Expedition Update - 15

March 13, 2009

Hollow Earth List Members,

I recently received an email from Dean de Lucia, hollow earth researcher of Brazil, in which he refers to the Japanese Weather Satellite video at http://hollowplanet.blogspot.com/
For a moment Dean got my attention in his email and his website with the idea that the Japanese video had found the first satellite images of the north polar opening. See Dean's write-up here:  http://www.holloworbs.com/Location_Orifice.htm
I even agreed with his conclusion, but then I got to thinking about it more closely trying to remember why I didn't agree that it was the north polar opening when I learned about this a year ago.
I printed out a still of the Japanese Weather Satellite video and compared it to my arctic map and found that the longitude lines go directly towards this permanent oval that can be seen throughout the video.  In one of the stills, the oval in question has been circled in red. 
So what I found was this oval was exactly over the north geographic pole -- all the longitude lines go directly to it.
The reason this oval cannot be the north polar opening is because the north geographic pole has been crossed many times.  For example, The Amundsen Nobile dirigible expedition flew across the geographic north pole from
Spitsbergen to Alaska in 1926. The U.S. nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, crossed the pole from Alaska in 1958.  Wally Herbert from Britain crossed the pole from Alaska to Spitsbergen with his dog sleds in 1969.  If the north polar
opening were located at the geographic north pole, it could not be crossed because the hole is uncrossable on the surface of the earth.  To cross it would be like going into space -- the space in the hole.

My friend Ivars interviewed an airline pilot on one of his flights home to South Carolina who confirmed this fact that you can't fly across the polar opening -- because this airline pilot admitted that he has seen the polar opening, that all arctic airline pilots have seen it -- and they can't fly over it because it would be like flying into outer space.  See Ivars video testimony on my website on my New Items page at http://www.ourhollowearth.com/Pilot_Story.wmv
So the polar opening has to be located to one side of the pole.
Which side of the pole is the question, and how far is it from the geographic north pole?
Triangulation of sightings of mirages of an unchartered land in the Arctic from several different regions around the pole indicate that the polar opening has to be located on the Russian side of the pole.  Olaf Jansen and his father sailed NORTHEAST of Franz Josef Land in 1829 and accidentally sailed right through the polar opening.  The Russians have reported over the years seeing a mirage of unchartered land north of the New Siberian Islands.  They called it Sannikov land.  Captain Keenan at Harrison Bay Alaska reported seeing it towards the north.  In 1909, Admiral Peary climbed up a hill on the northern shore of Axel Heiberg Island in northern Canada near Ellsmere Island and looked out over the frozen Arctic one spring morning and saw the mirage of this unchartered land to the NORTHWEST.  He named it Crockerland, and it was on National Geographic maps for several years.  Dr. Cook on his way to the pole in 1906 took a photograph of this same unchartered land and published it in his subsequent book.  You can see this photograph Dr. Cook took at http://www.hollowplanets.com/images/bradley2.gif
This mirage of land in the Arctic is actually real land.  In the lower latitudes if you look down the highway you see heat waves coming up off the pavement.  These heat waves create a layer of warm air that reflects the sky.  So you think you are seeing water on the pavement, but you are really seeing a reflection of the blue sky above.  In the Arctic, warm air comes up out of the polar opening from the warm interior of the earth and creates a warm layer of air up above the cold layer of air next to the ice.  So when you see a mirage of land in the arctic, you are actually seeing land because as you look up the reflection of the land below is seen as a mirage.  As Jan Lamprecht described in his book, Hollow Planets, the first inversion of a mirage makes the land look upside down, but some times there is a second inversion above the first which inverts the reflection back up right.  Jan suggested that the mirage of unchartered land seen in the Arctic is actually a doubly inverted mirage where those that saw it were seeing the second inversion above the first and that the second inversion happened to be level with the horizon because the land it was causing a mirage of is located beneath the horizon within the polar opening.  I believe it is the inner continent located at least half way through the north polar opening, as you can see in my drawing at http://www.ourhollowearth.com/NorthPolarOpening.JPG
If we divide the Arctic into quadrants with 0, 90 E, 180, and 90 W degrees Longitude, this analysis narrows the possible location of the north polar opening to the western half -- to the 180 degree half of the Arctic.  Now the question is in which of the two western quadrants is the north polar opening located?
Our previous expedition leader was Steve Currey, who died of brain cancer before we could go on the trip.  His family cancelled the expedition and returned everyone's money.  Subsequently, expedition members expressed their desire to continue the quest, so Dr. Brooks Agnew offered to become the expedition leader.
One of the previous expedition members, Richard Webb, suggested that maybe the polar opening was located in the Canadian quadrant of the Arctic.  He pointed to the lowest tides in the Arctic in that region.  It is in the center of the Beaufort Gyre and can be seen on this tide map on Jan Lamprecht's Hollow Planets website:  http://www.hollowplanets.com/journal/J0007Tides.jpg
Jan Lamprecht was of the same opinion, that the polar opening must be on the Canadian side of the pole.  But what Jan (pronounced Yawn, similar to our John) hadn't taken into account in his analysis which Richard had accepted was the experiences of the Soviet Flyers, Olaf Jansen, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Ronald Amundsen, and Fridtjof Nansen.
For example, let's consider the case of the lost Soviet Flyers.  In one chapter of his book, Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic, Vilhjalmur Stefannson covers the mystery of the Missing Soviet Flyers, who in August 1937 were flying north of the Kara Sea from Russia to Alaska, and were lost somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.  The National Geographic map he included in his book showed the last known position of the flyers just past the pole on the Canadian side of the pole.  Radio transmissions from the ill-fated flight were received, but grew fainter and fainter until they were received no more.  Subsequent rescue flights flew all over that area north of Canada and were unable to locate them.  Moscow called off the search after one year.  The flight paths of the rescue effort was also given in his book on the map showing their flights all over that area north of Canada and Alaska -- which indicates to me that the polar opening is not located in the Canadian quadrant of the Arctic. 
That leaves the Russian western quadrant of the Arctic as the quadrant the north polar opening has to be located in.  That quadrant extends from 90 degrees E to 180.  So I just drew a few lines on a map in the direction the mirage of land was observed:  northeast of Franz Josef Land in the direction Olaf Jansen sailed, northwest of Axel Heiberg Island near Ellesmere Island, Northern Canada from where Peary observed Crockerland to be located, as well as Cook's Bradley land that he took a photo of northwest of his trek to the pole in 1906 from Ellsemere Island Canada, north of the New Siberian Islands from where the Russians had seen their Sannikov land, and north of Alaska from where Captain Keenan had seen a mirage of land to the north.  These lines all seemed to cross at 84.4 N Lat, 141 E Lon.  That was my best estimate for the location of the unchartered land within the polar opening seen as a doubly inverted mirage by all these explorers, as Jan Lamprecht so well described it in his book, Hollow Planets.
The good news is this past week, my friend Ivars sent me an additional piece of evidence that narrows the location down even further.  It is a snapshot a security guard friend took off a NORAD computer with his cell phone camera.  It shows all the polar orbiting satellites paths:  http://www.ourhollowearth.com/NORAD_1.GIF 

What it shows is there are NO polar orbiting satellites on the Russian side of the pole somewhat to either side of Northland, Russia clear up past the geographic pole.  The conclusion I reach in examining this photo is that the reason there are no polar orbiting satellites in this area is because satellites cannot orbit over the polar opening.  In a polar opening there is no mass except air next to the sides as gravity accelerates into the sides where the mass of the earth is located.  There is no mass in the hole to keep the satellites accelerating towards the center of the planet if they pass over the opening.  If satellites were to be put over the hole, they would loose their orbit. 
As I explained in my eBook, in Chapter 2, The Scientific Evidence, some of the very first polar orbiting satellites were lost.  The reason they were lost is because they were put in orbit over the polar opening.  The satellites were lost because as they attempted to go over the Arctic, they either followed the curvature of the earth through the polar opening into the hollow earth and crashed, or if they were higher up and went over the polar opening, then they would have lost gravity and gone off into space.
Since no polar orbiting satellite can go over the polar opening, the only conclusion is that this no fly zone for polar orbiting satellites is where the polar opening is located.  It is an area about 500 miles centered over the pole down and directly over Northland, Russia.
The western half of this no-fly zone is in the western Russian quadrant of the Arctic -- so this is where the polar opening has to be located.  Now the question is at what latitude is it located?  It has to north of the New Siberian Islands to be consistent with the sighting of Sannikov land by the Russians.  It has to be towards the northwest from Ellesmere Island Canada as sighted by Peary and Cook.  It has to be north of Alaska as sighted by Captain Keenan.  And it has to be located in the no-fly zone of the polar orbiting satellites.
The last piece of the puzzle has come to me from Retired Air Force Colonel Billie Faye Woodard.  Billie contacted Steve Currey while we were marketing the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition.  This is the email I received from Steve on June 9, 2005: 

I have had a retired colonel Woodard call me a couple of times today about our
expedition. I am having a hard time answering his questions. He said in his
last voice mail that he has some extremely important information to give us
about our expedition. Could you return his call? His numbers are 530-926-1062
and 530-926-3529. He lives in Mount Shasta California and has some connection
with Telos.
At that time I was extremely busy and I was kind of leery about calling a military colonel even if he was retired.  But in the fall of last year, 2008, Billie called me.  We have since then corresponded and spoken many times on the phone and in November we took a vacation and went to visit to where Billie now lives in Pahrump, Nevada.  I have written up a biography on Billie that I am still adding to on my website at:  http://www.ourhollowearth.com/ColBillieFayeWoodard.htm
This last piece of evidence for the location of the north polar opening comes from Col. Woodard.  While working at Area 51, Billie was given the unique assignment as liaison between the Hollow Earth and our military.  At Billie's
desk on Level 6 of the Administration level of Area 51, Billie reviewed all the hollow earth files our military has kept in their Archives.  Among those files was a 35 page document of Admiral Byrd's flights to our hollow earth.  Billie recorded on a small piece of paper the coordinates of the North Polar Opening and was successful in getting it past security upon leaving the military.  Those coordinates reported by Admiral Byrd and given to us by Billie are 87.7 N Lat, 142.2 E Lon.  When we first talked about this, Billie gave me the coordinates of 92.3 and 142.2.  I had to clarify to Billie that 92.3 really was 87.7 N, since the farthest north you can go is 90 degrees, then you start descending on the other side into smaller latitude numbers.  Then I had to ask Billie was that 142.2 EAST or WEST?  And Billie said East, and agreed that it was on the Russian side of the pole.

The interesting discovery was when I plotted these coordinates on my Arctic map and drew my estimate of 90 miles for the diameter of the polar neck -- that area of the polar opening where the diameter at the neck is the smallest distance from one side of the opening to the other -- I found that this location for the polar opening fits all the evidence I have accumulated over the years.  It is north of the New Siberian Islands.  It is northwest of Ellesmere Island, Canada.  It is north of Alaska.  It is on the Russian side of the pole.  It is far enough away from the pole that the pole can be crossed from Spitsbergen to Alaska, or Alaska to Spitsbergen, which is the path that all those that have crossed the pole have taken, without going through the neck of the hole.  It is in the Russian western quadrant of the Arctic.  And lastly, it is within the no fly zone of the polar orbiting satellites. 

So I have concluded that the coordinates for the north polar opening as given by Col. Billie Faye Woodard, which are those given by Admiral Byrd -- are the correct coordinates and location of the north polar opening.  I have now updated my eBook on The Location and Size of the Polar Openings with this new information (see bottom of the Contents page in my eBook).
Col. Woodard confirmed this location of the north polar opening in their 1986 expedition taken in a seaplane from Point Barrow, Alaska.  As they neared these coordinates, they saw directly ahead of them the light of the inner sun shinning up over the horizon.  Unfortunately, Billie took with them a New York correspondent who called his home
office just before taking off from Point Barrow.  The home office called the military who sent two intercept jets from Alert Base, Ellesmere Island, Canada to head them off at the polar opening.  We can be thankful that Billie was forced to return because now we have the exact coordinates and location of the north polar opening.  However, the reason the polar opening does not show on any satellite images is because it is still considered World Top Secret!  It has been admitted by a NASA scientist that they whiteout all satellite images to make the polar openings to look like ice and snow before issuing the images to the public.

As some of you know, we have also located a seaplane owner who is willing to take anyone to the destination in the Arctic that we have requested.  I have now updated my eBook with this new information, in which we are also now providing the way anyone that wants to go to Our Hollow Earth can now go even if they are not accepted on Dr. Agnew's expedition for lack of available space. 

It does cost some money.  My estimate is about minimum $80,000 for an expedition with a maximum of 4 passengers at 1,200 pounds maximum cargo that this seaplane can handle, which comes to $20,000 per person, round trip. 

If you decide you want to return, you can return to the drop off place and wait for the next flight in to catch a flight back out in the place of a person that wants to stay.  I am expecting there will be a steady stream of people wanting to go.  Who knows, Billie says the hollow earth people are causing the ice to melt and that soon ocean liners can be booked to go there.  But until then, you can now go by seaplane.

So now you have an alternate way of going if you want to go to Our Hollow Earth.
The stated purpose of our flights into the Arctic is that we intend to search out the extent of global warming on the ice melt in the Arctic Ocean and investigate our theory that the source of the heat is coming up from the earth's core.
As soon as you have your $20,000 and your team members have their $20,000, then login into my on-line eBook, and click on Join a Team to get the contact information for the seaplane owner so he can schedule your flight to Eden. Note that the seaplane owner does not necessarily believe in the hollow earth theory.  He will hire two pilots that are competent in Arctic navigation, who will take you where ever in the Arctic you tell them to go within the range of the airplane.  (I do not receive any referral money for referring you to the seaplane route or to Dr. Agnew's expedition other than the cost of my eBook.)

Good luck on your trip, and may God bless and protect you!

This Year in Eden,
Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret:  Our Earth Is Hollow!