Save Our Country and World From Economic Armageddon!

We, the American taxpayers, can save our country and world from economic collapse by urging Congress to implement my proposed Asset Based Receipt Monetary System.

The solution to our monetary and financial crises is to take back our banking system from private bankers.  How to Take Back a Bank, article by Attorney Ellen Brown is a suggested start on how to take back our country from the private bankers.

Copy and Paste the following letter to your congressman/senator NOW to ask them to save our country from eminent economic collapse brought on by the escalating debt we have got ourselves into with the bankers.

You can find all our representatives to Congress here.

If you want to change the letter, you can do so. But make your wishes known to your representative NOW, because our country hasn't time much longer before it is destroyed by an economic Armageddon, unless we do something to change it NOW!

The debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio as of February 2011 is 102%.  (Bill Gross, of the Pacific Investment Company bond fund says the US hidden debt burden is more like a 500% debt to GDP ratio).  Our Nation's net worth is minus 65 trillion dollars.  Soon our nation will be repossessed by the International Bankers if Congress does nothing to rectify this.  The SOLUTION is for our government to take control of the money supply of our country.  Every year the national debt is increasing by compound interest to the international bankers.  We MUST impress upon our Congressmen that they CANNOT borrow themselves out of debt.  The interest on the national debt is increasing to a higher percentage of the national budget yearly until soon it will require ALL the budgeted money to pay just the interest on the debt.  Reducing the budget is not the answer, because our money supply is the debt, because all our money except a few coins minted by the U.S. mint is money created as debt.  This debt-based monetary system set up by the Federal Reserve cannot be sustained much longer.  There MUST be fundamental change to our monetary system.  In order not to go into national bankruptcy, Congress must give us an Asset Based Receipt Monetary System tied to the population as noble prize winner Milton Friedman suggested. (See NO MORE NATIONAL DEBT, by Bill Still)

Listen to Andy Gauss on Coast to Coast with Ian Punnett on January 29, 2011:

He says it like it is, and gives us the solution to the problem.

States that are on the verge of bankruptcy, as well as our national government also, can take a lesson from the State of North Dakota, who have their own State bank, owned 100% by the state government.  They are about the only state that is not in the RED in their finances.

Andy suggests that the States follow suit and form a State Bank in each State owned by the State government, and that for the federal government, that Congress move the Federal Reserve into the Treasury and remove the privately owned part of it, so that it is 100% owned by our government.

In addition to this, I suggest that the officers of these banks be elected by the people so that they will represent the interests of the people.  Furthermore, that money created by our new State and National Bank be created as MONEY, as an asset, instead of as debt as the current Federal Reserve monetary system does.

Representative John Fillmore has introduced a bill in the Arizona House to establish a Bank of Arizona.  Now, California and eleven other states have introduced bills in their state legislatures to establish state-owned banks.  The California State Legislature has passed a bill to study the feasibility of establishing a state-owned bank.  State-owned banks are what the people need to return our country to a stable economy as proven by the track record of state-owned bank of North Dakota.  The stable economy given North Dakota by it's state-owned bank has made it the only state in the union that has had a continuous budget surplus since the banking crises began in 2007.

Investment banker Damon Vickers suggests in his book, The Day After the Dollar Crashes, that the international bankers are working to lead the world into bankruptcy, then use this crisis to set up a New World Order world government with a one-world currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund.  This would not be good for the people, and the countries of the world would have to give up their sovereignty to the world government.  Damon suggests that if the people do not like this solution, then we must do something about it. 

So I am urging the people:  Please contact your congressional representatives and make your wishes known.  If they hear only from the bankers, they probably will do what the bankers want:  A world government with a world currency.  A world government and world currency controlled by the bankers will do what the bankers want.  They have stated that they want to eliminate all national sovereignty and kill 90% of the world's population.  In fact, the recent suit brought against the Federal Reserve Bank to reveal what they have done with the bail-out money, which was fought by them all the way to the Supreme Court saying that they don't need to reveal what they did with the tax-payer provided bank bail-out money claiming they are a private institution that that information was private proprietary information was nevertheless ordered by the Supreme Court to dish over the information.  Of the 20,000 documents provided, it was revealed that the Federal Reserve provided money to the Central Bank of Libya.  Since the United States is participating in the war with Libya, now we see that the bankers are doing what they always have done -- fund both sides of every war -- so that they can determine the outcome to their advantage.

Obviously, the bankers DO NOT have the best interests of the people in mind.  Their monetary system promotes selfishness, greed, a dog-eat-dog competition, and when they can create all the money they need out of nothing, what need to they have of all of us?  Well, for one thing, they need to realize that they aren't the only ones on this planet, and the value of their money is derived from all of us.

We, the People, can do better than that.  Congress can set up a new Asset-based monetary system where money is not issued as debt, but as an asset based on abundance instead of indebting everyone to the bankers.  Congress can then invite the whole world to join the Union so they can have representation in Congress and the people everywhere can enjoy abundant prosperity and constitutionally protected freedoms.

For a comprehensive study on money issued as an asset instead of as a debt, read Ellen Brown's book, The Web of Debt.

Read this article by Attorney Ellen Brown, How the Bailout Killed Local Lending - and How Some States Hope to Bring It Back  Fourteen states are now considering setting up their own state bank to provide money to the people.  Click here to review my Asset Based Receipt Monetary System for states that if implemented will bring back prosperity to our states and country.

Bill Still in his book, No More National Debt, makes the point that our money supply needs to be controlled by our government, not a private bank, such as is the Federal Reserve System.  He also pointed out that the Ludwig von Mises Institute which promotes the Austrian School of economics was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Even ex-congressman Ron Paul supported this theory of economics because it is supposedly a "free" market solution.  The Austrian School of economics and the Ludwig von Mises Institute say that our money should be asset based, but they think there should be no government control of the making of money.  The problem is that if everyone starts making money, it will lead to inflation, because inflation is caused by introducing too much money into circulation.  That is why our government needs to control the issuance of our money.  The United States Constitution gives Congress the power "To coin Money, and regulate the Value thereof."  Congress' main duty is to maintain our money supply and regulate it so that there is no inflation nor deflation.  To do this, Congress must set up a National Bank 100% owned by the people but run by our government and issue money as an asset rather than as debt.  Since we, the people, are what gives our money value, all new money created by our national bank should be given to the people as a receipt for taxes paid.  Congress must also make all fractional reserve banking illegal, because the banks create new money as debt because they are not required to have 100% reserves to back up the money that they make.  With this power of making money, banks cause booms by making loans easy to get, then when they want to cause a bust so they can repossess everybody they make loans hard to get.  They call it their "business cycle."

Here is my suggested letter to our State Legislatures and to Congress, click here.

For further discussion on a state initiated Asset Based Receipt Monetary System click here.


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