near the highest mountains they could find, because they had with them an account that the earthly paradise is a very high mountain.

Indeed, the Garden of Eden is located on the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent.  The lost Garden of Eden – the home of our first parents, Adam and Eve – was found in Our Hollow Earth in 1830 by Olaf and Jens Jansen, the story of which you can find on my website.  My estimate of it's location is 800 miles beneath Independence, Missouri, USA.

Olaf Jansen described the Garden of Eden saying that in this place  "...all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion. In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain. They divide and flow in four directions. This place is called by the inhabitants, the 'navel of the earth' or the beginning, 'the cradle of the human race.' The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel." (THE SMOKY GOD, p. 114) Olaf reported that the capital of the inner world is the City of Eden, which is built around this primeval garden.

Olaf Jansen was never a Christian nor Jew. To his dying day, Olaf Jansen was the ardent worshiper of the Norwegian gods, Odin and Thor – his ancestors. His purpose was not to advance the reality of religion, but in recording his experience in the Garden of Eden, he was reporting exactly what he saw and what the people who live there told him. They explained to him that the garden he was taken to inside Our Hollow Earth was none other than the "navel of the earth," and "the cradle of the human race," and is called "Eden."

In the Book of Genesis we read about the Garden of Eden which Olaf Jansen discovered to be located inside Our Hollow Earth:

"And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became four heads. The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah where there is gold, And the gold of that land is good; there is bdellium and onyx stone. And the name of the second river is Gihon; the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia, And the name of the Third river is Hiddekel; that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria, And the fourth river is Euphrates." (GENESIS 2:8-14)

The directions in Our Hollow Earth are the inverse of the directions of the compass on our outer world.  Like an electromagnetic coil, where the flux inside the coil flows from the south pole to the north pole, the north pole of the hollow earth is our south pole and our north pole is their south pole.  The magnetic flux of the earth’s electromagnetic field flows out of their north pole, which is our south pole, continues north on the outside surface of the earth and then flows into our north pole, which is their south pole.   When Olaf Jansen and his father entered the hollow earth near our north pole, they discovered the River Hiddekel – the river that flows out of the Garden of Eden towards their south pole – which is our north pole.  So the first river mentioned in Genesis, the river Pison flows towards their north pole, which is our south pole.  East is towards the right of the north pole of inner earth just as it is on our outer earth.  The earth rotates towards the east, and the sun goes down in the west, and, as Olaf Jansen described it, since the Inner Sun is divided between it’s day and night sides the bright side goes out of sight on the west side of the Inner Sun at night.

Olaf wrote, "In the meantime, we had lost sight of the sun's rays, but we found a radiance 'within' emanating from the dull-red sun which had already attracted our attention, now giving out a white light seemingly from a cloudbank far away in front of us. It dispensed a greater light, I should say, than two full moons on the clearest night."

"In twelve hours this cloud of whiteness would pass out of sight as if eclipsed, and the twelve hours following corresponded with our night. We early learned that these strange people were worshipers of this great cloud of light. It was 'The Smoky God' of the 'Inner World.'" (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 102, 103)

He further writes, "The great luminous cloud or ball of dull-red fire--fiery-red in the mornings and evenings, and during the day giving off a beautiful white light, 'The Smoky God,'--is seemingly suspended in the center of the great vacuum 'within' the earth, and held to its place by the immutable law of gravitation..."

"The base of this electrical cloud or central luminary, the seat of the gods, is dark and non-transparent, save for innumerable small openings, seemingly in the bottom of the great support or altar of the Deity, upon which 'The Smoky God' rests; and, the lights shining through these many openings twinkle at night in all their splendor, and seem to be stars, as natural as the stars we saw shining when in our home at Stockholm, excepting that they appear larger. 'The Smoky God,' therefore, with each daily revolution of the earth, appears to come up in the east and go down in the west, the same as does our sun on the external surface. In reality, the people 'within' believe that 'The Smoky God' is the throne of their Jehovah, and is stationary. The effect of night and day is, therefore, produced by the earth's daily rotation." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 108-110)

The apparent size of our sun is ½ degree. The moon is only slightly larger in apparent size and thus can eclipse the sun. On the other hand, if the interior sun is 600 miles in diameter and is 3,000 miles from the inner surface of the planet, it's apparent size would be 11.5 degrees viewing it from the interior surface -- 23 times bigger than the apparent size of our outer sun or moon. If you took a 5 inch disk you would need to move it 25 inches from your eyes to give you the apparent size of the inner sun. So the inner sun would appear to fill more of the sky than does our outer sun. As such, the bright side of the inner sun would appear to come out in the morning on the east side of the inner sun's disk, move across the face of the disk and disappear on the west side of the disk of the inner sun in the evening.  Thus, the effect of night and day is given in Our Hollow Earth – just as it is on our outer world except the Inner Sun still gives off heat at night although less heat, and much less light.

Olaf reported that the inner earth inhabitants “worshiped” this Inner Sun, and said that it was the throne of Jehovah.  In my study, I have concluded that this Inner Sun is the location of the Heaven of this earth.

In the Genesis account of creation, the Lord spoke to Moses saying,

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."

Notice that "heaven" here is singular. So Our Hollow Earth does have a heaven.  It is the central sun inside the hollow of the earth.  It is also the physical location of Paradise in the spirit world of this earth.  It is the “light” that lit up on the first day of creation.  The Bible calls it the “firmament” or “heaven” and was located in the midst of the waters above it and below it on the inner surface of the planet.

"And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven.”

According to the Bible, God lives in "everlasting burnings" (Isaiah 33:14), which reads,

"The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall DWELL WITH THE DEVOURING FIRE? WHO AMONG US SHALL DWELL WITH EVERLASTING BURNING?: He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that stayeth his hand from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil: He shall dwell on high..."

Joseph Smith, the American prophet taught,

"The angels do not reside on a planet like this earth; But they reside in the presence of God, on a globe like a SEA OF GLASS AND FIRE, where all things for their glory are manifest, past, present, and future, and are continually before the Lord."

"The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim."

"This earth, in its sanctified and immortal state, will be made like unto crystal and will be a Urim and Thummim to the inhabitants who dwell thereon, whereby all things pertaining to an inferior kingdom, or all kingdoms of a lower order, will be manifest to those who dwell on it; and this earth will be Christ's." (D&C 130:6-9)

I have thus concluded that our Inner Sun is a crystal ball, and is probably hollow also.

Indications that our outer sun is also a crystal ball, is the fact that it has a very strong magnetic field.  Astronomers believe stars are gaseous and planets have liquid interiors so they cannot explain the observed magnetic fields in suns or planets.  From the Scientific American comes this significant confession: "In 1934, Thomas G. Cowling of the University of Leeds in England proved that single, symmetrical fluid flows cannot generate magnetic fields...Astronomers cannot explain the galaxies or solar magnetic fields." (Mystery of the Missing Dynamo, Scientific American, p. 24, January 1995)

In order for the sun to have a strong magnetic field, it would have to be hollow with a solid shell and an inner sun inside of it that is also a solid crystal – the shell rotating at a different rate than the inner body.  So I did a calculation of the mass of the sun to see if it could have a solid shell.  Indeed, the calculation showed that if the sun has a shell that is 10% of the diameter of the sun in thickness – it would have a density of 2.86 gm/cc – which is about the density of glass with a few impurities.  So the sun has a solid surface.  If the sun has a solid surface, then it has to be hollow because it doesn't have enough mass to be solid all the way through.  In fact, it has been recognized that the sun has a cooler surface than it's upper atmosphere.  The sun has also been discovered to have coronal holes at its poles.

In a book written by Phoebe Marie Holmes in 1933, she tells of her visit to the Celestial City of God within our outer hollow Sun.

Phoebe describes how she was taken in the Spirit by angels to the "heart of the Sun" where the New Jerusalem is being built.  It will be brought to earth after the earth's resurrection when the earth becomes celestialized and becomes the abode of the righteous.  Since it is so big, 1,500 miles long, wide and high, it will probably take the place of the earth's inner sun.  Christ, on his Sermon on the Mount said the "meek" shall inherit the earth, and indeed they will.  A mansion is being built there right now for each of us, in the New Jerusalem, by our good and noble actions here on earth.  Phoebe was taken to visit her unfinished mansion by the angels of God, where she found her husband, who had already passed on.  She then was brought back to earth to finish her life's work.

Interestingly enough, Phoebe reported the city in the Sun is the New Jerusalem, as described by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelations Chapter 21, and as I had concluded, is a giant terraced "mountain" with a square bottom -- having a pyramid shape.  Perhaps the ancient Meso-Americans, Chinese and Egyptians knew the New Jerusalem would be like a pyramid, and so built their temples with that shape.

Also, as I had concluded in Chapter 8 of my book, the angels told Phoebe that the Sun is a giant crystal.  Scientists, on the other hand, claim the Sun is entirely gaseous.  But if it is hollow and has a shell thickness 10% of its planetary diameter, that would give the Sun's shell a density of 2.86 gm/cc, and so would have a solid surface.  Glass has a density of 2.6 gm/cc.  And it's not hot inside as scientists claim either, but a nice warmth is provided for the celestial city suspended within the Sun's hollow interior.  You can get Phoebe Marie Holmes book, "My Visit To The Sun"  at

In my research, I have concluded that the Inner Sun inside Our Hollow Earth is the Heaven of this earth – the “paradise” where the spirits of the righteous go at death to await the resurrection.  Christ told the thief on the cross, "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise," (Luke 23:43), and earlier He had told the Pharisees, "For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH." (Mathew 12:40), and the Apostle Paul wrote of Christ saying, "Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high (referring to the ascension into heaven after his resurrection)...Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also DESCENDED FIRST INTO THE LOWER PARTS OF THE EARTH?..." (Ephesians 4:8,9)

Our earth is a living body. And just as our physical human bodies have spirit bodies in the same form and likeness of our physical bodies, so does the earth have a spirit body in the same shape and form as the physical world. The earth's spirit body is the spirit world – the habitation of the spirits of all who die.  The scriptures indicate that at death, the spirits of the wicked are “cast down to hell.” So somewhere inside the earth Paradise and Hell must be separated by a space – the hollow in the earth.  Indeed, Luke calls this separation “a great gulf.”

Abraham told the rich man in hell that between him and Lazarus (who was in Paradise) there was a great gulf fixed so that none could go from Paradise to Hell or from Hell to Paradise. Abraham said, "And beside all this, between us and you there is a GREAT GULF FIXED: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence." (Luke 16:26)

So the scriptures in describing the spirit world of this earth describe a hollow earth.  We can thus conclude that since the spirit bodies of living beings have the same shape and form as their physical bodies, this earth being a living entity, also has it's physical body in the same shape and form as it’s spirit body – which the scriptures describe as being hollow – the location of Paradise being in the “heart of the earth” separated from Hell in the shell by a “great gulf” – the hollow of the earth.

When we reach Inner Earth on our upcoming expedition Voyage to Our Hollow Earth, we will have the opportunity to ask the inner earth inhabitants concerning their beliefs that will confirm this conclusion that the Heaven of this earth is the Inner Sun, and that the lost Garden of Eden is located on the inner surface of our planet within Our Hollow Earth.

Another item of interest we will be able to investigate with our friends of Inner Earth is that of the age of the earth.  Scientists claim the earth is millions of years old.  However, if we are to believe the Bible, and other scripture, scientists must be mistaken in their estimates -- which they have conjured up to support their false and evil theory of Organic Evolution -- which has been used by the Illuminati to replace belief in God in our educational institutions.  This is important because it is from God that we obtain all our rights and freedoms.  Organic Evolution has changed this to a belief in No God and that all our rights come from the State so that the Illuminati can then subject us to their godless governments -- because if our rights come from God, no-one can take them away from us.  But if our rights come from the State, then whoever is in power can take those rights away from us and we are their slaves.  Our Founding documents state clearly that our rights come from God and cannot be taken away from us -- because we, the people, are the sovereigns, and our servants in the government must follow our constitution and do what we tell them to do, not the other way around.

We, the people, have paid good money to our servants in the government, to tell us the truth about Our Hollow Earth -- and they have not.  Therefore, it remains to us to prove it exists -- by going there.

As to the scriptural age of the earth, the earth was created by Jesus Christ in His premortal existence spirit form as “Jehovah,” in 6 days of the Lord – which are defined as being 1,000 earth years long (2 Peter 3:8, Abraham, 3:4).  The planet where God resides, Kolob, according to the ancient text found in Egypt called the Book of Abraham, and translated by the American Prophet, Joseph Smith -- is located in the center of our galaxy, and is the largest star in the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is actually a double star system -- both stars being of equal size.  These controlling stars rotate at a rate of once every 1,000 earth years -- which is a "Day" of the Lord.  Our earth was created in six Days of the Lord -- which comes to 6,000 original earth years.

And God is still operating on the 1,000 earth years = one Day of the Lord.  In the Book of Revelation it talks about 7 seals representing 7,000 years of earth’s temporal existence that occurred after the fall of Adam when the earth and all that is on and in it became mortal -- subject to death (D&C 77)According to Biblical chronology, Adam fell and was expelled from the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve for having disobeyed God in partaking of the forbidden fruit – about 4,000 years before Christ.  There have been just over 2,000 years since Christ, so that now we are in the beginning of the 7th millennium since the fall.

Even as Jehovah rested from His labors of creation in the first 7 thousand years – the 7th day of the Lord’s creation period -- on the first Sabbath, we are now in the 2nd Sabbath of the Lord.  The scriptures say that the Lord Jesus Christ will come to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the beginning of this 7th millennium – at his Second Coming in glory (D&C 88:95).  Then in the 8th millennium – on the Lord’s Day – the earth will die and be resurrected to immoral glory for the righteous “meek” to inherit with Christ – just as Christ himself was resurrected on Sunday – the eighth day.  The earth's destiny is to become a Celestial Kingdom of God to be inhabited by the righteous followers of Christ.  Although the earth will die, it will be resurrected together with all the righteous Saints of God -- and will shine like the Sun with immortal glory.

Dianne Robbins, in her book, Messages from the Hollow Earth, in which she has received telepathic messages from Our Hollow Earth, interestingly enough, concurs with my estimate of the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in glory.  The basic message we are receiving from Inner Earth is that we must prepare for the soon to happen reuniting of Planet Earth -- Inner Earth with Outer Earth.  Our planet must be One with the Lord to be accepted by Him at his Coming.

I have received an interesting email from a Hollow Earth contactee in South America, regarding our expedition to Our Hollow Earth.  We have been assured that we have done good research and will be welcomed by the people of Inner Earth and met at the North Polar Opening and escorted in by one of their space craft.  All those voyagers that want to stay in Our Hollow Earth may, and those that want to return to outer earth will be permitted to do so.  You can read the email on my website, on my New Items page, Interesting Hollow Earth Emails.

In 2005, Steve Currey was contacted by James Haarp of out of Toronto, Canada and asked me to be on their radio show, August 17, 2005.

A couple of recent items of interest to the hollow earth / hollow planet theory, comes from NASA satellites.  The first one we'll mention is the Cassini voyage to Saturn.   Several images beamed back to earth from the Cassini space probe to Saturn show interesting anomalies that could be indications of hollow planets.  For instance, look at what NASA calls a "sharply defined circular feature" at Saturn's south pole.

Titan, one of Saturn's largest moon's, one of the few moon's in the solar system to have a significant atmosphere, has an interesting upwelling of bright clouds at its south pole.  NASA scientists speculate that it may be associated with a feature on the ground which causes wind with moisture raising up into the atmosphere and then condensing out into clouds.  One image of Titan's south pole seems to indicate these bright bubbling clouds are lighted from beneath.

In a mosaic of 35 individual exposures made at the WM Keck I Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, on 4 Feb 2004, NASA scientists have detected a hot spot at Saturn's south pole.  A sudden jump in temperature towards Saturn's south pole is a surprise for scientists because they are not taking into account the hollow nature of planets, and that the planets contain Inner Suns that produce auroras and warm air emanating from their interiors through polar openings.

The second item of interest comes from the discovery by a California scientist, Michael Mozina, who after examining images of the Sun from several solar satellites, has concluded that the Sun has a solid surface.  On his website at, you can watch solar movies showing the Sun has a solid surface.  In one movie-short, a sun quake occurred on the Sun, and a tsunami went out in all directions from the epicenter -- like when you drop a rock into a lake.  As the waves travel out from the epicenter, you can see them pass over stationary features on the solid surface of the Sun beneath the waves.

In another movie-short of satellite images, surface features from pole to pole can been seen all rotating at the same rate around the sun as it rotates.  This is in contrast to Sun spots which have been seen since the days of Galileo to rotate faster at the equator than towards the poles -- because they are an atmospheric phenomenon.  Even on earth, the atmosphere rotates faster at the equator than towards the poles.  But surface features do not.  Surface features from pole to pole all rotate at the same rate.

This discovery that the Sun has a solid surface has got to be the greatest landmark in hollow planets research in decades.  Because if the Sun has a solid surface as these solar satellite photos show, then this can only mean one thing -- that the Sun is hollow!  Why?  Because the Sun does not have enough mass to be solid all the way through.  If the Sun has a solid surface, the Sun would have to be hollow!  This confirms the conclusion I had arrived at in my book years ago, in which I calculated the density of the Sun's shell if it were hollow with a shell thickness 10% of its diameter -- and came up with the figure of 2.86 gm/cc, which indicated to me that the Sun has a solid surface.  A PhD college professor asked me for my calculations, and I sent him a spreadsheet with those calculations.  Of course, the calculations are all in my eBook, available on my website, but if any of you are interested, I can send you the spreadsheet also.

Glass has a density of 2.6, so if the Sun's shell has a density of 2.86, then this could indicate that it is a giant crystal ball with some metal impurities -- just as the spectroscopic images show.  On Michael's home page is a still image in gold color of the solid surface of the Sun showing some mountain peaks, which in another movie short on his website you can watch lightning flashing from those peaks.

Surely, with this fantastic discovery, scientists will soon have to admit that the Sun is hollow with a solid shell, and an interior sun that rotates at a different rate than it's shell giving rise to it's powerful dynamo-like electromagnetic field.  Jules Verne, in his 1864 book, Journey to The Center of the Earth, reported that his explorers saw an Inner Sun that was lighted electrically.  Surprisingly, we are now discovering that our Sun is very electrical, with gigantic lightning bolts and arcing plasma shooting up into its atmosphere from a solid surface.

On our journey to Our Hollow Earth, we will have the opportunity to see our electrical Inner Sun at a close-up range.  But not to worry.  The Inner Sun's size and temperature have been gauged perfectly by the Creator to give ideal climate, and temperature to make Inner Earth a paradise for all that live there.  YOU may want to stay once you get there!

Let me explain what we are facing to finalize this expedition.  Due to the price that the Yamal is charging us to charter our expedition, which is substantial, we need a certain number of expedition members or money from sponsors to pay for this trip.  There are still some entrepreneurial sponsors considering supporting the expedition, including scientific groups.  The Yamal nuclear icebreaker is NOT a cheap ship to charter.  Steve has diligently tried to find a more affordable ship -- but so far has been unable to find one.  He has considered chartering a diesel icebreaker, but diesel icebreakers don't measure up to our expedition requirements.

For one, diesel icebreakers don't have enough power to get through the ice to the pole.  At, you can read about how a diesel icebreaker following the Yamal to the north pole in July, 1994, frequently became trapped in the ice and the Yamal would have to turn around and free up the diesel icebreaker so it could make it to the pole behind the Yamal.  Then also, diesel icebreakers do not have the range necessary in fuel to make it to our destination and back.  Steve has tried to find a smaller nuclear icebreaker that would charge us less, but so far has been unable to locate one.  Steve has also sought the backing of sponsors for our expedition, but none have come forth as yet.  This expedition continues to be a we, the people, expedition, financed by each of us paying our own ticket on the cruise.

Another requirement of the Murmansk company for us to charter the Yamal, is that they want our deposit one year in advance of our departure date.

We have been recently contacted by Dr. Brooks Agnew, a world-renowned scientist that has committed to joining our expedition, and will be putting together a scientific team and equipment to help us document our discoveries.

Now, regarding the hollow earth theory, recently the idea surfaced again questioning the location of the north polar opening that we will be attempting to locate on this expedition.  An expedition member brought up the question:

Is the North Polar Opening located in the Beaufort Sea north of Canada, or on the Russian side of the pole?

The argument in favor of the polar opening on the Canadian side of the pole proposes that the largest basin in the Arctic sea is located north of Canada -- in the Beaufort Sea.  The ocean currents there rotate clockwise in a giant whirlpool.  It is suggested that maybe the ocean water is draining down the polar opening in that area.  In fact, in the center of the Beaufort Gyre is the location of the lowest ocean tides in the Arctic Ocean.  Jan Lamprecht of South Africa brought this up when he was studying this area for his book, Hollow Planets.  A tidal map on Jan's website showed a low tide in the center of the Beaufort Gyre.

My answer to this is that the Beaufort Gyre is caused by the Transpolar Drift

The Transpolar Drift has been known since at least the days of Fridtjof Nansen, who in 1893 sailed his ship, the Fram, north of the New Siberian Islands looking for Sannikov land, which the Russians had seen a mirage of in that direction.  Nansen embedded his ship in the ice and drifted across the Arctic in the ice flows to the east side of Greenland.  This arctic current called the Transpolar Drift acts like a swift running stream of water in a ditch.  In fact, the underwater canyons in this area follow the same direction as the Transpolar Drift.  On this map,, you can see three ocean bottom ridges crossing the Arctic ocean in the same direction as the Transpolar Drift.

As you look at the above mentioned map of the Transpolar Drift, you will notice that a powerful ocean current comes out of the area where I estimate the north polar opening is located north of the New Siberian Islands.  This current carries ice out of the polar opening across the Arctic Ocean to the Greenland side of the pole causing eddy currents on either side of the Transpolar Drift.  The eddy current on the Canadian side of the Transpolar Drift produces the Beaufort Gyre north of Canada and rotates clockwise.  This eddy current causes the ice to pile up onto the shores of northern Canada to the greatest depths of anywhere in the Arctic ocean. The thinnest ice is located where the ice comes from -- in an area north of the New Siberian Islands where I estimate the polar opening is located.  Then on the Russian/European side of the Transpolar Drift in the Barents Sea, the eddy current rotates counter-clockwise.

When reviewing this phenomenon of the Transpolar Drift, I realized a most significant evidence for the location of the polar opening.  It is a jet stream of air that follows the same path of the Transpolar Drift across the north pole.  Studying this, I then realized that this jet stream of moist air is coming up out of the polar opening north of the New Siberian Islands, flows across the arctic and drops it's moist air onto the Greenland ice cap.  Over the years, this has resulted in an accumulation of ice on the Greenland continent to the awesome depth of nearly two miles!

Consider this for a moment. What if this moist jet stream of air, over the years, had instead flowed over Alaska, or Siberia, or the Norway-Sweden-Finland peninsula -- which are all at the same latitude as Greenland?  If it had, those places would today be covered by an ice cap 2 miles thick just like Greenland is today!  If we follow that jet stream of moist air from Greenland back across the Arctic, we find that it points to the location of the polar opening -- on the Russian side of the pole!  The same thing is happening in Antarctica.  Warm, moist air coming up out of the polar opening, which I estimate is located at 50 W Lon, 85 S Lat, has covered the east Antarctic ice cap to a depth of over 2 miles!

My conclusion from this evidence is that the Arctic Transpolar ice pack and current drift across the pole from the area north of the New Siberian islands to Greenland with a jet stream of moist warm air dumping snow and ice onto Greenland ice cap to the phenomenal depth of two miles in thickness.  This indicates to me that the polar opening is located on the Russian side of the pole near 85 N Lat, 130 E Lon, where I have estimated it to be located.

It cannot be denied that there is a strong current flowing out of that area north of the New Siberian Islands.  It is the location where most of the freshwater ice in the Arctic is coming from.  Eddy currents on each side of the Transpolar Drift flowing out of that area cause the Beaufort Gyre to rotate clockwise and the gyre in the Barents Sea to rotate counter clockwise on either side of this swift current of water coming up out of the polar opening.  Perhaps the Transpolar jet stream and ice flows originate from the valley of the River Hiddekel that empties into the Arctic Ocean within the polar opening from the Inner Continent.

In his book, Olaf explained where the ice comes from that fills the Transpolar Drift current, when he wrote, "...about three-fourths of the 'inner' surface of the earth is land and about one-fourth water. There are numerous rivers of tremendous size, some flowing in a northerly direction and others southerly. Some of these rivers are thirty miles in width, and it is out of these vast waterways, at the extreme northern and southern parts of the 'inside' surface of the earth, in regions where low temperatures are experienced that fresh water icebergs are formed. They are then pushed out to sea like huge tongues of ice, by the abnormal freshets of turbulent waters that twice every year, sweep everything before them." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 122, 123)

Does water drain down the polar opening?

It was pointed out to me that perhaps the low tide in the center of the Beaufort Gyre is an indication that water is draining down the polar opening.  It is not.  The low tide in that area is caused by the whirlpool of water in an eddy of the Transpolar Drift --  just like the eye of a hurricane.  It does not mean that water is draining down a polar opening into the hollow interior.

The idea that water must drain down the polar hole, if it exists, is based on the flawed idea scientists have that the center of gravity is located in the center of the earth.  Granted, there is a small center of gravity located in the Central Sun, but since 99.9% of the earth's mass is located in it's 800-mile thick shell, the center of gravity for us on the surface of the planet, within the polar opening, and on the inner surface of the shell is located in the SHELL of the earth -- NOT the center of the earth.  The center of gravity in the shell is actually a sphere -- located about 700 miles down in the shell from the outer surface.  Gravity accelerates towards this central sphere of gravity in the shell from within and without, and within the polar opening -- keeping our feet firmly planted on the surface of the planet.  Even on the sides of the polar opening, gravity holds the water to the sides of the opening.

What about Jan Lamprecht's conclusion that the polar opening is located in the Beaufort Sea north of Canada?

In his book, Hollow Planets, Jan Lamprecht did seem to come to the conclusion that the polar opening must be located between northern Canada and the pole -- somewhere out in the Beaufort Sea.  My conclusion is different because Jan Lamprecht did not take into account the missing Soviet Flyers, Olaf Jansen, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Ronald Amundsen, and Fridtjof Nansen.  Taking into consideration these accounts, together with the sightings of the mirages of land sighted out over the Arctic Ocean from Canada, Alaska and Russia, as Jan Lamprecht covered so well in his book -- when all the evidence is considered -- then the location of the polar opening weighs in greater on the Russian side of the pole.

Jan Lamprecht published on his website an article written by Lt. Green in 1923 in the Popular Science Monthly magazine titled, Will the ZR-1 Discover a Polar Paradise?  In his article, Lt. Fitzhugh Green, who was Admiral Peary's physicist and co-explorer with MacMillan, actually believed that a mirage Admiral Peary sighted northwest of Ellesmere Island, northern Canada, was an undiscovered island in the Arctic Ocean.  Admiral Peary even named that undiscovered land, Crockerland.  In his article, Lt. Green depicted this island to be located mostly on the Russian side of the pole.  See map  The Navy dirigible, the ZR-1 was scheduled to look for it on a flight from Point Barrow to Spitzbergen that very next summer of 1924, but it crashed and didn't make that flight.

Two years later, however, in 1926, both Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Roald Amundsen took flights into the Arctic to look for that missing island that Lt. Green wanted to find with the ZR-1.  Amundsen flew his dirigible from Spitzbergen to Alaska but did not see any land where Lt. Green proposed it would be located.  However, they did find higher temperatures and anomalous fog in the vicinity of the pole, and were surprised that when they arrived in Alaska, they were 100 miles too far west of Point Barrow that they didn't even see it.  This indicates to me that this skewing of their direct line of flight from Spitzbergen to Point Barrow over the pole, towards the west, may have been caused by dipping down somewhat into the polar opening located on the Russian side of the pole.  If the polar opening is located on the Canadian side of the pole, their line of flight would have been skewed towards the Canadian side of the pole caused by the curvature of the earth into the polar opening.

In one chapter of his book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE ARCTIC, Vilhjalmur Stefannson covers the mystery of the Missing Soviet Flyers, who in August 1937 were flying north of the Kara Sea from Russia to Alaska, and were lost somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.  Radio transmissions from the ill-fated flight were received, but grew fainter and fainter until they were received no more.  Subsequent rescue flights flew all over that area north of Canada and were unable to locate them.  Moscow called off the search after 7 months.  The flight paths of the rescue effort was also given in his book on a map showing their flights all over that area north of Canada and Alaska -- which indicates to me that the polar opening is not located in that area.  On the other hand, if you draw a line from the Kara Sea to Alaska, it passes directly over the area I estimate the polar opening is located -- on the Russian side of the pole.

In 1829, Olaf and Jens Jansen sailed in their small fishing boat through a lead in the ice from the northern shores of Franz Josef land in a North East direction when they accidentally found the north polar opening and sailed through it into Inner Earth.  This direction would put the polar opening on the Russian side of the pole.

On page 66 of The Smoky God, Olaf Jansen mentioned that as he and his father left Franz Josef Land on their expedition to the Hollow Earth, "we seemed to be in a strong current running north by northeast."  On their third day's sailing northeast of Franz Josef Land, they discovered an island with a large accumulation of drift-wood on the northern shore, trunks of coniferous trees two feet in diameter and forty feet long.  This encouraged them to continue north in hopes of finding the legendary land where the "Chosen" people lived -- cousins of their ancestors who had migrated there centuries ago.  Again, several days further on, on page 84, Olaf reported, "...we discovered...that we were sailing slightly north by northeast."

Jan Lamprecht rejected Olaf's testimony as being a book of fiction, as some claim.  However, my research indicates that it is not a book of fiction, but the real life story of Olaf Jansen, published after his death by his friend, George Emerson.  Emerson wrote several books in his lifetime, but none like The Smoky God.  He claimed Olaf's story was the story given to him by his dying friend, an immigrant to America from Sweden.  People usually do not lie between their teeth on their death bed.  Several things in Olaf's story indicates to me it is a truthful story of his life.

For example, Olaf and his father were believers in their ancestor gods, Odin and Thor -- to their dying days.  Yet Olaf reported that the Inner Earth people believe in Jehovah -- the god of the ancient Israelites.  If this was a book of fiction, the writer would have had them find a people related to them that also believed in Odin and Thor, and would have reported that their gods had guided them to that land of paradise inside the earth.  Also, if it was a book of fiction, why then didn't the author have them find the capital city of Inner Earth to be Asgard of Norwegian legend, instead of the Garden of Eden?

On the scientific side, consider that Olaf didn't know what the "star" was that he was seeing directly over their heads as they passed through the polar opening.  If you think about it, it obviously was the reflection of our outer sun's light reflecting off the surface of the ocean on the opposite side of the polar opening above their heads.  If this was a book of fiction, the author would most likely have explained what was the cause of that prominent "star" that Olaf saw in broad daylight.

Several critics of Olaf's story said they could not understand why Olaf would say that his compass always pointed towards the north pointer on his compass even after they were going south on the inside of the earth.  This is easily explained by comparing the earth to a magnet or electric coil, the magnetic field of which has field lines coming out one end, going over the outside of the magnet or coil to the other end and going inside and continuing the same loop inside and out.

Scientists today describe the earth as a giant magnet.  The flux of the earth's magnetism is what causes the compass needle to point north.  That magnetic flux exits the earth from the magnetic south pole, flows over the surface of the planet and enters the earth at the magnetic north pole -- just like a magnet.  That flux continues on the inside to the south pole where it exits again to the outside on a never ending flow in and out of the earth.  When comparing the earth to a magnet or the flux of an electric coil, you find that the magnetic flux of both act the same -- so that the inside of our hollow earth's north pole is our south pole, and their south pole is our north magnetic pole.  Knowing this, then you realize why a magnetic compass will point to the north pole bearing on the compass as you pass through and into the hollow earth through the north polar opening -- just as Olaf Jansen reported.  This is most probably why Our Hollow Earth in scripture is called the "North Countries."  The compass needle is following the earth's magnetic flux inside the earth and always points to the north marking on the compass as you go through the polar opening and into the interior.  Once you get on the interior of the earth, the compass needle continues to point to the north marking on the compass because their north pole is our south pole.

Along this same line of thought, the critics could not understand why Olaf could say that the interior sun appears to come up in the east in the morning and go down in the west.  The reason Olaf could say this is because the interior sun is 23 times larger in apparent size than our outer sun and so covers a larger portion of the inner sky.  Additionally, this inner sun is divided between it's day and night sides -- the night side having a reddish-brown darker luminescence, the day's side covered by a bright white-like cloud.  Understanding that the interior world's directions are the exact opposite of ours with their north pole at our south pole, then their east and west are also opposite ours -- so that since the earth rotates from west to east on the outside, even so on the inside the earth also rotates from west to east and so the inner sun's bright white cloud emerges in the morning on the east side of the inner sun just like our sun emerges in the morning also in the east.  So now you see Olaf's critics in this regard did not think this through very clearly.

Jan Lamprecht also rejected the testimony of Admiral Richard E. Byrd as fictional stories -- perhaps because of a study done by hollow earth researcher Dennis Crenshaw of a fictional account of Byrd's February flight of 1947 through the north polar opening into our hollow earth.  That account may be fiction, but I know from different sources that what was reported in that account actually did happen and that the Admiral tried several times to tell the world about his discovery that our earth is hollow in his world-wide radio broadcasts, but he was prevented from doing so by the government and his military superiors.

John Gagne, that I met in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1981, was told by Admiral Byrd's close friend, Sylvia Darvell, that the Admiral had confided in her after his Arctic flight of February 1947, beyond the North Pole, while the New York Times was saying that he was in Antarctica, that he actually was in the Arctic and flew past the ice BEYOND the north geographic pole, and flew through the polar opening into Inner Earth where he was sided by flying saucer-type craft of Inner Earth and landed near an Inner Earth city.  He was taken in and interviewed by one of their government officials who asked him to deliver a message to Washington that they oppose our use of nuclear weapons.

F. Amadeo Giannini wrote in his 1959 book, WORLDS BEYOND THE POLES, "This United States Navy's polar exploratory force was preparing to embark upon one of the most memorable adventures in world history. Under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., it was to penetrate into land extending beyond the North Pole supposed end of the Earth...As the hour approached for air journey into the land beyond, Admiral Byrd transmitted from the Arctic base a radio announcement of his purpose, but the announcement was so astonishing that its import was lost to millions who avidly read it in press headlines throughout the world...The words of the message were momentous: 'I'd like to see that LAND BEYOND the Pole."..."That area BEYOND the Pole is THE CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN!'

Now, when Admiral Byrd flew BEYOND the pole when he flew through the north polar opening in February 1927, he did that from the American side of the pole, not the Russian side.  If he had flown from the Russian side of the pole, then beyond the pole would be on the American/Canadian side of the pole.  But Admiral Byrd was not flying for the Russians, but for the U.S. Navy -- from America.  The fact that he said he flew "beyond" the pole indicates to me that he discovered the north polar opening on the Russian side of the north geographic pole.

Consider also the testimony of Ray Palmer, editor of SEARCH and FLYING SAUCERS magazines, in which he testified of Byrd's discovery of Our Hollow Earth. Palmer lived in Amherst, Wisconsin. He wrote in his magazine, that about three miles away was the hometown of the late Lloyd K. Grenlie who was a friend of his. Grenlie "...was the radio-man on Admiral Byrd's expedition to the South Pole in 1926 and to both poles in 1929."

"It was emphatically denied that he made flights to BOTH poles in 1929." However, Palmer continued, "That year a newsreel could be seen in America's theaters which described BOTH flights, and also showed newsreel photographs of the 'land beyond the pole with its mountains, trees, rivers, and a large animal identified as a mammoth.'"

"Today this newsreel apparently does not exist, although hundreds of my readers remember as I do, this movie short. Thus, I have it on my own personal viewing of this movie short, and from the radio-man who went with Byrd to that land beyond the pole and SAW the things recorded on that film, that this unknown, uncharted, and presently denied land exists!" (FLYING SAUCERS, Sept. 1970)

Jack West, a leader of the LDS church in California, who also was an amateur archeologist, said in a seminar (the tape recording of which I have in my possession), "You see, I heard that broadcast as many of you did, by Admiral Byrd. For he testified, 'We've flown hundreds of miles north of the north pole, every inch of the way, over beautiful forest land and green hills and lovely blue waters, and we've seen giant animals down there in the woods.' And then they had to return because they were almost out of gas. He went to the south pole. Got more gas this time; went still farther south of the SOUTH pole, every inch of the way he testified, over blue waters and beautiful wooded areas and green hills."

"Now, I don't know the answer. All I know is that the greatest number of sightings of UFO's have been near the north and south poles. Wouldn't that be fascinating if some of them are coming from down inside? Yes, they are way ahead of us they all testify. Get this book called, THE HOLLOW EARTH. It's a scientific book this time; gives evidence all over the place that the government purposely quieted down and hushed up that story of Admiral Byrd that I heard both of his international broadcasts as many of you did on international radio hookup when he told about these stories. Believe me, HE WAS NOT OFF HIS ROCKER! I believe with all my heart that they literally did exactly what he said they did!"

The Norwegian arctic explorer, Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, in his book, Farthest North, relates his observations of several anomalous phenomena on his Arctic expedition of 1893-94 in the ship, the Fram.  Nansen's observations are signficant -- because of all Arctic explorers we have record of, Nansen was the one that got closest to the North Polar Opening without entering and discovering it.

First, Nansen discovered a substantial stretch of open ocean north of the New Siberian Islands that continues to this very day.  In contrast, in his passage north of Norway and Russia to the New Siberian Islands, he had to stay close to the coast to get past the ice.  And yet, on their way north of the New Siberian Islands, in September of 1893, they didn't find ice until 79 degrees N. Latitude.  Only after 7 days sailing north over rolling open ocean did they reach the pack ice north of the New Siberian Islands.

Then to their surprise out on the ice pack, they found a remarkable number of birds of various kinds including snipe and seagulls, also foxes, walrus and polar bears that indicated they were in the proximity of land towards the north.  They passed the winter with their ship frozen in the ice pack and while waiting out the winter, they took scientific measurements and observations.  They found rock and large quantities of mud and driftwood on some of the icebergs that indicated to Nansen that much of the Arctic ice originates in some river, perhaps further to the north than they were then located -- in some uncharted land.

In mid winter, on January 17th, 1894, at 79 deg N Latitude, 135 deg 29' E Longitude, observations by Nansen found that a north wind raised the temperature while a south wind lowered it, indicating that warm air was coming out of the north in winter -- perhaps from a land further north warmed by an inner sun.  Nansen also discovered that ocean water temperatures were warmer the further down he measured it beneath the ice, as also the air temperature above the ice when measured from the ship's crows nest was discovered to be warmer than next to the ice.

Then at 80 deg 1' N Latitude, when Nansen was located 303 miles from the center of my estimated location of the North Polar Opening, on February 16-19 Nansen caught sight of a mirage of the inner sun.  They were then located on the lip of the polar opening.  Nansen had no knowledge of our hollow earth, nor of the polar openings.  He thought it must be a mirage of our outer sun, but it was mid-winter, in the Arctic polar night that lasts 6 months of the year.  Most likely it was a sighting of a mirage of the Inner Sun.

Olaf Jansen and his fisherman father, who attained the land of Our Hollow Earth in a voyage in their small fishing boat through the North Polar Opening, tells of their first sighting of the interior sun. It was the first part of August 1829. At first, Olaf's father thought it was a mirage.  They had been sailing about 15 days northeast from Franz Josef Land when Olaf records: "One day about this time, my father startled me by calling my attention to a novel sight far in front of us, almost at the horizon. 'It is a mock sun,' exclaimed my father. 'I have read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away.'"

"But this dull-red, false sun, as we supposed it to be, did not pass away for several hours; and while we were unconscious of its emitting any rays of light, still there was no time thereafter when we could not sweep the horizon in front and locate the illumination of the so-called false sun, during a period of at least twelve hours out of every twenty-four."

"Clouds and mists would at times almost, but never entirely, hid its location. Gradually it seemed to climb higher in the horizon of the uncertain purply sky as we advanced."

"It could hardly be said to resemble the sun, except in its circular shape, and when not obscured by clouds or the ocean mists, it had a hazy-red, bronzed appearance, which would change to a white light like a luminous cloud, as if reflecting some greater light beyond."

"We finally agreed in our discussion of this smoky furnace-colored sun, that, whatever the cause of the phenomenon, it was not a reflection of our sun, but a planet of some sort--a reality." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 85-7)

On page 162, Nansen recorded, "Monday, February 19th... Both today and yesterday we have seen the mirage of the Sun again; today it was high above the horizon, and almost seemed to assume a round, disk-like form."  He remarked that it had a hazy, smoky-red color -- similar to the description of the inner sun given by Olaf Jansen, whose father also at first thought it was a mirage.

Come summer, Nansen went out on the ice pack and investigated a pollen-like substance that seemed to cover the ice everywhere with a brownish color.

Inner Earth explorer Olaf Jansen explains that the northern shores of the inner world are covered with large fields that grow flowers, whose pollen is blown out over the Arctic ice fields through the North Polar Opening.

Prior to his Arctic expedition, Nansen had visited Russia and consulted with their experts about their sighting of a mirage of land they termed Sannikov land north of the New Siberian Islands.  The New Siberian islands even today are covered with bones and remains of mammoths and other inner earth animals that Olaf Jansen claims fell into ice crevasses of inner earth rivers that empty into the Arctic Polar Opening where they froze and later were carried out to sea and eventually ended up deposited onto northern Arctic shores.  Remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth, foxes and a hardy breed horse that scientists claim are prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice.  Recently, some scientists have been attempting to find some of these exotic animal remains that are frozen and preserved in Arctic ice. They want to take samples of the frozen flesh and use it to clone these exotic animals to start a sort of Jurassic Park.  Little do they know that a Jurassic Park of sorts already exists located inside Our Hollow Earth, and can be reached through the North Polar Opening, north of the New Siberian Islands, from whence all the frozen exotic carcasses come from.

It is important to note that the frozen mammoth remains and other animal remains increase in number the farther north one goes in Siberia, being most numerous in the New Siberian Islands.  You can read this report on the website.  This indicates to me that these mammoth and exotic animal remains were perhaps spewed out of our hollow earth through the polar opening north of the New Siberian Islands onto the Siberian coasts by the water of Noah's flood or some subsequent world-wide catastrophe such as at the time of the Israelite exodus from Egypt in 1532 B.C.  Scientists have belabored over the origin of these frozen mammoth remains in Siberia for decades, but Olaf Jansen gave the answer to how these animals are found mangled with large tree trunk remains and undigested vegetation in their stomachs.  He reported that they originate from inside our Hollow Earth.

Several have suggested that because the north magnetic pole is today located in the Beaufort Sea, that perhaps this indicates that the polar opening is located there.  This ignores the fact that the magnetic poles move.  Four hundred years ago, the north magnetic pole was located in northern Europe, so does that mean the polar opening has moved also?

Assuming that the earth in the creation period, was most probably formed in rotation, the polar openings would have formed at the polar axis of the earth where centrifugal force would have thrown matter away from the axis of rotation.  Yet when the polar opening was formed and the earth solidified to its present solid state, those openings would then be fixed in the solid shell of the earth -- and not moving around with the movement of the magnetic poles.

Subsequent passages of planet sized comets may have tipped the earth on its axis somewhat so that now the polar openings are now not centered over the geographic poles of the earth, but located approximately 5 degrees from the pole.

Mirages of the Inner Continent within the polar opening have been sighted all around the Arctic.  The Russians have sighted it north of the New Siberian Islands.  Admiral Peary, MacMillan, Lt. Green and some Eskimos sighted it northwest of Ellesmere Island.  Dr. Cook took a picture of it on his way to the pole in 1907 at about 84 N Lat, 95.3 W Lon, and named it Bradley land.  He said it appeared to the west of his trek to the pole.  He was located at that time at 84 N Latitude -- close to the same latitude the polar opening is mostly likely located where I have estimated the polar opening is located.

If the polar opening is located in the Beaufort Sea, Dr. Cook would have sighted it towards the southwest of his position at the time.  The Beaufort Sea location is also southwest of Axel Heiberg Island near Ellesmere Island where Admiral Peary, MacMillian and Lt. Green sighted Crocker land.  Yet they clearly stated that they sighted Crocker land towards the northwest of their position, not southwest.   Captain Keenan reportedly sighted a mirage of land north of Harrison Bay, Alaska, as well as others.  I think what is happening is that warm, moist air coming up out of the polar opening on the Russian side of the pole spreads the mirage of land over the landscape curvature of the opening as it curves out towards the pole allowing the Russians to see it north of the New Siberian Islands, the Canadians to see it northwest of Ellesmere Island, and the Americans to see it north of Alaska.

Certainly, in our search for the polar opening in Our Hollow Earth Expedition, we will come within 400 miles of it so that we can detect it's exact location with our gyroscopes.

Cancellation of the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition

In April, 2006 Steve Currey, our expedition organizer, returned from South America, went in for a check-up and his doctors discovered May 1st that he had brain cancer with 6 tumors, and on May 22 was advised his cancer was incurable.  He passed away July 26 and his funeral was August 1, 2006 in Provo, Utah.  His family announced that they were canceling their involvement in the expedition and have returned to expedition members all monies.  We were most SAD to hear this fateful news.

Marcelo, expedition member from Argentina has created a very nice web page in memory of our dear friend and expedition organizer, Steve Currey.  Visit it here:

Thank you, Marcelo for your very kind words!  We do miss Steve so very much.  Here is another nice picture sent by expedition member James Still, in memory of Steve Currey.

Subsequent to Steve Currey's passing, expedition member Dr. Brooks Agnew called me and offered to take on the role of our expedition leader.  He worked very hard for several years promoting the expedition which he renamed the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.  He traveled to Tibet and sold a DVD video promoting the expedition.  Finally, he found a sponsor, a New York film company that agreed to make our expedition their project for 2013.  In January 2013, Dr. Agnew called the New York film company to arrange for them to put a down payment on chartering the Russian Nuclear icebreaker that was to take us into the Arctic.  But no-one answered the phone.  He sent someone to their address and their office were found vacated and were unable to find where they had gone.  Finally, that fall on September 8, 2013, Dr. Agnew submitted his resignation as expedition leader.  He said the largest stockholder of his start-up electric car company withdrew all his money citing the reason being that Dr. Agnew was involved in our expedition.  Because of this, Dr. Agnew felt he could no longer afford to lead our expedition effort.

Since Dr. Agnew's resignation as our expedition leader, I have been encouraging all interested parties to do their own expedition to Our Hollow Earth.  Instructions on how to get there are in my book.

In July 2019, my wife and I were invited to go on the expedition of Andres of Australia's expedition to the North Polar Opening.  He then took a trip to Europe to look for more evidence of the North Polar Opening from Gerardus Mercator's map of the Arctic showing the inner continent.  He brought back some interesting information on a one of the sources of Mercator's Arctic map.  He then started to put together a website to promote the expedition, but then decided it was too dangerous for his liking, and decided not to go public with his plans.

1/10/2020.  Physicist, Dr. Brooks Agnew has reposted his website and projected a new date to carry out his North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.  He is chartering the new Russian nuclear icebreaker, the Arktika to carry expedition members into the Arctic in search of the North Polar Opening.  Since the itinerary shows the expedition is going to the Magnetic North Pole which was located at 86.448 N 175.34585 E in 2019, and is now located one-quarter of the way into the polar opening, scientists using a gyroscope aboard the Arktika should be able to detect the curvature into the earth towards the North Polar Opening, which my latest evidence indicates is located centered near Northland, Russia at 85 N, 130 E

As the ship enters the polar opening towards the Magnetic North Pole location, they will notice that their horizontal gyroscope will start to dip up.  After passing the Magnetic North Pole location, the horizontal gyroscope will start to move back to the level position as the ship rises up out of the opening.  The ship can then be backed down to the most vertical position at the Magnetic Pole location, then make a right angle turn to the right, and the ship will then go directly through the polar opening.  They will know they are half way through the opening when the horizontal gyroscope has become vertical.  They will also be able to look up and see the opposite side of the opening in the sky above them, which in the Arctic is ocean.  I have determined that gravity is a push of the ether of space flowing into the mass of the earth, and is what keeps the water pushed to the sides of the opening.  Inside the Hollow Earth, the ether flowing into the inner surface is what keeps their feet firmly planted on the inner surface.  When Byrd was flying through the South Polar Opening in 1929, he looked up and could see the other side of the opening, the continent in the sky above his head, and exclaimed, "THAT ENCHANTED CONTINENT IN THE SKY,  LAND OF EVERLASTING MYSTERY!" 

On this Google Earth map, you can see the flight path Richard E. Byrd took in 1927 to the Hollow Earth through the North Polar Opening from Alert Base, Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada in the direction of the coordinates of 87.7 N, 142.2 E  that Bryd took from Alert to the Polar Opening which coordinates Ret. Col. Billie F. Woodard gave me of the historical account of Byrd's first flight into the hollow earth, which he read in the library at Area 51 where he worked for 11.5 years.  On the map you can see the location of the geographic North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole in relation to the location of the North Polar Opening.  The outer red circle on the map is the perimeter of the Polar Opening where the earth starts to dip into the opening, and the inner red circle is the diameter at the neck half way through the opening.  I have now determined the diameter of the neck of the opening at 125 miles, as reported by Byrd on his February 1946 flight half-way through the South Polar Opening at the beginning of Operation High Jump. (see GENESIS FOR THE SPACE RACE, p. 150) 

You can now subscribe to Dr. Agnew's Hollow Earth TV channel to keep informed of the progress and to help finance the expedition.

Next Year In Eden,

Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret Our Earth Is Hollow!