The Hollow Earth

Comprehensive list of Dr. Bernard's complete works


The following is a descriptive list of Dr. Bernard's complete works -- giving a good overview of his many-sided interests.

Dr. Raymond Bernard was born Walter Seigmeister in 1901 to a family of Russian non-practising Jews in New York City. His father was a doctor which gave him an early interest in health. As a young man he became deeply interested in the works of the Theosophists and Rudolph Steiner's Anthropo- sophists, especially those works relating to Atlantis and Lemuria.

His B.A. was from Columbia University in 1924, and his M.A. and Ph.D were in education -- from New York University (in 1930 and 1932 respectively). His Ph.D. dissertation was, "Theory and Practice of Dr. Rudolf Steiner's Pedagogy."

His final and most popular book was the "The Hollow Earth." He died of pneumonia on September 10, 1965, while searching the tunnel openings to the interior of the Earth, in South America. He was an individual who was not afraid to explore well beyond the confines of the `establishment's convention', and the spirit of his controversial research lives on....


THE REVOLT AGAINST CHEMICALS- Dr. R.W. Bernard & Morris A. Bealle, Editor of Capsule News. Mimeographed on heavy white paper and one of the hottest things ever printed. NEW, enlarged 1957 edition - 85 pages.

"Official Washington drinks pure water but forces the people of the Capital City to drink aqua impura, doctored with a RAT POISON called SODIUM FLUORIDE. President Eisenhower and members of the Senate drink PURE SPRING WATER, brought from the hills of Arkansas by the Mountain Valley Water Company.

"The Republican Club gets its water from the Berkeley Springs Water Company, it being brought to Washington from West Virginia. Big shot politicians have NO INTENTION of absorbing this cumulative paralyzing poison, even though they DO NOTHING TO KEEP THE PEOPLE FROM BEING FORCED TO DRINK IT!

"The Allpure Water Company has doubled its Washington business since the city's water supply was adulterated a few years ago by a sluggish- minded trio of city commissioners."

"The Justice Dept. also drinks bottled spring water. This Dept. is charged by law with enforcing laws, such as the law against placing poison in public water supplies(!). Instead of enforcing it, they get good water for their officials to drink..." --Capsule News.

The poisoning of food for profit by Big Business continues at an alarming rate - The Food & Drug Administration looks the other way while 500 chemicals are added to the food you buy in the markets. This of course, is not published in the public mediums as it would hurt `advertising revenues.' We give you information on many of the drugs, chemicals and poisons you eat daily in your food and the harmful effects to your health.

The Growing Opposition to Chemical Additives in Food and Water: The Fluoridation of City Water, the Chemicalization of Bread and the Pasteurization of Milk is fully covered in this giant folio by Dr. Raymond Bernard, B.A., M. A., Ph. D.

Do you know that WHITE SUGAR is the most injurious product of our national diet; that OLEOMARGARINE is an inferior product (closest thing to PLASTIC you can ingest); that PASTEURIZED OR HOMOGENIZED MILK means devitalized milk (50% of the vitamin C and 25% of the vitamin B is destroyed- 6% less available calcium); Tobacco contains not less than 19 poisons and that ASPIRIN is a DOPE?

Do you realize that over 500 different poisons are being placed into foods that you eat? These can and do have an accumulative effect on your body.

Morris Bealle of the American Capsule News gives you information on these poisons such as: Potassium Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Calcium Stearate, Tannic Acid, Glucanol, Hexanol, Hydroquinon, Isoamyl Isovalerate, Juniper Berries, Lavender Flowers, Methyl Anthranilate, etc., and these are only a few of the drugs covered in this amazing folio.


This author covers such subjects as Sprays, Chemicals in Drinking Water, Organic Foods, Lecithin, Low Protein Diet Etc. Learn the Newest Discovery in Nutrition. This volume is the sequel of the famous book, HOW TO EAT SAFELY IN A POISONED WORLD, published by the author's friend and colleague, Anton H. Jensen. This volume is famous throughout the world.

Since he wrote the book above, Dr. Bernard has written a number of other works on food poisoning by sprays and the importance of organic foods.


The Experiments of Dr. Robert McCarrison; Synthetic vitamins differ from natural vitamins of organic foods; Dr. McCarrison found that it was not only the type of foods consumed but the manner in which the soil was cultivated that gave health to the Hunzas; More and more deadly sprays to Poison you faster; the DDT spray menace; Dr. Martin's Studies on widespread DDT poisoning; M. D. fears DDT is poisoning the nation, finds traces in 23 of 25 humans; warns of liver damage; More insecticides each year; Dr. Biskind's findings on danger of poisoning by residues of DDT, Chlordane and other chlorinated hydrocarbons in sprayed foods; Chlordane the new super-killer; 704 different chemicals in our foods; Dr. Hobb's studies on spray poisoning; Convulsions due to sprays in foods; Additional evidence concerning the daily, ever-present menace of insecticide residues in foods; Poison on Tap; The Chemical and Metallic Contamination of Drinking Water; The Menace of Chlorination; Metallic Poisoning From Water Pipes; Chronic Poisoning From Metallic Tooth Fillings; Aluminum Contamination of City Water; Is Aluminum Poisoning Responsible for the Modern Increase of Nervous and Mental Diseases?; Aluminized City Water; Pasteurized Milk and Insecticide Residues in Foods as Causes of Polio; Some sickness mistaken for polio may have been caused by eating fruits or vegetables bearing parathion residue; Newer phosphate insecticides as far more virulent than anything ever used before in agricultural pest control; The origin of cancer; The menace of fluoridation; Dishes to hold water - glass vs. metal; Is springwater safe to drink? Does it have calcareous deposits?; Metallic Contamination of Foods and Beverages by Grinding and juicing machines, eating utensils, etc.; Chinese bake cakes of lentils and almonds; The Chinese make flours from rice, peanuts, sweet potatoes, peas, coconuts, millet, bananas - everything BUT WHEAT: Why wheat is an inferior grain, which is uric-acid forming and decalcifying; Coconut Water; The Supreme Distilled Water; The chemical contamination of bread; chemical poisoning of grain crops on the farm; Fumigation of grain after harvesting; Machine milling and refining of grain; Enrichment with synthetic vitamins; Bleaching chemicals - producers of insanity; Chemical preservatives; Chemical dough conditioners; Artificial colorings and flavorings; Chemical yeast food; Salt, a Physiological Poison; How to make your own alkaline, unleavened undegerminated corn and millet health bread; Natural vs. Synthetic vitamins; How Crystalline and Synthetic Vitamins are made; Vitamin Toxicity; Trace Minerals and sea vegetation; Trace mineral deficiency and disease; Seeds as a source of nutrition; Why vitamin F has been neglected by nutritionists; Physiological Function of lecithin; Nutritional value of sesame seeds; Dairy Products Substitutes made from sesame seeds; Sunflower, the miracle food; Organic Foods for Better Health; etc., etc.


A Startling Historical Discovery Based on Ancient Records Rescued from the Alexandrian Library Prior to Its Having Been Set on Fire by the Roman Churchmen, Concerning the Unknown World Teacher of the First Century, Leader and Teacher of the Essenes, Who First Introduced Among them the Gospel of Chrishna, Hindu Savior of 3000 B.C., which he Translated from the Sanskrit into the Aramaic as the Original Gospel (Diegesis) which, three centuries later, was elaborated into the four Christian Gospels by Roman Churchmen at the Council of Nicea, held in the year 325 A. D.

By Dr. R W. Bernard (B.A., M. A., Ph. D. )


A Startling Revelation of What Really Occurred at the Council of Nicea, Called by the Degenerate Roman Emperor and Homicidal Maniac, Constantine, When Apollonius of Tyana, the True Founder of Essenian Early Christianity, was replaced by a Fictitious Figure Put in His Place, More Pleasing to Constantine, Whereupon He Made the Doctrines of the Persecuted Essenes the Imperial Religion of Rome and Turned his Legions from Putting to Death the Early Christians to Massacring All who Refused to Accept Christianity in its New Romanized Form.

This manuscript also contains the Life and Private Correspondence of Apollonius of Tyana, The Teacher of Righteousness of the First Century Essenes and the Unknown Founder of Essenian Early Christianity.

AGHARTA - The Subterranean World - By Dr. Raymond Bernard Highly Illustrated Showing Flying Saucers Over San Francisco; California.

The author says that Admiral Byrd, on his return from the South Pole, said: "The present expedition has opened up a vast new land." He reported, in 1957, before his death - this land as: "That enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery"' Today in 1963, nowhere is that mysterious land mentioned Why? Did Byrd actually fly beyond the pole into the center of the earth? He and his crew flew 1,700 miles across the traversed direction of the North Polar Region! Dr. Bernard theorizes. Why does the U.S. government frown on the subject of flying saucers? They admit they exist (see actual photograph of "Operations and Training - UFO's Serious Business bulletin in the book, Flying Saucers Top Secret by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, U. S. Marine Corps, Retired, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

Many are of the opinion that various governments and air forces do not want certain information given publicity. One `authority' says: "The various governments have all of the information that we have, but in order to avoid panic by the lunatic fringe and perhaps for many other vital reasons of security, they wish this information to be kept among those who are not mentally affected by it."

DOES SHANGRI-LA EXIST? The Russian explorer, Ferdinand Ossendowski, author of "Beasts, Men and Gods" claims that tunnels which encircle the earth and which pass under the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, were built by men of the preglacial Hyperborean civilization which flourished in the polar region at a time when its climate was still tropical - a race of supermen possessing scientific powers of a superior order, including tunnel-boring machines we know nothing about. Ossendowski says:

"Among all races of mankind, back to the dawn of time, there existed a tradition concerning the existence of a Sacred Land or Terrestrial Paradise, where the highest ideals of humanity were living realities. This concept is found in the most ancient writings and traditions of the peoples of Europe, Asia Minor, China, India., Egypt and the Americas. This Sacred Land, it is said, can be known only to persons who are worthy, pure and innocent, for which reason it constitutes the central theme for the dreams of childhood. "

To understand the true nature of the flying saucers and their origin, it is necessary to know something about the history of Atlantis, since it is the opinion of Huguenin that flying saucers are nothing other than Atlantean aircraft which, before the occurrence of the catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis, were brought to the Subterranean World in the hollow interior of the earth. After they left the outer atmosphere they flew in the inner atmosphere, the chief mode of travel in this inner concave world where the shortest distance between two points on its surface is a straight air line best traversed by means of flying saucers.

Aerial navigation existed long before the making of the first airplane by the Wright brothers, the director of the International Academy of Sanskrit Investigation at Mysa, India discovered an ancient treatise on aeronautics, which was written three thousand years ago. This treatise gives (in eight chapters) diagrams, describing three types of aircraft, including apparatuses that could neither catch on fire nor break, and mentions thirty-one essential parts of these vehicles and sixteen materials from which they are constructed, which absorb light and heat.

The author claims he has proved that there are flying saucers (of which thousands of photographs have been taken and thousands of eye-witnesses exist) and that they come from inside our own earth beyond the Pole.


By Raymond Bernard, Ph. D. (Contains Many Photographs from the rare book, Monumental Christianity By Lundy.)

This unique volume gives the true history of the Original Gospel of the Lord of Love and Master of Compassion, from which the Four Christian Gospels were Derived - A New Light on the Origin of Christianity.

It is the purpose of this book to show that the origin of the Christian religion consists in the teachings of Chrishna, savior of Ancient India, which he enunciated to his Hindu followers on the banks of the Ganges 5,000 years ago, and that these doctrines were introduced to the West during the first half of the first century by Apollonius of Tyana, who received them from his Himalayan teacher, Iarchus, during his studies in the Far East.

Apollonius introduced these doctrines among the Essenes; and those who accepted and followed the teachings of Chrishna which he brought from India became known as Chrishnaists or Christians.

The doctrines of Chrishna, which were the foundation of Brahmanism, which religion Chrishna originated, were expressed in the sacred book of the Hindus, the "Bhagavad Gita" or the Song Celestial. They included belief in an immanent deity who dwells within all living creatures, plant, animal and human, and who suffers when they suffer and has joy when they are joyful. This pantheistic conception of God led to the doctrine of reverence for all life or universal compassion, which led to the practice of harmlessness and non-violence to any living creature, which meant vegetarianism and pacifism.

This philosophical and humane conception of God and the humanitarian practices that follow from this conception stands in sharp contrast with the later anthropopmorphic personal gods of the Jews and Christians, who were conceived as having a human form and, in the form of Jehovah, to have human passions, including baser ones of revengefulness, jealousy, etc. Also, being conceived as a being apart from his creations - animals and human beings - whom he fashioned from the "dust of the earth," he is not the indwelling deity of Brahmanism. The man-god of Judaism and Christianity gave man mastery over the lower animals and not only did not forbid him to kill and eat them, but encouraged and insisted on such killing in sacrifice to him in the form of burnt offerings. And, in the Old Testament, he also encouraged warfare and murder of those who refused to accept him and who worshipped other gods.

It is therefore clear that the later Western conceptions of deity are quite barbarous in comparison with the pure and humane doctrine taught by Chrishna.

In his work, "Buddhism and Christianity," Arthur Lillie claims that the Essenes, who were the first Christians, derived their doctrines and practices from Buddhist missionaries who came westward during the third century B. C. during the reign of King Asoka, finding converts among them; and this explains the similarity of the life of the Essenes with that of Buddhist monks. Lillie's conclusion, based on long and careful research, is that the earliest and only authentic original gospel, or Diegesis, came from the Essenes and that all that is anti-Essene in the four best known gospels is accretion.

As we have mentioned, the influence of Buddhist philosophy also reached the Essenes through Pythagoras and Apollonius of Tyana, both of whom studied in the Himalayas and Tibet under Buddhist sages. The Essenes, or the first Christians, were therefore converts to Buddhism and Chrishnaism (Buddhism being a reformed revival of the original doctrines of Chrishna which had since degenerated at the hands of the orthodox Brahmanical priesthood); and the Essene founder of Christianity, Apollonius of Tyana, was a disciple of a Buddhist teacher (Iarchus), who combined Buddhism with western Pythagorean doctrines.

In his book, Lillie shows that Essenism, or Original Christianity, represented an occidental version of Buddhism, and that this was the origin of Christianity, the Christian gospels having been originally Hindu gospels devoted to the life and teachings of Chrishna and Buddha, the name Chrishna being changed to Cristos or Christ, with the name Jesus added, it is claimed, that two centuries before the present era, Buddhist missionaries introduced these teachings into Palestine and appeared in Egypt within two generations of the time of Alexander the Great. This led to a mystic movement among the Jews, who took up these teachings as they were brought to them by the martyred Jehoshua Ben Pandira, historical founder of the Essene sect among the Jews, who studied in Egypt, where he derived his doctrines which were opposed and persecuted by the orthodox rabbis.

In Egypt, those who accepted these Buddhist doctrines were known as Therapeuts; in Palestine, Nazarites or Nazarenes. They were also called Essenes. The Pythagorean Greeks affiliated themselves with this movement, as also did the Levitical Hebrews; and all followed Pythagoras as their leader. Thus, when Apollonius of Tyana appeared among them, fresh from his studies in the Himalayas under his Buddhist master, teaching doctrines that were a synthesis of Buddhist and Pythagorean teachings, he was enthusiastically received by the Essenes and hailed as the long-awaited Teacher of Righteousness and their leader.

ARE YOU BEING POISONED BY THE FOODS YOU EAT? Startling Facts About Modern Food Poisoning. Mimeographed. ($1.50)

THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION IN NUTRITION- The Future of Vitamins Vs. Synthetic Vitamins. While synthetic products were in vogue during the Vitamin Age, today the trend is definitely away from the synthetic and toward the natural. A revolution is taking place in the field of Vitamin research as scientists are learning that synthetic products of the chemical laboratory cannot replace the creations of Nature, just as no chemist can create a living cell or a blade of grass.

NEWEST DISCOYERIES IN NUTRITION. It is a popular idea today that abundant consumption of protein, especially animal protein, is beneficial to health, whereas lack of sufficient protein consumption may pre-dispose to disease. Though this idea is now advanced by the medical profession, and is supported by the extensive advertising propaganda of the Meat Trust, it does not stand on any scientific basis, as the experiments of Dr. Hindhede have proven.

MEAT - EATING A CAUSE OF DISEASE. Latest Scientific Evidence in Favor of a Low Protein Vegetarian Diet.

PHYSIOLOGICAL ENIGMA OF WOMAN - Dr. Bernard. This unique manuscript contains an abridgement of Dr. George Starr White's rare book "Emancipation of Woman," Dr. Herbert M. Shelton's book, "Menstruation, Its Cause and Cure;" and the chapter "Female Degeneration," from Dr. G. R. Clement's Postgraduate Course. Many have wanted the rare-out-of-print articles by Drs. George Starr White, M.D. and Dr. G. R. Clement's Postgraduate Course

The authors claim that a perfectly healthy woman should not menstruate. You have the concepts of four different doctors on the subject (from books which are now out of print). Illustrated covers.

THE GREAT SECRET OF COUNT SAINT-GERMAIN, Rosicrucian Adept Who Preserved His Youth for Centuries. Was Francis Bacon the author of Shakespeare's plays; editor of King James Version of the Bible; Count Saint-Germain founder of Freemasonry; heir to the English throne; Prince Rakoczy; founder of the Rosicrucian movement; hero of Lord Bulwer Lytton's famous "Zanoni"; The Democracy; The originator of The Lost Word of Freemasonry; Christian Rosenkreutz; The Mysterious "Philosopher," who was friend and teacher to George Washington and Benjamin Franklin; both Freemasons and Rosicrucians; Designer of the American Flag; the "Mystery Man" who suddenly appeared on Independence Hall on July 4, 1776 - encouraging the fearful men there present to sign the Declaration of Independence - ALL THE SAME INDIVIDUAL? Was Count Saint-Germain sent by the Mystery School into the world to accomplish a definite mission?

The author believes (as do others) that Comte de Saint-Germain and Sir Francis Bacon are the two greatest emissaries sent into the world by the Secret Brotherhood in the last thousand years - and that they were one and the same person. This personality lived for hundreds of years claims the author. Francis Bacon revealed the name and meaning of the Divine Word; The Masonic LOST WORD. Read all in this unusual manuscript with photo.

FROM CHRISHNA TO CHRIST - And the Original Gospel of the Lord of Love and Master of Compassion, from which the Four Christian Gospels were Derived - A New Light on the Origin of Christianity. This unique volume is the finest from the pen of Dr. Bernard. Profusely illustrated with actual photographs from the rare book by Lundy ("Monumental Christianity").

NUTRITIONAL SEX CONTROL AND REJUVENATION- The Greatest Book On Sex Regeneration ever written! The Bankruptcy of Freudianism and the Basis for a New Scientific Sexology and Psychiatry. Mimeographed. Don't fail to read this remarkable book, which shows how, through diet and sex control, it is possible to preserve and regain youth and reach a higher level of brain energy and achievement - so the author claims.

SCIENCE DISCOVERS THE PHYSIOLOGICAL VALUE OF CONTINENCE - By Dr. Bernard. The author claims that the internal secretions of the sex glands stand at the basis of the individual's physical and mental vitality, and that sex hormones are present in the external as well as in the internal secretions of the gonads., etc.

THE SERPENT FIRE- The Awakening of Kundalini- Secret Yoga Methods of Rejuvenation Through Awakening a Mysterious Power at the Base of the Spine, known as Kundalini or the Serpent Fire, and Causing it to Ascend to the Brain, Which it Energizes and Vitalizes. By Raymond Bernard.

BREAD FROM STONES - A New and Rational System of Land Fertilization and Physical Regeneration By Dr. Julius Hensel Agricultural Chemist), Translated from the German (1894) - With Introduction by Dr. Bernard. Those who are interested in organic gardening will welcome this rare classic reprint

CLEAN CULTURE - The New Soil Science - An Original and Scientific Treatise on Clean Culture, the Mineralized- Humus Method of Soil Fertilization Without the Use of Animal Manure - by Sampson Morgan. (Pioneer of the Organic Movement, who first raised his Voice in England against the Use of Chemical Fertilizers and Sprays.) New Revised and Enlarged, With Introduction by Dr. Bernard and John Maxwell, N. D.

FLYING SAUCERS FROM THE EARTH'S INTERIOR- Dr. Raymond Bernard. This is the sequel to the other volume, AGHARTA. This volume has a condensation of the rare books - "A Journey to the Earth's Interior" - Gardner's 450 page book- and from the rare book, "The Smoky God" by Emerson.

MYSTERIES OF HUMAN REPRODUCTION- By Dr. Bernard. Scientific Evidence that a Higher Parthenogentic Method of Human Fertilization Exists by which a Super Race may be created - a Method Distinct from and Superior to the Animal Method, by which Nineteen Virgin Mothers in England produced children a few years ago, as confirmed by investigations by a group of English physicians and accepted by the British Medical Association as authentic cases of Human Parthenogenesis or Virgin Birth. ... so says the author. He claims what these women can do - any woman can do.

HERBAL ELIXIRS OF LIFE - By Dr. Bernard. Rejuvenating Herbs of the Far East believed by Orientals to Preserve Youth, Ward Off Old Age and Prolong Life, claims the author.

[Dr. Bernard passed away in 1965. His publishing company is now defunct. Many of the above books of have been republished for many years by small private mimeographers.

One such source is:

Health Research P.O. Box 70 Mokelumne Hill, Ca. 95245 ]