The Hollow Earth

By: Dr. R. W. Bernard, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.



Statements in this publication are recitals of scientific findings, known facts of physiology and references to ancient writings as they are found.

There are numerous authorities who have stated that flying saucers and other strange phenomena exist which scientists will not, or dare not admit. Few in the U.S. dare to state the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any subject (even if he knew the truth). This is especially true of the `educated' scientist and men high and mighty. Governments would topple - money and credit would vanish. There would be utter chaos and high-ranking individuals would be ruined socially and economically.

Truth is such a rare quality, a stranger so seldom met in this civilization of fraud, that it is never received freely, but must fight its way into the world. There is not a public school which teaches the truth about Religion, Health, the Money-System, Politics of How to Buy and Sell etc.

We assume no responsibility for any opinions expressed (or implied) by the author. We have no authority to comment upon the opinions of the author. Books and folios are sold to be accepted or rejected, and the purpose of these writings is to dissipate darkness and to stir the minds of the people. Those who run may read - there are thousands of books which are far more enlightening than the `spoon-fed' news from the daily scandal sheet.

In November 1957, a world famous physician and scientist died in a U.S. federal penitentiary where he had been imprisoned for resisting an unlawful injunction designed to stop his vital research, steal his discoveries, and kill the discoverer. That man was Wilhelm Reich, M.D. This was the culmination of more than 10 years of harassment and persecution at the hands of carefully concealed conspirators who used U.S. Federal Agencies and Courts to defraud the people of this earth and prevent them from knowing and utilizing crucial discoveries in physics, medicine, and sociology which could help bring about happiness and peace for all mankind which good men and women everywhere seek and work towards.

His "device" mentioned (in the injunction) was his "orgone energy accumulator", an invention of his which was hailed by the late Theodore P. Wolfe, M.D., as the greatest single discovery in the history of medicine." The FDA completely evaded and avoided and banned (and burned) the published and documented verification of scores of reputable physicians and scientists THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, who duplicated, verified and published corroboration of the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. These books claimed no cures of any kind. FDA said they constituted labeling (misbranding or mislabeling). His public experimental findings were revolutionary. They threatened at once, the existing commercial interests, especially the Drug Industry, the Power Companies, etc. The squeeze was on to kill this discovery, kill it dead: - just as Krebiozen and other cancer cures have been killed.

Therefore, we will not enter into any correspondence regarding this book - nor the author. Whether you accept or reject the contents of this book is your privilege. No one cares. If it awakens a responsive chord - then we have other books which may open new knowledge for you (not taught in public schools nor through the public mediums).

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Recently Frank Edwards, courageously outspoken radio and television commentator, was quoted as saying: "Orders of secrecy (re UFOs) come from the top. The Air Force is simply the `fall guy.'"

Edwards, an outstanding pioneer in the field of Ufology, has long carried on a crusade to expose official censorship and the withholding of facts relating to UFOs from the public. As a friend and acquaintance of Edwards for many years, I feel that he knows whereof he speaks; and I concur with the above-expressed opinion.

Recent revelations from various sources have served to substantially confirm his conclusion. It is with this thought in mind that the facts have been brought together for the reader's information and consideration.

For years many UFO investigators have felt that the Air Force was in possession of facts relating to UFOs which they were withholding from the public for reasons known only to themselves. Various opinions to this effect have appeared in print in recent years. A few of the most authoritative are quoted below.

In 1958, Bulkley Griffin, of the New Bedford, Mass. Standard-Times Washington bureau, wrote an excellent series of articles for that paper, one of which was entitled: "Pentagon's Censorship on UFOs is Effective." The following is a quotation from that article:

"It has been asked what right has a military organization to monopolize control of the UFO situation and seriously interfere with the public's knowledge regarding it.

To this the Air Force has its own answer. Regulation 200-2 starts: `The Air Force investigation and analysis of UFOs over the United States are directly related to its responsibility for the defense of the United States.' Later (in 200-2) the UFOs are listed as a `possible threat to the security of the United States.'

But why the broad and persistent Air Force secrecy on UFOs? This essential question lacks a definite answer. The CIA, to an unknown extent, and the FBI, in individual cases, have taken an interest in the situation. Neither outfit is famed for unloading facts upon the public. The National Security Council operates in like fashion.

The staff of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has done some study on the UFO-Air Force matter, and has decided not to investigate, and to hold no hearings open or closed. This is a victory for the Air Force, which is earnestly and discretely fighting any Congressional probe."

Late in 1958 another equally fine series of articles, by John Lester, appeared in the Newark Star Ledger. The following is a pertinent excerpt:

"A news story revealing that government personnel are tracking mysterious objects was hailed yesterday as `one of the most important developments in the flying saucer problem.'

Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Chairman of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, said: `The newspaper's disclosures confirmed publicly what has been known to our investigations committee, i. e., that many highly qualified observers know that flying saucers are real and under intelligent control.'

Keyhoe, a retired Marine officer, added that `this revelation by the Star-Beacon should help to bring down official censorship, which is keeping the truth from the public.'

Behind the scenes, the Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency are withholding the facts until they decide what to tell the American people.

One conclusion by a high Air Force intelligence agent is that the unidentified flying objects are interplanetary vehicles."

An item entitled "News Management" appeared in the January-February 1963 issue of Keyhoe's "UFO Investigator." In it, reference is made to a statement by Congressman John E. Moss, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Government Information. This statement appeared in the Washington-World, in which Moss said:

"Tighter controls are being used for greater manipulation of information on the Department of Defense level....Information officers of the various services may be relegated to the status of a ventriloquist's dummy. The public does not have to prove its right to know."

Congressman Moss has told NICAP that his Committee is authorized to examine evidence showing the withholding of specific UFO reports or documents, though it is not empowered to investigate the general issue of UFO censorship.

Major Keyhoe, it may be added, has steadfastly adhered to the belief that flying saucers are real, prior to and following his first published article on the subject in the January 1950 issue of True Magazine.

Reference has been made to the CIA playing a role in the UFO secrecy picture. Further evidence of this fact is contained in a paragraph of the book "Inside Saucer Post 3-0 Blue," by Leonard H. Stringfield, formerly a well-known UFO investigator of Cincinnati, Ohio. On Page 42 of his book, Stringfield has this to say:

"The statement itself came from Mr. A. D., of a certain top agency in Washington. Said A. D.: `Yes, I did have a case for Federal Court. However, by use of the injunction, if necessary, he would prevent anyone from testifying in court concerning this book, because maximum security exists concerning the subject of the UFOs. My attorney therefore suggested we drop the case.... Air Force saucer files, therefore, are .....under the lock and key of `maximum security.'"

Several years after the publication of his book, Stringfield confirmed that the Mr. A. D. referred to was Allan Dulles, former director of the CIA. Stringfield's experience served to illustrate the serious interest which this agency has in the UFO matter.

At one time, along with many others, it was my opinion that it was the Air Force who were withholding the true facts about the UFOs. However, as a result of later developments, I no longer adhere to that conviction. One of the principal factors in my change of opinion was a conversation with the late Wilbert B. Smith, approximately two years before he passed away. During the course of this conversation, I asked Mr. Smith whether it was the Air Force or some other department of government that was keeping UFO information from the public. Mr. Smith replied that it was not the Air Force but "a small group very high up in the government." Upon further questioning, Mr. Smith refused to identify the group to which he had reference, and quickly led the conversation into other channels.

It was not until publication of the book "The Invisible Government" in May, 1964, that the apparent key to this mystery was at last provided. The book states:

"The Special Group was created early in the Eisenhower years under the secret order 54/12. It was known in the innermost circle of the Eisenhower Administration as the "54/12 Group'' and is still so called by a few insiders. It has operated for a decade as the hidden power of the Invisible Government.....The Special Group has operated in an atmosphere of secrecy exceeding that of any other branch of the United States Government.... CIA men generally have the Special Group in mind when they insist that their agency has never set policy, but has only acted on `higher authority.'"

Newsweek of June 22nd, 1964, carried a review of "The Invisible Government" which stated: "One of their major revelations is the existence of the Special Group `54/12,' a hitherto Classified adjunct of the National Security Council, specifically charged by the President with ruling on special operations. Practically speaking, there are no higher-level figures imaginable than the composition of '54/12.' Names of members of the Group follow at this point.

Was the "54/12 Group" the "small group very high up in Government" to which Wilbert Smith had reference? In view of the preceding facts, it would seem that the logical answer to this question could very well be in the affirmative: And, if this assumption is correct, it could provide the answer as to why all attempts to date to obtain open hearings on the UFO matter have met with failure.

Whether the just-published volume "The UFO Evidence," - NICAP's Six Year Report on factual evidence, - can be the key that will unlock the door to open Congressional hearings on the UFO problem, remains an unanswerable question. One can only hope that it will, and that as a result, the public will eventually realize their inalienable right to know the truth about the UFOs. Or can a top-flight "Special Group" thwart their efforts? Only time will tell.


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DECEMBER, 1929: "The memorable December l2th discovery of heretofore unknown land beyond the South Pole by Capt. Sir George Hubert Wilkins, demands that science change the concept it has had for the past four hundred years concerning the southern contour of the earth."

- Dumbrova, Russian Explorer

FEBRUARY, 1947: "I'd like to see that land beyond the (North) Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the Great Unknown."

- Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd (United States Navy), before his seven- hour flight of 1,700 miles beyond the North Pole. (Author's note: Admiral Byrd did not fly 1,700 miles across the North Pole to the other side of the earth, a frozen icy waste, like the region from which he came - but flew beyond the Pole into the polar opening leading to the hollow interior of the earth, traversing an iceless region of mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life.)

NOVEMBER, 1955: "This is the most important expedition in the history of the world."

- Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, before departing to explore land beyond the South Pole.

JANUARY, 1956: "On January l3th, members of the United States expedition accomplished a flight of 2,700 miles from the base at McMurdo Sound, which is 400 miles west of the South Pole, and penetrated a land extent of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole."

- Radio announcement from Byrd's Antarctic expedition, confirmed by the American press of February 5, 1956.

MARCH, 1956: "The present expedition has opened up a vast new territory."

- Rear Admiral Byrd, on March 13, 1956, when he returned from his South Polar expedition.

... "that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery; "

- Rear Admiral Byrd, before his death. (Author's note: Byrd here enigmatically refers to the new unknown land area he discovered beyond North and South Poles, within the polar openings, which, due to the well known polar phenomenon of "sky mirror", whereby land areas below are mirrored in the sky, refers here to the new land areas he discovered beyond both North and South Poles and beheld as "an enchanted continent in the sky.")



1. That the Earth is hollow and is not a solid sphere as commonly supposed, and that its hollow interior communicates with the surface by two polar openings.

2. That the observations and discoveries of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy, who was the first to enter into the polar openings, which he did for a total distance of 4,000 miles in the Arctic and Antarctic, confirm the correctness of our revolutionary theory of the Earth's structure, as do the observations of other Arctic explorers.

3. That, according to our geographical theory of the Earth being concave, rather than convex, at the Poles, where it opens into its hollow interior, the North and South Poles have never been reached because they do not exist.

4. That the exploration of the unknown New World that exists in the interior of the Earth is much more important than the exploration of outer space; and the aerial expeditions of Admiral Byrd show how such exploration may be conducted.

5. That the nation whose explorers first reach this New World in the hollow interior of the Earth, which has a land area greater than that of the Earth's surface, which may be done by retracing Admiral Byrd's flights beyond the hypothetical North and South Poles, into the Arctic and Antarctic polar openings, will become the greatest nation in the world.

6. That there is no reason why the hollow interior of the earth, which has a warmer climate than on the surface, should not be the home of plant, animal and human life; and if so, it is very possible that the mysterious flying saucers come from an advanced civilization in the hollow interior of the earth.

7. That, in event of a nuclear world war, the hollow interior of the earth will permit the continuance of human life after radioactive fallout exterminates all life on the Earth's surface; and will provide an ideal refuge for the evacuation of survivors of the catastrophe, so that the human race may not be completely destroyed, but may continue.



It is the purpose of this book to present scientific evidence to prove that the Earth, rather than being a solid sphere with a fiery enter of molten metal, as generally supposed, is really hollow, with openings at its poles. Also, in its hollow interior exists an advanced civilization which is the creator of the flying saucers.

The theory of a hollow earth was first worked out by an American writer, William Reed, in 1906, and later extended by another American, Marshall B. Gardner, in 1920. In 1959, F. Amadeo Giannini wrote the first book on the subject since Gardner's, and in the same year, Ray Palmer, editor of "Flying Saucers" magazine, applied the theory to provide a logical explanation for the origin of the flying saucers.

The theories of Reed and Gardner found confirmation in the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1947 and 1956 respectively, which penetrated for 1,700 miles beyond the North Pole and 2,300 miles beyond the South Pole, into new unknown, iceless territory not recorded on a map, extending inside the polar depressions and openings that lead to the hollow interior of the Earth. The true significance of Admiral Byrd's great discoveries was hushed up soon after he sent his radio report from his plane, and was not given the attention it deserves until Giannini and Palmer publicized the matter.

We shall explain below the reason why this information was not permitted to reach the public, though it concerns with one of the greatest geographical discoveries in history, far greater than Columbus's discovery of America, for while Columbus discovered a new continent, Byrd discovered a New World with a land area equal or greater to that of the entire land surface of the Earth.

Admiral Byrd's discovery is today a leading international top secret, and it has been so since it was first made in 1947. After Byrd made his radio announcement from his plane and after a brief press notice, all subsequent news on the subject was carefully suppressed by government agencies. There was an important reason for this. Before he left on his seven hour flight from his Arctic base over iceless land beyond the North Pole (leading to the interior of the Earth), Admiral Byrd said: "I would like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the Great Unknown."

Admiral Byrd did not cross over the North Pole and travel 1,700 miles south on its other side. If he did, he would enter icebound territory. Instead he entered a land with a warmer climate, free from ice and snow, consisting of forests, mountains, lakes, green vegetation and animal life. This new unknown land over which he flew for 1,700 miles, which was not on any map, existed inside the polar opening leading to the hollow interior of the Earth, where it is warmer than on its outside, which is here a land of ice and snow.

Why then did not the United States send new air expeditions to the land discovered by Admiral Byrd, in an effort to fully explore it and determine its extent? Why was such an important discovery completely forgotten? It is like Columbus discovering America and then nothing further being done about it and no subsequent trips of exploration to the Western continent made by Europeans. Why the apathy?

The explanation is evident. If Admiral Byrd made such a momentous discovery, undoubtedly the greatest one in history, of anew unknown land area of undetermined extent, over which his expedition flew for a total of 4,000 miles at each pole, and which area is probably as wide as it is long and, since Byrd turned back before reaching its end, is probably much larger than an area 4,000 miles square, then it would be in the interest of the U.S. Government to keep this discovery secret, so that other nations do not learn about it and claim this territory for themselves.

It seems that news of Admiral Byrd's great discovery did not reach the Soviet Union, or else the Soviet Union knows about this new land area not contained on any map, but has adopted the same policy of silence and secrecy.

If the Soviet Union knew about the discovery it would surely send fleets of atomic-powered submarines, icebreakers and airplanes into this unknown territory beyond the Pole and be the first to explore it and claim it for its own. To prevent this was probably the reason why the news about Admiral Byrd's great discovery was hushed and suppressed ever since it was first released. However, since the secret has already been released and broadcast by Giannini, Palmer and others, and is public knowledge, it can no longer properly be called a secret.

It is hoped that a serious expedition will be made by a neutralist, peace-loving nation like Brazil into this New World beyond the Poles and establish contact with the advanced civilization that exists there, whose flying saucers are evidence of their superiority over us in scientific development. Perhaps this elder wiser race may save us from our doom, preventing a future nuclear war and enable us to establish a New Age on earth, an age of permanent peace, with all nuclear weapons outlawed and destroyed ...